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2 hours ago


Shaquille O' Neal is back for another #sharkweek adventure! Here's what he had to say about #ShaqAttack.

Don't miss the full interview tonight at 11P on #JoshGatesTonight.
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3 hours ago


Are great white sharks killing otters for sport?

Learn more about these shocking predatory tactics on #SharkWeek’s Great White Serial Killer Extinction, on Discovery tomorrow night at 10p.
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Pretty sad ,there must be a reason,if otherwise tgey taste bad

La nature est dure pauvre loutre elles sont tellement mignonnes😞

It's because otter populations are increasing.

Poor otters do not deserve that and should be saved

Mean sharks... if u kill it u eat it

Patrick Gardner


Cynthia Sue u need to check ur shark buddies

Karen McCormick

Sarene Cain 😭

Adam Brown 😭

Karol Murcia

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4 hours ago


Palmyra Atoll is an uninhabited coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean that is part of a massive oceanic conservation area known as Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, and it is vital to the health of our world's oceans...and it's filled with sharks!

I'm fortunate to have been able to join the team and document this isolated and extremely special ecosystem. There are few places like this left in the world, and it is vital we continue to protect them.

Ian Shive Photography takes us through another epic adventure with his series Nature in Focus. Learn more at

... மேலும்மேலும்

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How beautiful and magical moment is there

Get the guys from tankd the tv show build a massive shark tank


Rachel 👀👀 you need an assistant???

Megan Ripe

The tuna tank at Atlantis resort feeding 65 400 pound tuna at one time with the pellets and you have to bring home goombay or junkanoo

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5 hours ago


Actor. Singer. Dancer. Legal Cannabis Farmer. James Belushi is a quadruple threat.

Don't miss his new show #growingbelushi Wednesday, August 19 at 10P.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I always loved his movies and tv show

I love him!! 🇦🇱

Alyssa Smith my kind of guy

Remco Rens

Oh look. It's the funniest living Belushi.

Danny Zimmermann


Paul Britton hes been busy since k9

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6 hours ago

Itll feel like youre in the tank!

It'll feel like you're in the tank!Wave hello to a whole new side of #SharkWeek on TikTok! 🌊

We’re streaming live on our channel all week with fin-credible dives. TONIGHT at 7p ET — take a plunge into Georgia Aquarium's Ocean Voyager tank, one of the world’s largest single aquatic exhibits.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Tonia Galindo Arista ayudaaaa a que hora seria en peru ?

8 hours ago


Luke Tipple joins MrBeast and his crew in some sharktastic challenges in honor of this year’s #SharkWeek. Stream #MrBeastSharkChallenge NOW on Discovery GO: ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Where can you send a suggestion for a place to look into for Mysteries of the Abandoned? I know this is not the place to write this post, but cannot find a way to contact anyone.

This is the fifth post in a row about Shark Week where men are prominently placed as leading, supporting and majority if not all characters in the show. Where are the women?

9 hours ago


Who is Phred and how do we "phind" him? Don't miss the search for the largest shark on Earth tonight at 10p ET on Jaws Awakens, only on #SharkWeek. #JawsAwakens ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Seriously?? Just replay jaws!! Smh

Is it the 747 ?

Dan Koch

Pershen Pillay

Join fan club Fans of Naked & Afraid & XL

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9 hours ago


This isn't the sequel. It's the SHAQEL.

Shaquille O' Neal is back on Discovery90928385">#sharkweek TONIGHT at 9p on Discovery.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I love me some Shaq but RIP Shark Week 😒

Mik ezek a bohóckodások mostanában?? 😱

Shaq thinks the Earth is flat, thank you that is all.

i love this one

Mans not hot skibidipapa

NICE JO 👉☝✌👈

It's a whale shark they don't even have teeth big deal shaq

Shark Week Live Stream availablehere:

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He looks like a seal in the water. Maybe he’ll get eaten

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10 hours ago


A strong engine and great tire tread are second only to years of evolution. See how scientists are making advancements in transportation thanks to sharks. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Not a new idea. The C2 Corvette body was based off a Mako shark.

THIS is on repeated over and over,,Bring back the Naked and afraid,,thats what we like,put on reruns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So sad to be missing my all time favorite series.

Now every time i think of a shark i think of you Leslie BK - why is that??

Elyse Wallwork 🥰🥰🥰

KazeSpec Engineering new aero 🤔

Shark Week Live Stream availablehere:

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12 hours ago

This Caribbean reef shark is one of the primary study species in the Bahamas and part of Beneath the Waves research in the region. Bringing awareness to these incredible animals is one of their main goals.#SharkWeek continues all week long on Discovery.Caption + Photo: Diego Camejo

"This Caribbean reef shark is one of the primary study species in the Bahamas and part of Beneath the Waves research in the region. Bringing awareness to these incredible animals is one of their main goals."

#SharkWeek continues all week long on Discovery.

Caption + Photo: Diego Camejo
... மேலும்மேலும்

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That photo is amazing! WOW 📸

That shark is big!

Watched Mike Tyson dive with them last night

Wow! That's amazing 😁!

Shahe I thought there were no sharks in the Caribbean. 👀😂

Wow, love this shot


I love Shark ❤️🦈

Amazing 👍

Reject EIA Draft 2020..

Joe, is this the one you saw? 😳🦈

Egyszer én is 😇



Wowwww 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

I like this shot




Jordan Gooding

The picture shows the world most dangerous predator and a shark.


Emilio Antonio


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19 hours ago

#SharkWeek continues all week long at 8P on Discovery.

#SharkWeek continues all week long at 8P on Discovery. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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My Favorite part of #sharkweek is without question, since prehistoric times it shows exactly how it's Ladies have Always ruled this earth #deepblue -Amazing! These sharks deserve every second of airtime!


Please do more on other sharks next yr the great white is over done! I love shark week but program after program of great whites get boring!

Thank you for including baby shark in the programming. On vacation we keep on shark week the whole time. It's great for the kids to be able to enjoy it as well!

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23 hours ago


The baddest man on the planet faces the baddest fish in the sea -- all in the name of science. 🦈

Mike Tyson enters the underwater ring for #sharkweek on TyDiscoveryaws: Rumble on the Reef. It starts NOW on Discovery!
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Shark week is awesome. I love it. Mike so much, but it's not my place to criticize or judge him. Give the guy a break though, despite his questionable past, i don't believe he's ever killed anyone, to the best of my knowledge.

Utterly sick.Shame on you Discovery. Gave me a reason to stop following your posts.

Love shark week, at first I was against Tyson but I realized who am i to judge people by their past what matters is now.

Well i didn't get my wish that a great white would come outta the blue an eat him. All the celebrities are ruining shark week. Believe it or not the shark week crowd watches for the sharks.....keep the celebrities off the show!!!!!!!

If he's that bad, lock him up and throw away the key.... he's nothing.

IMO discovery has been having these celebrities on for years now to get more of a fan base. The problem with this is that all the original shark week fans don’t care about the celebrity section. We want sharks and science and all these new fans your getting are only around to watch their favorite celebrity. So when the smoke settles all you have left is the faithful fans that have been around since the beginning. So keep us happy and forget the other nonsense

He keeps poking the sharks and hitting them in the nose... horrible person to put in the water with sharks. Very disappointed....

The celebrity episodes are my least favorite; I love the science and the sharks, not the drama. But I will watch everything else!

Didn't doubt Mike Tyson for one second 💙#SharkWeek

He will badly poop his wetsuit

I like mike being so vulnerable 🙂

He is a convicted rapist and total whack job. Boo to Discovery for selecting him to be part of such a great piece of programing.

Discovery Please stop with all the gimmicky stuff and go back to just having good, quality programming about sharks.

Can't wait, uncle Mike rocks!

I am big fan of Bear Grylls😊💪💪

I love Iron Mike

Put him in with the big boys. Great Whites!

Now he's gonna fight a shark?? Ok

# Shark week!!💖💖💖

Shark week is a joke now he broke or something.....guess he needs money.....

Baddest word doesn't exist😁😂😂

I don’t hate it


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1 day ago


Joshua Gates is taking the plunge! Watch #JoshGatesTonight everyMike Tyson11pm David Dobrik href="">#sharkweek, and don't miss Mike Tyson and David Dobrik later this evening. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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You should be ASHAMED!!! The opening of Expedition Unknown is an absolute insult to the USS Indianapolis (CA 35). The context it is presented is extremely offensive to the memory of those lost. The movie Jaws was different, They told the story in serious light. You tell it in an insulting, immature and just beyond the pale.

The thing with Gates is when he's on these expeditions searching for treasure, and they find, maybe a few coins! So, the hype gets too strong with his regular show. But, there was some good stuff, and Gates was entertaining enough. The puppet was funny, and Bob the Shark was very welcome!

I love Josh Gates!! So fun to watch his show!!

This guy is great!

Good to see Bob the Shark!!

Josh Gates Jaws intro to Josh Gates Tonight Shark Week #BestShowIntroEver !!

Sounds like Shark Week has jumped the shark.

No way. Josh!!! Josh!! Hello that’s a fricken shark ... no do overs dude!!

When are you going to come to Az. and investigate Superstition Mountain?

Too many sharks all over tv this summer

Hi from Atlanta

Mike Tyson? really?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂

I love shark week

Shark week. 😴


Elena Zaharia, prietenul tau?

Guess that means no “Shark after Dark”

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1 day ago


In 1985, we started a journey together. Since then -- no matter where, no matter the challenge, one thing remains.

We'll bring the world to you.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Hello Discovery. We need your help to reach some answers on the phenomenal catastrophic Beirut port ammonium nitrate warehouse explosion. could you have Myth Busters build and test a scaled controlled model to prove or disprove whether only fire in the warehouse could make ammonium nitrate explode.Best regards to my favorite channel.

I Love Discovery Channel.

I love animal planet, even though it is not always about animals!!! I also love Discovery Channel but I absolutely dread Shark Week and I don't watch, after seeing one shark, it gets boring real quick, where are all the wild animals ? Pit Bulls and cats get monotonous after 50 episodes also

That’s when I was born!

I am big fan of Bear Grylls😊💪💪

Personally I think the channel used to be tons better then it is now.. Same with the History channel and many others...

and we love you



God Bless America. 🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️

Bring back Beyond 2000

Dirty Jobs was a good show

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1 day ago


Looking for a big shark begins with little boat! Don't miss #jawsawakens Monday at 10pm ET during #sharkweek on Discovery. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Great show !!! Thanks for the photography and drone use ...

Rule #1 , the shark is bigger than the boat *

Good to know. I'll be sure to stay out of small boats in the ocean.

I am big fan of Bear Grylls😊💪💪

So we're not "gonna need a bigger boat"? 😉

Bob the shark is horrible and mundane. Please let him loose back into the ocean.

But is "Shark after Dark" returning this year?



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1 day ago


Mike Tyson and Josh Gates talk about Iron Mike's most intimidating opponents yet - sharks! Tune in to a special #sharkweek edition of Josh Gates Tonight this evening at 11pm ET. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Hi from Atlanta, love the show n was awesome to have you at the aquarium! Dave B

Racecar is no Bitc# to Shark Week , stop now !!!

Put them on Hulu without the live feed. Greedy greedy discovery!

Well it certainly wasn't the woman he raped! He wasn't intimidated by her whatsoever

Why are they giving that rapist any air time? Who cares what he says!

Name the band, The Certifiables!!

I miss Expedition Unknown....

God Bless America. 🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️


I'm in Australia and shark week doesn't seem to be on the discovery channel here 😭 I've been looking forward to this and I hope I'm not missing out? Is it a different week here??

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1 day ago


Have you ever seen a flying shark? 🦈 Monster Jamalodon">#sharkweek

#dieselbrothers: Monster Jam Breaking World Records on Discovery was an absolute blast!
... மேலும்மேலும்

Comment on Facebook

Stream the full #DieselBrothers: Monster Jam Breaking World Records event on Discovery Go.

Need help from powers parents brother and family members were troubling

neat to see this is a real truck, but what does this have to do with shark education, hmMMM? >>

Well, we have now! Awesome!!!

My 4 yr old nephew has the Megalodon monster truck toy.

Well, shark week begins!! Lol!!

Oh discovery channel, how far you have fallen.

I am big fan of Bear Grylls😊💪💪

Landed smooth, how did they tune the shocks?

God Bless America. 🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️

Wolfe Man I want one of these for my next car

Never )

It’s got nothing on an actual mako this to Ezra 🦈🦈

Nice! 🚙

Ryan Miller



Learning English A To Z

David Hecker


Emma McRae

Learning English A To Z

Jen Lee

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1 day ago

May as well make this your wallpaper because its officially #SharkWeek!Take a closer look at what we have in store at

May as well make this your wallpaper because it's officially #sharkweek!

Take a closer look at what we have in store at
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Remember when shark week was about all the different types of sharks? Not about celebrities...

I hope this goes on discovery plus

Make this available in 4K

Chihuahua Week would be better

Very DISAPPOINTED in you. Having a convicted rapist represent your network. Sad state of affairs. You lost my viewer ship.

Can't wait!!!! 28 mins left.. 🦈🦈

Need to have more of the research teams. Get Ocearch, some Greg Skomal,

So boring! Zzzzzzzzz

Scott Jarvinen Your favorite week of the year 😜


Cindy it's just not the same without you! Miss watching this with you!

Learning English A To Z

Nathan Stewart

Morgan Grace Chance

Nicole Murray

Ashley Danielle Chrisakis MA

Danielle Duval

Mickey Fochtman

Baileigh Deane


Morgan Nichols

Rafael Hernandez

Shannon Wilson Minter James Minter Sr. Jamey Minter Jr. 🦈 week

Angel Young reminder

Jenna Hazzard Shawn Flowers Annabel Taylor

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1 day ago


This gives “swimming with the fishes” a whole new meaning. Catch up on all the #SharkWeek fun anytime on Discovery GO. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Would anyone do this...I would in a heart beat

And if you friendly neighborhood shark decides to bite/tear up one of the propel motors off well sea snack it is 😂😂😂

Thun Thunyaworakarn

2 things... first and most importantly, watch your terminology. “...doing this in waters infested with great white sharks.” That’s where they live, it’s not infested. Infestation is what happens when bug or parasites enter your home unwelcome (that’s proper usage I mean. 2nd. We know sharks have ampullae of Lorenzini. This we know allows them to detect electrical impulses including heartbeats and metal. This cage is made from metal, they can detect your heartbeat, your scuba gear (particularly respirator/tank) are making noise, as is the motors to move your cage (and electrical impulses from them). While an above average idea to obtain behavior records, I’m not sure getting away from the boat will be all that different. Interested to find out.


Isint this called a snack box?

Suicide is preventable.You guys hate life huh.You wife stoped you from smoking weed now. U want to die. And thought hey let’s swim with 18 ft great whites.Only logical thought for me

That cage looks like a roll cage for a race car


Carly O'shields

Bit the motors off of it u die. Fish eats .

I'm watching it

Racecar is no Bitc# to Shark Week . Go build a Rollcage and tell Mike to make Sandwiches !!!

I realize a biologist is not an engineer, but he is a scuba diver. I would think a balast plate that can be mechanically dropped would have been part of the build. As divers it is part of our gear....

Jen Lee

Did he say, "Metal Cocoon"?

Wow, Amazing

I love this show. Shark week is awesome to watch

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Nathan Dyal

You put carbon fiber in the water, sharks in the water, OUR shark. Farewell and adew to you fair Spanish ladies.............. lol

I'm not getting in anything called a snack box🤔

Would love to be there . may i be pick please.

Thanks for the reminder I love shark week

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1 day ago


Wait for it….💥

After #sharkwDavid Dobriker the #dodgeballthunderdome with host David Dobrik premiering Wed Aug 19 at 9P on Discovery.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I am big fan of Bear Grylls😊💪💪

My favorite channel ever I love Discovery



Tf is this

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2 days ago


That ball didn’t stand a chance. 🥊
#SharkWeek kicks off with the champ Mike Tyson in Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef Sunday at 9p.

Then David Dobrik hosts #DodgeballThunderdome premiering Wednesday Aug 19 at 9P with Erin Lim and Andrew Hawkins.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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On my foxtel it isn't showing up. Like ive been through the menu and through the foxtel book and it isn't therr

A convicted RAPIST! That’s who you pick?

Dear Discovery...Shark week has....Jumped the shark

Thx Discovery channel - I want to see sharks and enjoy with my kids and I see Mike Tyson and every other word is bleeped out- what the heck ??!!

Mike's language was pretty FOUL! I understand he has his fear of water and sharks, Good Grief.

Is that the best you can do, Mike Tyson? I will be skipping that episode

National geographic shark series is better than Discovery the last few years.

Come on Discovery Channel!!! Mike Tyson...seriously? Why would you have anybody on a family show that is a convicted rapist, and felon with a long criminal rap sheet? Perhaps it should be the end of Shark Week if this is the best you can do!

Saddened with your choice of spokesperson. Do you know to whom you've given publicity to? *Very* disappointing. Lots of amazing, young people out there who would have killed it. Discovery Channel, you can do better.

So, what NO "Shark After Dark"? That was BY FAR the best part of Shark Week. Please bring it back!

So glad to c #Dickiechivell back! Love him

He hasn’t been eaten yet. The show is a bust

Love the fast forward “Shark Fin” on YoutubeTV during #SharkWeek

Tyson doesn’t want to catch these fins

I'm loving it . The baddest man on earth as they call it is scared to death .

Tyson is good but can he Dodge a wrench

featuring a convicted rapist, really? i guess the bottom of the barrel is pretty low

thank you for the badge 😇🤓🤓

What the hell does this have to do with ... sharks?? Come on

Ok Discovery- can we please get rid of the celebs. How about taking fans who have wanted and aren’t scared to be with the sharks for 32 years??!! I give the Tyson episode 2 out of 5 stars. Oh and where is #Dickiechivell - he is the best!

Who wants to bet that a shark will bite one of his ears off? Lol

Sal Pace Our new favorite show. 💥🤣

This guy should retire already...

What the f*** are words and I don't know how to use them to Bill Purcell

Where the hell is White Goodman?

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2 days ago


It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a Monster Jam monster truck!!!

Discovery13244836">#dieselbrothers: Monster Jam Breaking World Records premieres tonight at 8p on Discovery. #sharkweek
... மேலும்மேலும்

Comment on Facebook

BF is the only original MT and the Best..and Started the Monster Truck phenomena..If Chandler hadn't done it, MT would not be what it is today.Duh!

On the new Monster Jam/w Diesel Bro. You stated Grave Digger to be the first in monster trucks. That is wrong Big Foot is the original Monster Truck first starting in 1974 with Bob Chandler. GD did not come to life until 1982 Bob Anderson. Get your facts straight!!

the worst side of america.

So Big Foot never existed?

Trevor Doherty

Beautiful baby shark I love it♥️♥️

Theodin Fierarul

Jan-Michael Cox

Vikram Dave

that blerk has more torque than his truck..!! 🤪Bellend..

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2 days ago


Can Mike Tyson overcome his fear of sharks to prepare for the ultimate comeback? 🥊

Enter the underwater ring when #sharkweek kicks off with Discovery Jaws: Rumble on the Reef Sunday at 9p on Discovery.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Come on, Discovery. Enough with the "reality TV" nonsense. Get back to SCIENCE!!

Huh.why would we be upset.everybody takes a few left turns before they go right.i love Mike Tyson.heart of gold and a lion.

I cant wait!! Best part of summer SHARK WEEK 🦈

Dang !!! Mike and I both have a fear of sharks 🦈

Rather watch Cody lundin and his partner . Than shark week . Was good in the beginning . Now like the history channel you suck ..

Looking forward for this show .

If I were a shark I would be scared of him. 😀

Nonsense, mike tython will bite off the sharks ears...

Watch it... might take an ear...

This guy got hit in his brain one to many times...

He’s bitten more people then most sharks 🦈

Careful Shark, Mr Tyson might bite off ur fin.

It was a rather lame show.

sharks have better taste will spit him out after

I think the sharks are more scared of him

"i ain't afred of sarks"

I’m gonna have to take Jaws over Mike.

Lol the one leg man throws him into the shark infested waters

We all know what your REAL FEAR IS Mike... (Or at least... Many do.)It's a CRAZY S.U.B.A.F.U. world, and sometimes the storms & swirls of life show you how much power you really have over ANYTHING...Sometimes the situations of life create the perfect storm, Seamingly DESIGNED just to destroy YOU.THAT is either AMAZING AND/OR TERRIFYING.Isn't it?

What's their Gimmick ! Lol.🤣😂😀

he,s harder than a GT,White. apparently

No thanks, won't be watching that episode. I do hope the shark wins

not to be afraid,you not a tasty for sharks.

Jesus Christ is the only one who can restore him good luck.

let‘s get the tiger out of his house

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2 days ago


Don't mako me crazy. 😤
#sharkweek is comiABC4EXPLOREomorrow at 8P.

Video: Andy Casagrande (ABC4EXPLORE)
... மேலும்மேலும்

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One of the quickest animals in the ocean! Mako sharks have always been one of my favorites

I want to see Forrest Galante in shark week 😁🦈💙

Look up the salmon shark. Its like a great white bred with a mako.

The parasites in its mouth are called Anthosoma crassum, a species of parasitic copepod.


Diana Miner David Miner !!!! I told you I love shark week, and look what it is !!!! SHARK WEEK ! Woot woot

Love all your channels

Should have it's own holiday. RIGHT?

It has parasites in its mouth.

Dose it start tomorrow

No gingivitis to see here. Move along

there is the mouth of nightmares

Citsabehsan Devendran look at his happy littlw face

Derek Omar Vasquez

Dana Madeley

Junnel Angelo Ranola

Mehdi Bahmed

Jacqui Enríquez

Megan Ripe

Veronica Camacho lets watch

Racecar is better, just sayin.

Jamaica Mae Licong

David Baca


Jennifer Krawec-Duggan Meredith Krawec

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3 days ago


Take a minute to get lost underwater. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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I did have dreams about sharks last night. First time. They were like dogs. And this mutha of a great white was kind enough stay on the surface and let me hold on to it's fin as it slowly took me back to land in pitch black . Gave me a shove off when I was about 50 meters out from the shore and swam away. Was a first for me.

Is there anyway to watch shark week without having cable or satellite? I have an amazon fire stick and box. Help me, I’m poor. 😂

No but when I went to bed as a kid after watching shark week I wouldn’t let my feet near the edges of the bed thinking a white shark was looking with her black empty eyes.

I dreamt that I was being shown affection by two tiger sharks one male and one female and they always cane up to me when I’d return to feed them

Shark week sucks - does every year why do you just keep wasting air time with the garbage

I once dreamed that i had awaken in my bed and were drifting on it in my house full of water,chasef by jaws himself...

I’ll stick with the under water videos. No thanks not going to take that chance unless I know for sure I was dying

so interesting to be under water thats too with the shark😍😍

Wow they actually did Thursday night. Spooky!

We watched now the boss won’t ever go in the ocean

Go ahead and lose tyson under water while you’re at it.

Do his flippers mimic jelly fish tendrils?

A deserted beach sounds better

This is so soothing 😌 💙 🤍 💙

Oh this is amazing.

Έχω ονειρευτεί πως με τρώει καρχαρίας σε πολύ ρηχά νερά ενώ φορούσα μαύρα ρούχα

great programmes

No puede ser 😮


Desmond Yew dive with sahrkss

Rhianna Peterson

Laura Natalia López Ariza

Kaya kaayo ni sa akong amigo nga taga Agus Kayee Dakay.

Oscar Sierra

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நல்ல தகவல்கள் எல்லோரையும் சென்றடைய வேண்டும் என்ற நோக்கத்திலேயே இங்கு பதியப்படுகிறது. இதில் யாருக்கேனும் ஆட்சேபனை இருந்தால் தெரியப்படுத்தவும். அவற்றை நீக்கிவிடுகிறோம். படைப்புகளின் காப்புரிமை படைப்பாளருக்கே…!

– நன்றி

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