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4 weeks ago

A.R. Rahman

Friends, it’s time for you to wear your creative hat again! You were all so quirky and creative two years ago when we recreated Urvashi with new lyrics.
So here we go again!
Send us your best lines with humour and we will include them for our performance in Chennai on the 10th of August at YMCA Grounds.

No Politics please 😊
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Last year ,I have attended your concert same place in yMCA group...I came from Bangalore to Chennai to see you your concert A.R. Rahman sir 😍😍😍😍 so lucky to see your live concert ... Your songs are my best all time favorite songs which keeps happy always ♥️❤️❣️ love you sir ....!!!🥰

Appraisal Ratingil 3rd potaal take it easy policy Employee sudden ah paper potaal take it easy policyOverthrow BatlaPattu Four pona Take it easy policy Jeikum nerathula Run out aana Take it easy policyTony starku sethu pona Take it easy policy Thoru romba gundu aana Take it easy policyTheatrukku single ah pona Take it easy policy Friends ellam committed aana Take it easy policy#UdayEdits #RecreateUrvashi 🙂

Chinna paiyan unna “AUNTY” nu sonna, Take it easy policyGroup photo la nee mattum sumaar ah (summara) irundha, Take it easy policy

Sir your all song is really outstanding and mind blowing. I always listen your song.

Would it be possible if you can include anything on planting trees, protect environment on the lyrics pls? I am sure there will be a impact to it when you sing them!!

Your music is outstanding each time I hear your music it fills my satisfaction of musics. My best line for Urvashi is " Urvashi meri haan I live you"

Great. Yah! Once again world will feel new version of music magic of oorvashi song by the legend.

I still love the new version sang by Ranjit and sivamani 2 years ago.

I am neither Tamil nor have any command over the most rhythmic Indian language. Nevertheless, let me give it a shot! “99 song release late aa ponaa take it easy policy”On another note, 10th August is likely to be Arafah Day and Eid-ul-Adha may fall on 11th August, 2019; I hail from Kerala and an expatriate living in Bahrain, wherein your live-in concert is unlikely to be held.Perhaps, I am so greedy to experience your live-in concert that it does not happen in India, whenever I am on my vacation (Vacation has a different meaning here, it means the time we spend with family).I can’t afford to miss you this time around; though it’s luxury for the likes of me, I will have to catch a flight to attend the concert and to re-join my family for Eid-Al-Adha.You have no escaping from me this time; I know, it would be way too much to ask you for a hug, cause there would be millions wanting the same. So Rahmaniacs, please remind me about my manners…

Hard work panniyum last rating vanguna.. take it easy policy #ITParithabangal

Dear A.R. Rahman Sir I would be very thankful if you kindly raise your voice or atleast show your concern towards the Central Government's recent action against ORDNANCE FACTORIES spread all across the country. We the 120k employees of OFB are smelling that the government is about to Privatise the 4th Pillar of Indian Defence. Please Sir even A small tweet of you can do us A lot of favour. 🙏 #SaveOrdnanceFactories #Save_OFB

See #Biggbosstamil sir... Kavin and sandy will help you... 🤣🤣

Naduvulla konjo pakatha kanallana, take it easy policy.Lucky no 3 nu sonna, take it easy policy.What is the procedure to change the room-Nu sonna, take it easy policy.#RecreateUrvashi

My Son Raghav and his Friend Chandramouli used to sing it as follows ( when they were 7 or so years old ... now >25)‘Kaalukkulla (edited 😀) oosi ponaa take me to the pharmacy’ ....

நிழல் அதை ரசிக்கயில் அடர் மழை வந்தா எளிதா எடுத்துக்கோ ஊர்வசி..அன்பில் உதிர்த்தது அரசியல்(விவகாரம்) ஆனா புரிந்து தெளிந்துக்கோ ஊர்வசி...ஊர்வசி ஊர்வசி நிலைகள் பலவிதம் ஊர்வசி..இன்பதுன்பம் எதுவம் இங்க நிரந்தரம் இல்ல, அதும் ஓர்நிலைதான் ஊர்வசி.......

If you forget to take charger along with phone. Take it easy policy Salary hike on papers but no big difference in hand. Take it easy policy.99 songs getting delay.. But Can't take it easy 😃🙏 Love you boss.. Sorry don't know tamil. Please adjust the lyrics if you like. 😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏

"Love you all forever -- but my time will be end Sooner -- Let music stay here for all their music Lover "

Taneer panjam vadandhinu sonna take it easy policy..Main road ku vaama pesikalamnu sonnna Take it is policyVingyani yellam amaichara kidacha Take it is policy.Amaichar sapte mixture vilai erina Take it is policyWeatherman sollium malzai varalena take it easy policy..Briyani panrapa guestu vanda Take it easy policy..kuska mattum saapida kidacha Take it easy policy.Nalla adium Newzealand thotha Take it easy policy.Tie aana match la England jeicha take it easy policy..

90s kids ah uncle nu sonna.. Take it easy policy..Thanniku badhila kaathu vandha.. take it easy policy..Umpiring error le MSD run out aana, take it easy policy..Super over liyum tie aana take it easy policy..

Love ah pesitu bestie nu sonna, take it easy policy!Harris paatula dejavu vandha, take it easy policy!Feminist padama vandhu kuvinja, take it easy policy!Simbu takkunu spot'ku vantaa, take it easy policy!Oorvasi oorvasi how to take these easy oorvasi? 😏

#RecreateUrvashi Account debited cash uh varala na-take it easy policy Final sem il arrear viluntha-take it easy policy Call u back nu HR sona - take it easy policy Sunday veetil sambar senja - take it easy policy Fasting apo treat uh vacha-take it easy policy

"Super over la yum, tie aagi thotha Take it easy, policy"

League topper semis la Thothaa.. take it easy policy. Semis la thothum finals pona.. take it easy policy. Finals thothum cuppu adicha.. take it easy policy!

Ramzan Apo Sambar Sadham Sapta Take it easy Policy.. Average Student 100 mark exam la vanguna Take it easy policy..

Mazhai vandhum school/college/office leave vidalana take it easy policy..If your version of urvasi Lyrics select agalana take it easy policy..

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1 month ago

A.R. Rahman

Dear #Chennai,

I am thrilled to announce that I will be performing live on the 10th of August at YMCA Sports Ground, Nandanam.
Look forward to seeing you’ll there!

Buy Tickets here:

#Jsbsathish #JSBFilmstudios #AKREvents #MRBLive

BToS Productions
... மேலும்மேலும்

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A.R.Rahman Sir , All the best for your venture but what we miss is the outstanding duo of you and madhushree both in film music and in stage shows and concerts. Please get back together soon.❤

best of luck sir

Wish I were there! 🙈

I will,want to do meet you one day thats end of my life day love u ar sir love u so much once again

yes dear , Will be there 😊💃

I'm waiting to be there..

I wish I'm there too... But lots of wishes to AR... From Melbourne 💕💕💕💕👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 No doubt Jai Ho...still rocking sir 💗💗💗💗💗

Going to miss this😭😩. Last time enjoyed to the core

I am coming to the show.l am waiting for show.😍😍😍

Last time we were standing and dancing in the last. It was so fun 😍 forget all the pains and suffering, just enjoy the music. Love you ARR 😘

Finally, we have got tickets. We are waiting for the show

Mostly welcome to hear ur sweet perfomance.!

I am waiting..

Sir ,please make it one in Mumbai also....we are waiting...🙏

Sir requesting you to sing singapenney in the concert..that would be mind-blowing if u sing it live ..

Mr.Rahmann sir could you please make sure there is sufficient drinking water provided for the audience. 🙏

Rahman Sir last show in malaysia was rain.. I really hope this time come to Chennai.

Can’t wait sir!

Someone please inform to those vadukus in Chennai before they get the tickets that there will majority of Tamil songs only, otherwise they will go and kathify in Twitter 🤦🤦

Ek najar sir mera sms par pad jaye. Kyo ki me bhi ek chota sa singar hoon and raitars bhi hu and compojar bhi hoo par meri badnasibi yah ki mujhe manzil ka raha nazar nahi aaye.

Legend of Music A R Sir, can you able to perform in Wembley arena, UK? We can pull more fans around Europe as well. We can expect around 120k fan's around the area.🙏

When u are live concert in trichy? sir, because TRICHY is centre place of tamilnadu so many people see ur program. Please sir... Tell me?

Mass thala A.R.Rahman bro

Sir.Please come to Singapore.

It's my pleasure to see legendary A R Rehman ❣️❤️♥️

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2 months ago

A.R. Rahman
Here is the Original Soundtrack of 2.0 🎶
🎶Listen on your favourite platforms
🎶➡️ YouTube - (link:
➡️ Gaana - (link:
➡️ Hungama - (link:
➡️ Raaga - (link:
➡️ Wynk - (link:
➡️ Google Play - (link:

Here is the Original Soundtrack of 2.0 🎶

Listen on your favourite platforms

➡️ YouTube - (link:
➡️ Gaana - (link:
➡️ Hungama - (link:
➡️ Raaga - (link:
➡️ Wynk - (link:
➡️ Google Play - (link:

... மேலும்மேலும்

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Thank you so much sir

Amazing!Also commenting to check that "Top Fan" badge! 😀

Awesome ARR Sir ...

Assalamu Aleyikum My dear brother , Allah blessing , in Sha Allah ...Thank you ..

Thank you so much AR IS ALWAYS ON AIR ❤️

Sir please release the songs of "99 Songs"....We are Eagerly waiting❤❤

Wonderful sir !

Heart melting Pakisrajan track favorite track❤️❤️

It's Amazing sir

Awesome. Should have heard these before watching movie.

A.R. Rahman ji sir your music creation & magic cross the universe. The 1st soundtrack “0:40” my favorite and most awaited,God bless you sir..

I would like to see making of a soundtrack. 🙂 I can't imagine how much work and process goes into these.

Hope these tracks get licenced multiple times and more placements... ❤️😊✌️

Waste music 2.0 nowadays Rahman not composing nice

Congrats 🎊🎉👍keep on rockzs the world 🌏.... Awaiting 😘

Dear Sir this 40 mins Shows the effort and Hardwork you put for this movie hats off sir these tracks are masterclass plz release CCV OST sir ❣️❣️❣️❣️ Forever #Rahmaniac love 🙏🙏🙏❣️❣️❣️❣️

I heard 15 sound track.... All are amazing and variety... Who can Done without you... You are always pride of India....

What is this? Old songs. And the songs are below average.

Watched today once again for the background!!! Awesome

I'm curious, why didn't we release soundtracks before?

Next noble price am expecting from uuuuuuuuuuu... ✌👍😜

Pls realease original karaoke sir endhira logathu sundariye, give gift to fans, so that practice singing in original version,

Superb. Had been waiting for this.. #ARRahman Sir, where is the Rap theme ?

Simply not u r #1 .. pls post CVV sound track too.. best wishes

As Amazing as You! <3 Sir .... A.R.Rahman Goosebumps Lots Of Love 🙂

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2 months ago

A.R. Rahman

Sid Sriram rehearsing Jwalamukhi for Tamil version of 99songs🎤lyrics by Madankarky 🎬 @ehanbhat @edilsyvargasr #99SongsTheMovie #99Songs ... மேலும்மேலும்

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What a lovely tune. Sir ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

BEST WISH SIR , THE Greatest RockStar ever !

What a lovely tune. Sir

A true Sid always comes with ARR composition. Eagerly waiting for 99Songs

Its going to be a bash year this time........probably ARR coming up with beautiful melodies.....❤❤😍

Thank you dear thalaivARRe..

Without Ar music...... U r nothing...... Most Irritatable voice in recent days.....

What a voice of you God gifted Keep going on

Waiting for your 99songs.

Lovely 😍 waiting for music release 😊

Happy birthday 🍰🎁

Beautiful voice

Amazing song & waiting for all the tracks..!!

Amazing voice so sweet

Awesome lovely sharing lovely voice 👌👍💟

Beautiful! 💞... love u arr

Waiting for 99 songs sir.....until then classics on loop 😊

Very difficult to hold that rhythm

Woooooow waiting waiting for 99 songs Ar Rahman sir magic ❣️❣️❣️

Tanq to our living legend sir ar Rahman for giving the great spirit

Amazing voice

Very nice 👍👍 👌 sir

Thanks for giving Topfan list

Happy world music day

Happy world music day sir

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2 months ago

A.R. Rahman
#99SongsTheMovie Announcement!YM Movies  JioCinema Jio Studios Ideal Entertainment  #99Songs

#99SongsTheMovie Announcement!

YM Movies JioCinema Jio Studios Ideal Entertainment #99Songs
... மேலும்மேலும்

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All the best sir

Be the first & Be the best Congratulations sir❤❤❤

Sir, i am fan of yours since childhood days...your each song just heal our soul ...whenever i am depressed I listen to your songs to say no words it creates a magic... Really sir you are the real inspiration to all ...your music gives me rhythm to dance ...Congratulations sir

Dear sir we are eagerly waiting so much 😘💖💝

I am try to book advance tickets for this

Super sir and we are waiting for the usually prime surprise ....always we are love u sir🤗🤗🤗

Sir,,huge huge fan of your all Amazing creations!!Im Bangladeshi but I love your Tamil songs too though I can't understand the language!! Sir,,Ethan Vanin and Sonnalum ketpathillai... These songs taking me to out of the world for last few years..these two songs i listen daily night.. Repeat and repeat...Something in it...Sir,you know magic..May Almighty bless you..❤

People will lose interest if the movie release date is keep on postponing. At least the pomo songs should be released to keep the interest alive. Eagerly waiting for the songs release. All the best.

The best music director in the world

Sir Your work has always inspired millions....Best of the Best in this century!!!

Rahman Bhai your fans are eagerly waiting to see your Movie and desperate to listen to your lovely songs

Still waiting for tital track and all song's of #99songs

Tanq to our living legend sir ar Rahman

Waiting very badly Sir..!

I believe #99songs going to be a new experience for India and the world. All the very best..

Diamond...take time to exist ini nature..the later the better..compilation. time is everything..

It would be nice if you could stick to June 21st as a release date to commemorate World's Music day!

99 Years aged personal also waiting for #99

All the best for the movie Sir

MashaAllah... Lao.saw you performing Umrah

I leterally felt very broken after seeing the final judgement since you are the main judge sir

Atleast release the music

Congrats rehman sar god bless you

Sir your song from Guru movie is excellent Dham dhara Dham dhara jashnu jashnu !Wat a brilliant composition !Sir if you have time just listen to zee keralam sarigamapa from that a singer named Arjun a 18 year old boy Sung it Fantastically!It gives an amazing Wooooow feeling !A different feel to that song !Please listen to that song Sir !!!best wishes for 99 Sir !!🤗🤗

दिल हमारा तोडकर के जाने क्या उनको मिला ! बदले मेरे प्यार का मुझको दिया अच्छा सिला !! हमने हँस कर के कहा था तुम हमारा नूर हो ! बदले में उसने कहा कि तुम बहुत मगरूर हो ! फिर भी मेरी चाहतों का जारी है ये सिलसिला !! मेरी खुशियॉ भी मिले उनको न कोई गम मिले ! उनके जीवन मे सदा खुशियों के गुलदस्ते खिले ! बेवफाई का ये आलम जाने क्यों हमको मिला !! हमने तो हरदम सजाई फूलों से उनकी डगर ! कॉटे भी हमको चुभे पर खुश ही रहते थे मगर ! उनको रेशम वाला हमको कॉटो का बिस्तर मिला !! हमने तो मासूम समझा लेकिन वो चालाक थे ! उनके लिये मँसूबे मेरे हरदम से ही पाक थे ! क्या करें बेगाने भी जब अपनो से ही गम मिला !! बदले मेरे प्यार का मुझको दिया अच्छा सिला !!

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