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5 days ago

A.R. Rahman

Dear Friends,

This message is to thank the doctors, nurses and all the staff working in hospitals and clinics all around India, for their bravery and selflessness. It fills one’s heart to see how ready they are to deal with this most dreadful pandemic. They risk their lives to save ours.

It’s time to forget our differences and unite against this invisible enemy that has turned the world upside down. It’s time to bring the beauty of humanity and spirituality into action. Help our neighbours, senior citizens, the underprivileged and migrant workers.

God is inside your heart (the most sacred shrine), so this is not the time to cause chaos by congregating in religious places. Listen to the government's advice. Self-isolation for a few weeks may give you many more years. Do not spread the virus and cause harm to fellow humans. This disease does not even warn you that you are a carrier, so don’t assume you are not infected. This is not the time to spread false rumours and cause more anxiety and panic.

Let's be kind and thoughtful, the lives of many millions are in our hands.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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S true... Now the Virus makes believes in oneness of humanity. Apart country, religion boundaries... Some times negatives become n let us know our positive inside good 😍 stay positive to all keep ur inner God awake for ever simply name it love💖💖💖💚💚💚💕💕... 💕💚💚🔊be safe...

We really need to share right information and kindness each other. Be at home for a while.Then we will know the features of this virus and it will be the best way for stop expanding of this virus.This must be really powerful.But if we could be successful for postponing the time to be caught by it,,,then better medical approaches would be find and victims will be less than now for sure.We must share this attitude now at least.And this will be a good opportunity for growing up your compassion to all around you and the people whose have different cultures with you.

Thank you sir in spite of your busy schedule you were kind enough to spare some time on this social issue let us all join hands together to fight out

Thanks to recognise the dedicated Services of medical personnel. It's a biological warfare & they are the front line army team. So help them in every possible way to win this war against HUMANITY.

You're always genius sir and kind through passing your valuable msg with humble love spreading us in time of difficult situation but your words we would keep following the straight path...

Thank you, apt message with the last lines explaining the issue. Most of them haven't understood how it spreads. Could you please also make a video appeal and make it share through what's app. Hope it reaches people across..

What u said is absolutely true.yes we only can do for the hospital staff is to pray for them and their families.

Message is so clear and simple. Prevention is better than cure

Dear Rahman sahab, Good to see this from you but we also expect this type of cooperation from everyone. Whether they are maulvi or maulanas or masjids or markaz. Jai hind. Vande mataram.

Thanking is not enough!!its time to provide adequate funds for ppe and masks for protection against coronavirus in hosp

Yes please stay home stay safe above all keep healthcare workers safe so they can effectively do their job of saving lives.

good one, the fear of the wisdom is a beginning of the success so we should always abide with the rules and regulations an stay at home and we believe with God.

How are you brother.Take care .Thanks for the suport to health care system.Daily we are fighting with micro -organisms of any kind now with highly infectious and fatal disease.So this is the time for people to reflect to keep themselves clean ,further preventive aspect is always better which was once our part of life ,now negligence inviting our ancestors were genius to safeguard the ecosystem and the universe ,just follow thier path with considerable technology without enemity will be enough."ellam pughazum irrsivanukkae."

Well said Sir. Why don't you compose and sing a emotional song brining awareness on the virus.Surely people across the world over would listen and become more aware.

Can't help people filled with negativity. They see some nuisance thing just to satisfy their filthy mindset.However irrespective of timings, the message is important.Decease never discriminate, it comes to all when it is pandemic.If one believe in God, then one should understand God has created every atom of the universe, when he doesn't discriminate then who the hell human being who want to satisfy their filthy mindset.Shame on such people, who are filled with negativity.

So difficult a task -to arraign people /its going against th flow /a kind of experiment with truth' moment /by doing so, we are trying to save the larger canvass or its like an attempt to move people towards achieving bigger common purpose.

Sir I hope your message conveyed, but I will add little bit to it, this is the time to show your kindness and respect to each other by staying at home. Now you may all noticed that if nature get upset it won't see anything religion, caste, rich, poor, physically disabled etc try to be good human being always otherwise no humans will alive on this 🌍. Believe in God love yourself respect others

Sir please donate some money to PM relief fund...ur name is not in that list yet...plz sir 😊

Good sir and contribute some money to the govt as your celebrity and you got benefited from the people and country

ARRs message is as striking as his music. Really these few days of self control will save so many lives.

Dear sir, Thank you for the timely message. It means a lot when highly inspiring and influential personalities like you speak. You are a role model to many youngsters like me. Tonnes of gratitude to have spoken when it mattered the most. Love you .

At least donate something......100 or 1100

It's time to introspect and act wisely... time to change our attitude & take lessons from the Divine forces that appear to be monstrous but are giving us messages that ultimately the Man is so small, so insignificant before the invisible Might

‪Love you ARR. Your music always healing the heart and lifting our spirits. ‬

Thank you A.R. Rahman. You made major to minor transitions so beautiful and have been a huge influence to my musical journey. Hope this song reaches you someday and helps share that gratitude!

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1 week ago

A.R. Rahman

Thank you Bela Shende ji for singing Sai Shirdi Sai! 🙏
Let us all pray and spread positivity in these times.

#saishirdisai #99Songs
... மேலும்மேலும்

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A day without 99 songs album and especially this one is just out of the world thalaivaaa pure divinity it just makes us at peace each time while hearing it ❤️

Thanks to your music, we are and will stay positive. You take care please !

Beautiful Voice , Magical Music and Sai baba's blessings 🌹🌺🌻💐

Nice song rahman sir, thank you very much.

Such a beautiful soothing voice amazing food for soul.

What a beautiful voice! She is truly underrated and under appreciated.

Music always heals! regardless of contry/religion/race! Much needed for this difficult time! Thanks for Sharing! Need more of these vaccine! Stay Safe! Stay Home!


A.R. Rahman Bela Shende what a beautiful song! The entire #99Songs soundtrack is a gem of an album! Thank you...

I just lover the song Mann mohana from Jodha Akbar...

Om Sai 🙏


Sir please release tamil album also... ❤️

Beautiful and spiritual and with love to help us heal and be soothed during this stressful time.

That’s awesome boss... for sharing it now.. You singing the Sai Sai along with Bela Shende is just awesome...this song is in my everyday list along with O Aashiqa, humnava... 99 songs is just rolling our heart during this crucial situation... keeps the heart happy...

Music always heals!! Much needed at this difficult times! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa, It's been a long long time ever since we communicated. Looking forwar.

Surakshya Rijal

Oye... Feku... Say thanks to Media.. otherwise ur voice is REALLY Disgusting

Nice all songs Ar symboling simply ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏Thanks a lot for your Musically Devotional contribution to the world when They needed most Salute to you Sir 💐

Beautiful song from ARR and great voice.

Sorry sir A R Rahman, I wanted to write 'Sufi` but mistakenly wrote 'suri` - I am sorry sir.

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2 weeks ago

A.R. Rahman

There is nothing more important to me than sharing my music with my loyal fans throughout the world. Unfortunately, this is a moment when we should be in our homes with our families. So with the health and welfare of you, my fans, my family and my band, I am postponing the April & May North American tour until next year. At that time we can come together to once again share our music and community. I will be sure to update you over time, and I am praying for everyone’s health and safety. #ARRLive
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Rahman a way, its good for you to take some rest from your busy schedule and spend quality time with your family 💗...stay safe...God bless your family 😍❤🎼🎹🎸🎙. But please don't cancel Chennai concert😉

Dear A.R. Rahman , I hope this Long break from constant tour and concerts will give you time to reflect on the music you have produced the past few years which have been at many time underwhelming. We, the loyal fans , hope you will do some soul searching and return back to your roots as far as your music is concerned . That charm , innocence , freshness has Long been replaced with commercial polished stuff which lacks the heart that we have known AR Rahman for. Please recapture the sweet melodies you charmed us with in the early 90’s that put you on the world map. Those mesmerising tunes from your early Tamil movies which are still evergreen even today and still so refreshing to hear. We want the old AR Rahman back . We don’t want the expensive designer clothes wearing , image conscious , commercial AR Rahman we see today

Ji your Sufi music should be played on soft volume long with our indian classical music for patients in hospital and doctors and nurses as healing .

Great decision sir, hope you, your family and teams stay safe and healthy! Look forward to your concert next year.

Sir Respect!!. As everyone is, I am a die-hard fan of your work. The way you blend in music from various roots and above all the tailoring... touches souls. I was listening to this band ChowRaasta that has fused contemporary music to the folk. Will be waiting to see if God willing a combined work from them with you comes out.

We are also pray for you and your family.. Stay safe brother.. God is with us.

Is the june 5th concert in Dallas also postponed to next year?? Then how does it work for people who already booked the tickets

I am praying for everyone’s Heath and safety #HugeHeart

Great decision, Request: Please have Jodha Akbar album available in Spotify

Yes stay safe sir. Let’s fight it out for good.

Ella pugazhum iraivanukku - sambathikkara paisa illaai - The whole world is worried about corona - and this guy s different

'Loyal Fans' term is quite misleading! 🙄

How about the June concert in Chicago?

Passing our time with your magical music A.R. Rahman Sir.

Thank you Rahman sir ❤ Let’s all pray for the entire world to come out of this disaster & You too stay safe and take care sir 😘

I'm heartbroken to hear this but totally support your decision and understand the importance of doing this for everyone's safety ❤❤❤ Hoping for all this to end soon and waiting for the whole world to start life afresh 🌍 Please stay safe and sending positive vibes to you and your fmly and the whole world 🙏🏽

Lots of love & respect for you. Stay safe Sir, awaiting your next blockbuster...

Also come forward to donate something for the poor and help the nation to fight the virus. We respect u as a musician. You have made us proud worldwide but now is the time to earn love frm the nation... plz set an example for everyone.

During this COVID -19 🎸 🎶 staying home time ! Musician's has more time to create great music . 🎸 Musician 🎵🎸 A . R . Rahman will do the same thing .

Thanking you sir #stay_home... enjoy #arrahman ji sab's music since #roja to #99songs🌹🌹🌹

Arr sir 🥰 ur so much caring abt the world and we will stay safe and stay home .. inshallah... u also tc of urself and ur family sir

Sir I am a big fan of yours and have attended your concerts in Hyderabad. I used to be glued to Doordarshans Spirit of Unity concerts as it played your tunes (credits) when i was a kid. I am only finding bits and pieces on Youtube. I know that it goes more than that. We will be greatful if you can release the entire album. Thanks a lot for being in our lives.

Very good and responsible move sir. Credit is due where it is deserved . I was one of the first to have highlighted that tours should be postponed. I’m Glad sensible decisions have been made. The health of our family and friends are utmost important than music.

Sir plz be safe sir plzzz.. We are already safe with your music.. In home

Yes. Please release the 99 songs in tamil version sir

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2 weeks ago

A.R. Rahman

Coronavirus is serious. It's almost spreading too fast! Stay safe. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Take care Sir ... if you can try to come live with 99songs just musical ... May be it could help people glued to their home.. Positive 144...

U and your family too take care sir.

Stay safe guys. Enjoy a good dose of 99 songs.

Rahman Bhai Thanks for sharing an important message. May Allah bless all the humanity to save from this Virus Aameen

The Bright Side! Nature is healing itself..

If we don't learn the lesson after this experience, then certainly we don't deserve to live!!

Yes it is reality behind the fear. I see corona as gift in disguise

15 million active mobile network users are lost in China. their mobile numbers are off now.

Stay home and listen 99 songs.. Be careful everyone... 🎻🎻🎻🎹🎹🎹

Wow a r rahman shared his post and same which i also like and think that its worth to be shared as much as possible At this moment i memorize a song of ARR i think it was 98 " chanda soraj lakho tarey "

AR Sir, hope you and all your loved ones take care and stay safe during this pandemic. Prayers to you and the world.

Great video !! thanks for this !!everyone should think about it🧐🧐

Thank you so much . Thank you for your concern about Coronavirus & people . We do appreciated . Wish you & your family's safety. ☝️ -------- The World 🌍 full of Pain & during this time of health crisis ! People do need more music to reduce pain . 🎵🎻🌧️

Thank you so much for caring about the planet and the people. You are a legend, I hope our paths cross one day.

Who made corona virus (covid19) nature or human its drastically changed the environment & saved the ecosystem from this human virus i think corona virus is human selfish virus not caring abt the environment & mother nature then this planet Thank u very much corona teaching the good lesson to the humans 😘😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thanks brother... For sharing such helpful information. You take care of yourself.

Anna, how are you & where are you. Please keep us updated. You must be still working even in this period, but please come fb live if you get some time.

The message is clear and beneficial to the entire earth which isn't now healthy.

Yes pollution has drastically decreased.. Climate change is 1000 times bigger threat than corona virus. Corona virus is friend of nature and enemy of human specie. I predicted on day one. Save nature 🌲🌲 🚵‍♀️

E sobtheke boro G***U!!! E byatai sobar age bolechilo mirtality rate naki 0.2%!! Eta hoche normal, khubi normal 1ta flu!!! Etake ke daay re!!?? Seta r eta, dutokei amader pulisher haate chhere deoa hok itihass srishti korar jonno

Take care sir. U and your family to Stay home stay safeYours music is ours happyness

Sir exactly... this should we do.. we need a strong system.. where every non pollutive measure can be taken

Rahman sir plss stay safeee... 😍😍😍 Waiting for you to come online and interact with you...

Avoiding vehicles and using bicycles will bring a big change to our environment and our health too... But this one small step is very difficult to take as it is indirectly connected to our work culture... Compared to life threat these difficulties are very negligible... Hope we all learn quickly.

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2 weeks ago

A.R. Rahman
1million streams ....listen, chill and destress! ⁦
Gaana Sony Music India
⁩ #99songsthemovie

1million streams ....listen, chill and destress! ⁦
Gaana Sony Music India
... மேலும்மேலும்

Comment on Facebook

It deserves 100M sir... What an awesome work... Absolutely great... A gem of an album from a gem. One of your top-notch work... From ROJA to 99 SONGS only love and creativity... You just proved that you are the emperor of music.. 28 years of musical extravaganza, hit after hit and then hit after hit and continues... ... but still fresh like a morning breeze, Honest like an infant smile... Long live ARR sir.... Music is blessed to have ARR as a musician....

One of the best album 😍 We have devotional, rock, pop, jazz, rap, punjabi, lullaby, classical ,what not complete album 😍

#Rahman sir, 14 songs are very well, what a feel every songs.. dear #ARRahman sir how can make like this.? That's known as musical genius💖💖💖

Masterpiece songs sir.. love you ❤️❤️

This number will increase even more because the music maestro AR Rahman is here.

Waiting for Tamil version of 99 songs album please release soon sir🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊

Inspiring ❤️

This album brings back the you signature, your style..... This is a great great album. Hope this music spreads and this sound stays longer.

I can't stop listening to the 99 Songs album. Each and every track is unique. Thanks so much for this gift!! Brilliant masterpiece!

#99songs on loop... pure bliss 🎶🎵 love you so much sir 😘❤


ARR Sir, this is the greatest album in years to arrive, on repeat mode since yesterday 😊

Sir, when will you release this on on iTunes?

Waiting for Telugu version of 99 Songs


Why I cannot find it on Amazon? :-((((((((



Pray for the world from Corona effects... If we alive, will liten the song. Lets spread do and dont about Corona and Fight against it.



Each Song master piece

When you don't understand the lyrics, then the voice becomes another instrumental element in the song. #99songs #soultouchingsoundtracks


Classy albums like this shouldn't be judged based on the number of views or streams. People discover its greatness slowly since their brains have reached a point of retardation with the mainstream music that's all about outside charm and nothing inside.

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