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1 week ago

A.R. Rahman
Like they say, you don’t compose a song... the song composes you. Here it is - celebrate your Tamil New Year’s Day with Sai Shirdi Sai. 🌹 Jio Studios JioCinema JioTV

Like they say, you don’t compose a song... the song composes you. Here it is - celebrate your Tamil New Year’s Day with Sai Shirdi Sai. 🌹


JioSaavn Jio Studios JioCinema JioTV
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A man who respect all the religion ❤ The name is ARR 😍

So beautiful. Cannot resist not to share. TRUE STORY...PLEASE DO NOT DELETE, RETURN IF YOU CAN'T FORWARD TO AT LEAST ONE PERSON!!! At the prodding of my friends I am writing this story. My name is Mildred Honor. I am a former elementary school Music Teacher from Des Moines, Iowa. I have always supplemented my income by Teaching Piano Lessons...Something I have done for over 30 years. During those years, I found that Children have many levels of musical ability, and even though I have never had the prodigy, I have taught some very talented students. However, I have also had my share of what I call 'Musically Challenged Pupils. One such Pupil being Robby. Robby was 11 years old when his Mother (a Single Mom) dropped him off for his first Piano Lesson. I prefer that Students (especially Boys) begin at an earlier age, which I explained to Robby. But Robby said that it had always been his Mother's Dream to hear him play the Piano, so I took him as a Student. At the end of each weekly Lesson he would always say 'My Mom's going to hear me Play someday.' But to me, it seemed hopeless, he just did not have any Inborn Ability.I only knew his Mother from a distance as she dropped Robby off or waited in her aged Car to pick him up. She always waved and smiled, but never dropped in; Then one day Robby stopped coming for his Lessons. I thought about calling him, but Assumed that because of his lack of Ability he had decided to pursue something else. I was also glad that he had stopped coming. He was a Bad Advertisement for my Teaching! Several Weeks later I mailed a flyer recital to the Students' homes. To my surprise, Robby (who had received a flyer) asked if he could be in the Recital. I told him that the Recital was for current Pupils and that because he had dropped out, he really did not Qualify. He told me that his Mother had been Sick and Unable to take him to his piano lessons, but that he had been practicing. 'Please Miss Honor, I've just got to Play,' he insisted. I don't know what led me to allow him to play in the Recital - perhaps it was his insistence or maybe something inside of me saying that it would be all right; The night of the Recital came and the high school gymnasium was packed with Parents, Relatives and Friends. I put Robby last in the Program, just before I was to come up and thank all the Students and Play a finishing piece. I thought that any damage he might do would come at the end of the Program and I could always salvage his poor performance through my 'Curtain Closer'. Well, the Recital went off without a Hitch, the Students had been Practicing and it Showed. Then Robby came up on the stage. His Clothes were Wrinkled and his Hair looked as though he had run an egg beater through it. 'Why wasn't he dressed up like the other Students?' I thought. 'Why didn't his Mother at least make him Comb his Hair for this Special Night?' Robby pulled out the Piano bench, and I was Surprised when he announced that he had chosen to play Mozart's Concerto No.21 in C Major. I was not prepared for what I heard next. His fingers were light on the keys, they even danced nimbly on the Ivories. He went from Pianissimo to Fortissimo, from Allegro to Virtuoso; his Suspended Chords that Mozart demands were Magnificent! Never had I heard Mozart played so well by anyone his age. After six and a half minutes, he ended in a Grand Crescendo, and everyone was on their feet in Wild Applause!!! Overcome and in Tears, I ran up on stage and put my arms around Robby in Joy; 'I have never heard you Play like that Robby, how did you do it?' Through the Microphone Robby explained: 'Well, Miss Honor, Remember I told you that my Mom was sick? Well, she actually had Cancer and Passed Away this Morning. And well... she was Born Deaf, so tonight was the first time she had ever heard me Play, and I wanted to make it Special., There wasn't a Dry Eye in the house that evening. As People from Social Services led Robby from the stage to be placed in to Foster Care, I noticed that even their Eyes were red and Puffy. I thought to myself then how much Richer my Life had been for taking Robby as my Pupil. No, I have never had a Prodigy, but that night I became a Prodigy... of Robby. He was the Teacher and I was the Pupil, for he had taught me the meaning of Perseverance and Love and Believing in Yourself, and may be even taking a chance on someone and you didn't know why. Robby was Killed years later in the Senseless Bombing of the Alfred P. Murray Federal Building in Oklahoma City in April, 1995. A Footnote to the story. If you are thinking about Forwarding this Message, you are probably wondering which People on your address list aren't the 'appropriate' Ones to receive this type of Message. The Person who sent this to you believes that we can all make a Difference!!! If God didn't have a Purpose for us, we wouldn't be here! Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply. Speak Kindly. If you had cried, you are just human. 👍 Dear Rahmanji please consider hin

Oh...great im huge bakt of sridi n u ARR sir....Just awaited 2 hear da song..😍😍

Thank you sir for making me a part of this beautiful Sai Bhajan. 🙏🏼 . It’s a very special and blessed feeling.

It's high time ar Rahman stops making film music and focuses on pure devotional music for existing Vedas, naths, naalayira Divya prabandham, Gregorian chants, carols etc. He can make more money and also heal more people with his skill rather than wasting on skimpily dressed, useless movie world.

So much of love and respect for this soul connection 💚😘😘😘


This song moves me to tears

💕💕💕💕💕After a long time devotional song in telugu . Touching hearts 💕💕💕💕💕 😍😍😍😍 💕💕

Thalaiva you are the inspiration to all of us...a man who respect all religion😍

Indeed a touch of your musical finesse and flair from the 90s back into 2019.God bless you A R sir !

No words to describe the greatness of this composition, happy new year Sir. May God always bless you and your family. Ellam pugazhum iraivanukke

Respect all the religion's the name is AR Rahman love from Hyderabad ❣️❣️❣️

Hi sir, please add musical information like ragam, with credits so that we get educated along with enjoying it. EPI❤️

It's too much we're indebted to you for this beautiful piece of music.

Absolutely ARR..this song definitely proves that music just happens regardless of religion/customs/culture if one could compose such a divine song. Wish you compose more and more devotional songs. Thank you so much

... Like when I am painted by the painting!!

Wow!! Simply superb!! ❤️❤️❤️

Tears flowing... what a mind blowing devotional song.. ARR fangirl forever..

Beautiful melody. Brilliant enough to invoke light into the darkness.

Thank you a Soul Singer A . R Rahman -- Music Composes you ! But you already know it too - you also do meditation for good 🎶 music -- not everyone can't do it -- it's a extra ordinary talent & those are there especially gifted by God & their afford ! 🎶 🎸🎹 🎻 Not much different Tamil & Bengali is having same time - Happy New Year -- just Sing together with 😊 happy tune & feel the. 🌎 World is a majical 🎶 musical place - Where River - Stream & nature constantly sing it's with natural Voice -! Subho Nabo Barsho ! 🌄🎶 🎸 🎹 🎻

ARR, every devotional song from you takes me to trans and moves into ‘Happy Tears’ 🙏🙏🙏

Namaste, Mr. Rahman. It's also Nepal's new year. Happy New Year 2076

Nice tune🎶 liked it in three languages 👌

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2 weeks ago

A.R. Rahman
A very special announcement! 🙏🌹YM Movies Jio Studios  JioCinema
Ideal Entertainment #ellapugazhumiraivanukke

A very special announcement! 🙏🌹

YM Movies Jio Studios JioCinema

Ideal Entertainment #ellapugazhumiraivanukke
... மேலும்மேலும்


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I will be more happy if this movie have 99 songs in it.. ❤️😉

Wow ! All the best young man ❤❤

Wow so excited to see and all the best SIR

Sir please take care to release the Audio CD and not just the online version. Many audio CDs are unreleased till date like Linga hindi, Mohenjodaro, Mom, Sachin a Billion dreams, Sarvam Thalla Mayam. Your fans like me are missing out on the charm of having the audio cd in our collection. Please help to release this unreleased ones as well.

roja songs made me wait for all your creation . waiting for the magical tunes of '99 till 21st june

Not happy with JIO studios as we have seen what happened to Sarvam Thaala Mayam such a great movie and mesmerizing songs.They haven't done any publicity 😢

Rahman sir I am very excited to hear the music of the album which has 99 songs Great idea sir respect

Thank you for being born in our lifetime.

You are great composer sir I was listening to enswasekatre songs fabulous stay blessed

21st June happens to be world music day.

LOVE from SRILANKA! we are waiting for u sir !!!! <3

All the best.. you always give us the best of the best..

Just so much love to u sir.. If there is movie which has music composed by you we just get so much of excitement to Watch the movie for ur music and this 99 songs is ur dream movie sir and we just can't wait to celebrate the whole day by Witnessing our rahman sir's First debut film as a writer, music and a producer to watch it fdfs.. Congratulations thalaivaaa.. May this be a greatest beginning for u sir.. Can't wait for the music album and the movie.. Love u sir ❤️😍

Wishing you all the very best rahman sir😍😍💞

Wonderful !!! All the very best to you ARR. Look forward to watch the same. Congratulations !!! :)

Best Wishes and blessings....May Lord Sai Shanmuga shower His blessings on you.

Best wishes and love from Nepal🇳🇵💓

Happy Tamil New Year, wish you, your family and the whole country. Have a lovely day ahead. God Bless 🙏🙏🙏 everyone Sir

Love from Hyderabad we are waiting for u rahman Sri I'm big big fan of you sir ❣️❣️❣️

Good luck 💗💗 Love from Pakistan💗

Wow! We are so excited about the 99 songs in the single film.You are always great sir.

Good luck sir from kerala

Make sure it's on Spotify. Don't make it like sarvam thalam mayam.

Congratulations and best wishes.

This is the album am waiting for a long time... Curious to know what’s in it... How my Passionate musicians going to excite us...

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3 weeks ago

A.R. Rahman
Thanks to my subscribers for all the love and support. 🙏🌹
#ellapugazhumiraivanukke#YouTube Qyuki

Thanks to my subscribers for all the love and support. 🙏🌹

#YouTube Qyuki
... மேலும்மேலும்


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Congratulations sir lot of love always to me with your songs 💐

I used to make a list of ur songs, record the songs for 20 rs in the casette shop! So these numbers dont really matter! U deserve much more n thanks for giving us such wonderful albums. May the Almighty bless u wid gud health!

Congratulations Rahman Sir.The name of A.R Rahman more precious than gold or diamond.

Congratulations Happy Ugadi

Congratulations YouTube(GOOGLE) is proud to have a EIXYZ gen talent like you. Hats offf as always.

Hearitly congratulations sir ❤️🎤🎹🎸🥁🎻🎷😍😇🙏

Congratulations. Definitely you deserve much and much more.

Congratulations my music god ❣️❣️❣️

Congrats Sir. Much love and God bless ✌️✌️✌️✌️🙏

Congratulations dear #BelovedARRahmanje

Congratulations Rahman sir marvel anthem telugu version song released when sir

congratulations .....Music legend.. AR Rehman

He should make a song for DC films too. They're trolling us, as we're marvel fans.

congratulations rahman u❤

When will we listen Ur tracks in direct TELUGU it has been long time plz do care for our Telugu fans also and I'M THE ONE IN UR SUBSCRIBERS

A Rahman is the most expensive musician in the world, I am speaking from Bangladesh.I am very happy with all your programs that I love you very much.


Thank you for Singing for all of us & supporting performing Arts to reduce violence & planting Seed melody of harmony human Soul with 🎶 music A . R . Rahman .

Impossible Says I Am Possible.... great sir.... Zindagi me bas 1 Sapna hai aap se milna hai..miss u sir

sir you deserve 100 millions subscribers 👍 from a kadapa fan

We will find ur music with love and respect, Doesn't matter we have YouTube or not. 💕❤

This is a 1000+1 gratitude for you sir.

Rahman Saab.... this shower of rahmat upon you from allah is the most beautiful scence that any musician would have ever received for his/her work....Thanx to YouTube.

This is good luck for youtube to have you 😇

May this be an inspiration to make a good song that suits your yesteryear glory....

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1 month ago

A.R. Rahman

I had a chat with the wonder boy #Lydian at KM Music Conservatory 11th Year Anniversary celebration. 😇💪🎹🇮🇳
#SurojeetChatterji #lydiannadhaswaram

KM Music Conservatory
Exclusive chat between KM Music Conservatory Principal A.R. Rahman and The World's Best winner #Lydian #Nadhaswaram in Surojeet Chatterji's #RussianPianoStudio during the #KMMC 11th Year Anniversary Celebration
... மேலும்மேலும்


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I love A.R. RAHMAN... An awesome person with an extraordinary gift.. and congrats to Lydian on being the next A.R RAHMAN...

Hearty Congratulations. Upcoming maestro of future India for music lovers. Great pride and proud for Lydian. Be blessed and remain blessed by the Divine for good health care peace success and happiness in Life. Take care.

Congrats Lydian! Very proud of you. Thanks to Mr A R Rahman!

Hats off to u Sir!! n hearty congratulations to the wonderful talent Lydian💐💐

Congrats Lydian👍🏻 Very proud of you 👌🏻

Congrats Lydian, God bless you dear

Great interview and best wishes to Lydian! One quibble: playing on the moon=exercise in pointlessness. No atmosphere, no sound propagation 😁!

Extremely proud of this Chennai prodigy. Best wishes for Lydian to achieve his dreams and beyond

Did #Lydiannadhaswaram learn his complete piano lessons from #Surojeethchatterji at #KMmusic college!!!???.. I have seen and heard Lydians piano lessons from other masters too ... Through his learning sessions!!!!

Congratulations Lydian you have magic in your fingers, have a successful future ahead 😊

This Video Chat should become the Inspiration for the upcoming musicians in our country. So nice to see Lydian with the Master, and the Master keeps blessing Lydian. . I am sure that the Line will get longer in the coming years.

Congrats Lydian .God bless you and family.Keep going.👏👏

Congratulations Lydian!!! Proud of u dear...🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊

Congrats Lydian. Heard tou during Mumbai Piano Day. May God bless you.

Rahman Bhai this child has made the India proud and we thank you for facilitating this child personally. Jai hoo

Such innocence and purity - may you always remain like this, Lydian!! I watched the World's Best competition and the Ellen Show and was amazed at Lydian's composure, humbleness, and ofcourse his passion for his talent! May he continue to nurture his passion!

This lydian is God gift good seed in my India next generation. Ar introduced thank god

What a humble boy, such an extraordinary talent 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️💐💐💐

Congrats Lydian upcoming music maestro of India

Congratulations wonder boy Lydian

Amazing Sir! Hats off to you 👍🙏

Reaction he gave when asked about Play station was appreciable! and it's great to watch ARR being humble with lot of maturity and respect..especially ARR talked about the distractions..something we all to learn..and never seen ARR being such delighted by someones performance and means this kid got a bright future head!..Blessings!

Congrats Lydian and nice motivative speech sir

We are Proud of you lydian congrats

Great sir, for your kind and responsible advice. Hats off you sir, have a nice day.

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