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3 weeks ago

A.R. Rahman

🌹🙏👍#BombayDreamsBroadway15Yrs ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Was lucky to see Bombay Dreams in London West End years ago ! Love the piano .... hope to visit your music academy/ conservatory someday !

Love you legend ❤️❤️❤️

Very nice sir 👍👍

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Rahman sir vry smart

Love you legend.

Assalamu alikum. Happy advanced Ramzan vallthukal. Please sorry to say I need urgent help sir please. I try some time not reached sir. Ple help urgent need. My no8220139305.


Super nice pic sir

Great moment

Love to your all Rooja Bomby films like sir,,

Memorable pic Sir

You are great sir

Awesome guys

Where is Andrew Loyd Weber sir?

Hi sir u r incredible.

Sir you are rocking

Love you rahman sir...

masha allah

Wish I happy birthday

Yummy food stamps and Medicaid card and the kids are going through my head hurts and I'm not going anywhere else but you don't have to be there in a few weeks ago and it is work so hard and I don't know what to do that to you and you can get the 💰 I don't have any money on me and my mom is going to be a good day at work and I don't know what to do it again and I


Ronaldo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Why everybody looks the same?

3 weeks ago

A.R. Rahman
Its the semi-finale of #TheVoice! Tune in at 8:30 PM and catch Ehan Bhat and I, only on StarPlus #99SongsJio Studios Official  JioCinema IDeal Entertainment

It's the semi-finale of #TheVoice! Tune in at 8:30 PM and catch Ehan Bhat and I, only on StarPlus #99Songs

Jio Studios Official JioCinema IDeal Entertainment
... மேலும்மேலும்

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you should have stayed dilip kumar

God is always protect you sir...#im happy to see your successful post everytime...❤

God of music .

Wowooo A. R. RAHMAN Wish you the best off luck

Rehan bhai I am your great fan

Very nice sir

Sir. You look so cute. Mashallah. Hero is nice too.

All the best

❤❤very nice pic

Thanks A. R Rahman taking charge - to give 🎶 music next generation ! We can dream for 🎶 musical 🌎 World -- also Kid's play music Instruments - they're good with Math & it's a therapy for ❤ heart & good for Brain memory ! India & Bangladesh should be taken steps immediately to make 🎶 music Subjects through Elementary Class. ! & make it available those are talented but can't afford to take private lessons ! Also it will be convenient for Students -- Where everyday they will have music class ! I'm going to post about this soon ! All my honor goes to your 🎶 music talent ! that's -- Only thing ! We can give to you Musician ---" Uporoala's Dan -- Apko Geet & Jindhegi ---Maino to Doea korte hey --- Aup zeo hajar Shal -- Amen ! 🎶 🎻 🎸

God bless you sir

Very nice Sir

Very nice A R Rahman ji

Charan Sparsh Sir.. Need ur blessings

Very nice sir

#AR_Rahman sir Avenger anthem was superb....👌👌 👌 #Thank_you sir....🙏🙏🙏🙏

Hi sir. , Very precious to me..

#Ma_Shaa_Allah Congratulations Bhaiya ... Please share the link its possible!

It was not expected from u...a r Rahman...the partiality u did in voice...u lost many fans today...

Sir plz give me one chance to sing in u music i am really big fan of your is also feel uncomfertable without a .r.rehmaan

Your big fan sir ..

God bls u sir

May Allah bless you Rahman ji💖

We respect to you sir

4 weeks ago

A.R. Rahman
Introducing the talented Ehan Bhat who marks his debut as the lead of #99Songs. I hope you will shower him with as much love as I have received from you.
Releasing worldwide in Hindi, Telugu & Tamil on 21st June 2019. 🌹🔥YM Movies Jio Studios JioCinema Ideal Entertainment

Introducing the talented Ehan Bhat who marks his debut as the lead of #99Songs. I hope you will shower him with as much love as I have received from you.
Releasing worldwide in Hindi, Telugu & Tamil on 21st June 2019. 🌹🔥

YM Movies Jio Studios JioCinema Ideal Entertainment
... மேலும்மேலும்

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All the best Ehaan..wish u great success 💐

Wishes with prayers for a great success

Wishing our dearest sir and the Whole team of 99 songs A very all the best.. Can't wait for its soundtrack thalaivaaa 😍😍

all the very best to ehaan ..god bless u

Congrats & All The Very Best to All Team💐💐

Thanks for Telugu my music god I'm ur biggest Telugu fan love from Hyderabad Rahman sir ❣️❣️❣️

Is he a singer or actor ?he is bestowed with good looks !!All the very best !👍🏻👍🏻

Congrats and all the best : )

Wow absolutely.....we are waiting....wish u all the best sir on your next big step !!

May Almighty will give a great success to you .. Wishes with prayers..

All the best

Congratulations ! Soon I'll 🎶 listen to his music . Thanks for share - AR. Rahman -- Prayer -- God fill the World. 🌎 with music ! Which most needed now ! 🎶 🎻 🎸

All the best 99 Songs Team... Please release the soundtrack...

He is so handsome ...y wouldn't we give our love 😂😂😂

All the very best to Ehaan...

He looks like Salman Khan... I doubt his real father is Salman only 😁😁😁😁... Aaj the best for ur debut👍👍👍👍

All the best wishes for the entire team.

Fair skin, pretty face. Thanks Bollywood and AR Rahman for continuing the prejudice.

Waiting sir🤩🤩😍💙😘

Congrats to you & your full team sir. All the best. & Any update on 2.0 Official Backround Scores sir. We all Eagerly waiting for that sir. Please give a update on that sir..

ददँ दिल मे कोई अब न होगा चोट पहले से खाये हुये हैं ! गैरो से कोई शिकवा नही है अपनो के हम सता़े हुए हैं ! फूल तोडे सभी ने चमन से उस चमन को था मैने सींचा ! कॉंटों का दोष कोई नही है फूल कॉंटों मे आए बुए हैं ! लोगों ने बीज नफरत का बोया प्यार से मैने उसको सँंवारा ! बेवफाई नही हमने सीखीधोखे के हम सताए हुए हैं ! मंजिले गर मिलेगी न हमको ये जमाना भी हमपर हँंसेगा ! हमसफर न मिले रास्ते मे क्यों कि कॉंटे बिछाये हुए हैं ! रहमान जी ए गाना मेरा लिखा है

Ar rehman sr im pakistsn muje allha ne wo awaz di ha jo mohmmad rafi ko di thi plese cont me 03476286643

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Sớm mai ship hàng cho mình được ko shop? Mình ở ngay phố Vệ Hồ.

Đã nhận hàng, Thanks shop, làm ăn uy tín đấy, mình sẽ lấy nhiều hơn

1 month ago

A.R. Rahman
Like they say, you don’t compose a song... the song composes you. Here it is - celebrate your Tamil New Year’s Day with Sai Shirdi Sai. 🌹 Jio Studios JioCinema JioTV

Like they say, you don’t compose a song... the song composes you. Here it is - celebrate your Tamil New Year’s Day with Sai Shirdi Sai. 🌹


JioSaavn Jio Studios JioCinema JioTV
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Thank you sir for making me a part of this beautiful Sai Bhajan. 🙏🏼 . It’s a very special and blessed feeling.

Brilliant composition. God bless you all. Happy Tamil new year.

Wow awesome sir

Sai bless you Sir. Happy Tamil new year.

I woke up hearing this Divine song.. Sai ram..wishing you all happy Tamil new year ❤️😇

Mesmerised totally.....thank you for making my morning and my day soooo divine and beautiful with this song sir ❤❤❤

Soulful! Outstanding! Thank you A R Rahman

Thank u for such a beautiful gift.. Was waiting for this.. ☺☺🙏

Namaste, Mr. Rahman. It's also Nepal's new year. Happy New Year 2076

🙏Sai 🙏 very nice ji god bless you ji Best of luck 👍

Totally mesmerizing. Praying to Sri Sai to be with u always

Oh...great im huge bakt of sridi n u ARR sir....Just awaited 2 hear da song..😍😍

Very happy new year dear sir 😘🥂♥️

Wow ur great sir love u

Happy Tamil New Year!!! 🙂

No words to describe the greatness of this composition, happy new year Sir. May God always bless you and your family. Ellam pugazhum iraivanukke

Thank you a Soul Singer A . R Rahman -- Music Composes you ! But you already know it too - you also do meditation for good 🎶 music -- not everyone can't do it -- it's a extra ordinary talent & those are there especially gifted by God & their afford ! 🎶 🎸🎹 🎻 Not much different Tamil & Bengali is having same time - Happy New Year -- just Sing together with 😊 happy tune & feel the. 🌎 World is a majical 🎶 musical place - Where River - Stream & nature constantly sing it's with natural Voice -! Subho Nabo Barsho ! 🌄🎶 🎸 🎹 🎻

Respect all the religion's the name is AR Rahman love from Hyderabad ❣️❣️❣️

Thank you sir for Telugu version

Dilse Wishes To You Annan and Wishes To All... Happy Tamil New Year...

Thalaiva you are the inspiration to all of us...a man who respect all religion😍

Beautiful ARR. The universe always envelopes each one of us. Always!

Absolutely ARR..this song definitely proves that music just happens regardless of religion/customs/culture if one could compose such a divine song. Wish you compose more and more devotional songs. Thank you so much

Love u 😍💙 sir ARR😍 from somalia

Beautiful melody. Brilliant enough to invoke light into the darkness.

1 month ago

A.R. Rahman
A very special announcement! 🙏🌹YM Movies Jio Studios  JioCinema
Ideal Entertainment #ellapugazhumiraivanukke

A very special announcement! 🙏🌹

YM Movies Jio Studios JioCinema

Ideal Entertainment #ellapugazhumiraivanukke
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Wow so excited to see and all the best SIR

Wow ! All the best young man ❤❤

Best wishes and love from Nepal🇳🇵💓

Best Wishes and blessings....May Lord Sai Shanmuga shower His blessings on you.

Super happy sir .. 99 songs! So excited .. Can't wait to listen to the songs . Film as wel.. I wish you all the best ! Jai Ho.

Great news... all the best sir..

Congrats for your success ellapuzalum allah oruvanukaa

Rahman sir I am very excited to hear the music of the album which has 99 songs Great idea sir respect

Congratulations and best wishes.

Best wishes 👍💐👍congratulations sir!!

Congratulations ...and all the best rehman Bhai.

All d best Sir ❤️loads of love

Wishing you all the very best rahman sir😍😍💞

#ellapugazhumiraivanukke All the best AR.Rahman sir

You are great composer sir I was listening to enswasekatre songs fabulous stay blessed

Wonderful !!! All the very best to you ARR. Look forward to watch the same. Congratulations !!! 🙂

Wish you all the best sir !

Happy Tamil New Year, wish you, your family and the whole country. Have a lovely day ahead. God Bless 🙏🙏🙏 everyone Sir

Love from Hyderabad we are waiting for u rahman Sri I'm big big fan of you sir ❣️❣️❣️

Congrats 🎉🎉 for advanced success

Good luck 💗💗 Love from Pakistan💗

Wow! We are so excited about the 99 songs in the single film.You are always great sir.

All the best.. you always give us the best of the best..

Waooooooooo it's Sooooo Great Sir.. Lots of Best wishes

Love this post sir We are eagerly waiting #Welcome_99_Songs

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