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4 days ago

A.R. Rahman
#99SongsTheMovie Announcement!YM Movies  JioCinema Jio Studios Ideal Entertainment  #99Songs

#99SongsTheMovie Announcement!

YM Movies JioCinema Jio Studios Ideal Entertainment #99Songs
... மேலும்மேலும்

Comment on Facebook Sir Sorry I din’t know how to share it to you privately. So, I’m posting it here.Please do check in the video in the above link. This is really inspiring & amazing talent.

Rahman Sir please atleast release the Soundtrack of your Dream Project...we can't wait anymore....#ARR_LEGEND ❤

Rahman sir we will wait for any day 😍

Still waiting for tital track and all song's of #99songs

People will lose interest if the movie release date is keep on postponing. At least the pomo songs should be released to keep the interest alive. Eagerly waiting for the songs release. All the best.

दिल हमारा तोडकर के जाने क्या उनको मिला ! बदले मेरे प्यार का मुझको दिया अच्छा सिला !! हमने हँस कर के कहा था तुम हमारा नूर हो ! बदले में उसने कहा कि तुम बहुत मगरूर हो ! फिर भी मेरी चाहतों का जारी है ये सिलसिला !! मेरी खुशियॉ भी मिले उनको न कोई गम मिले ! उनके जीवन मे सदा खुशियों के गुलदस्ते खिले ! बेवफाई का ये आलम जाने क्यों हमको मिला !! हमने तो हरदम सजाई फूलों से उनकी डगर ! कॉटे भी हमको चुभे पर खुश ही रहते थे मगर ! उनको रेशम वाला हमको कॉटो का बिस्तर मिला !! हमने तो मासूम समझा लेकिन वो चालाक थे ! उनके लिये मँसूबे मेरे हरदम से ही पाक थे ! क्या करें बेगाने भी जब अपनो से ही गम मिला !! बदले मेरे प्यार का मुझको दिया अच्छा सिला !!

Keep U turning ... Two thumbs down ...

I believe #99songs going to be a new experience for India and the world. All the very best..

It would be nice if you could stick to June 21st as a release date to commemorate World's Music day!

Its my b day Rahman sir 21st june

Sir take time but make it large.

MashaAllah... Lao.saw you performing Umrah

But plz don't delay the release date A.R.Rahman sir.I can't wait anymore for the soundtracks of 99 songs😍❤️

Diamond...take time to exist ini nature..the later the better..compilation. time is everything..

Like his faith, but he went bit far !! Feeling sorry for that decision 99 is Asma ul husna , people thought that it might be his creative title...

All the best for the movie Sir

its movie name 99songs or 99 songs in movie

A baby call dreamer evry freedom game

May blessing of Allah with you Allaha Rakha Rahman Bhai

Dear sir we are eagerly waiting so much 😘💖💝

Congrats rehman sar god bless you

Dear sir i m rehthem player from delhi plz give me 1 chance this is my laast wish b4 die my name is mahesh kalet 9711220491

Waiting very badly Sir..!

Super sir and we are waiting for the usually prime surprise ....always we are love u sir🤗🤗🤗

Be the first & Be the best Congratulations sir❤❤❤

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2 weeks ago

A.R. Rahman

Scoring #99songsthemovie ... மேலும்மேலும்

Comment on Facebook

Love this AR ji ❤️ wishing you and your family a blessed Eid Mubarak.

I’m blessed to have been to this special room! Beautiful opening sequence.

Wow amazing, Eid Mubarak

Remarkable amazing super and unique.Proud of you Remhan sir

Awesome and amazing music which is inspired to all sir

Awesome, and excellent studio sri

Hi sir all the best I think it's going to be a great hit your taking the music to the next level love and prayers.

Excellent, Happy EID Murarak wishe...

Wish you Happy Ramzan Greetings sir...

Indeed a Holy Gift to all of us before the Holy Festival...🙏May Almighty Bless You...

Great sirI loved in live instruments record studio

Iam the fan of AR Brother Happy EID Mubarak You and Your Family.

You music always caress the Soul... Thank you...

Aapko mere gane thik nahi lage kya msg aa jaye to achchha lagega 9552571570 aur dekhna hai to Rampratap Singh ke nagame dekhiye fir respons dijiye

تمام مسلمانوں کو عید مبارک. آپ سب سے گزارش ہے ک عید پہ تھوڑی دیر اپنے قریبی یا ایدھی سینٹر ان والدین اور بزرگ سے ضرور ملیں جن کے بچے ان کو اس عمر میں تنہا چھوڑ کے اپنی مستی میں گم ہیں. آپ کا تھوڑا سا وقت ان کے اداس چہرے پہ مسکراہٹ لاسکتا ہے. شکریہ

Love every note you strike ♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️

Today Eid ul fiter at Saudi ..I'm in Mecca ... Eid Salaah at Mecca haramain very near Kabba ,, Alhamdullah Sha Allah ,, you always succeeded in your Long journey ... Allah blessing ... In Sha Allah brother ...

Looking forward to this one, as I have been for the past 27 years 😊👍.

Happy Eid Mubarak to all ARR fanz

ഒന്നുറപ്പിച്ചോ... ഇതൊരു ഒന്നൊന്നര മ്യൂസിക്കൽ എക്സ്പീരിയൻസ് ആയിരിക്കും... Dear Rahmaniacs.. Please Upgrade your Ears and Mind... this is gonnaa beyond our imagination.. Musically thalaivARR 🌹

Thalaivaaa please release the songs excitement overloading 😍❤😘

I’m Dominican and love your music! Got my Cuban brother in law to listen and he also is a big fan.

Sounds like Mayakkam enna bgm Sir....

Advance EID MUBARAK wishes AR!

AR saab ,Eidd mubarak to u all in family friends relatives staff well wishers,

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2 months ago

A.R. Rahman

🌹🙏👍#BombayDreamsBroadway15Yrs ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Great....I love the album

Nice words....

Awesome guys

Very nice sir 👍👍

You are great sir

Great moment

Was lucky to see Bombay Dreams in London West End years ago ! Love the piano .... hope to visit your music academy/ conservatory someday !

Wish I happy birthday

Watch this beautiful song

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Sir ji mere likhe gane k bare me bhi kuchh msg. dete to hame aur bhi achchha lagta

Rahman sir vry smart

Love you legend.

Assalamu alikum. Happy advanced Ramzan vallthukal. Please sorry to say I need urgent help sir please. I try some time not reached sir. Ple help urgent need. My no8220139305.

Love you legend ❤️❤️❤️

Where is Andrew Loyd Weber sir?

Hi sir u r incredible.

Sir you are rocking

Namaskara sir Film Director Muniraju M A D F Tech Kannada Film s

Love you rahman sir...

Super nice pic sir

Yummy food stamps and Medicaid card and the kids are going through my head hurts and I'm not going anywhere else but you don't have to be there in a few weeks ago and it is work so hard and I don't know what to do that to you and you can get the 💰 I don't have any money on me and my mom is going to be a good day at work and I don't know what to do it again and I

Ronaldo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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2 months ago

A.R. Rahman
Its the semi-finale of #TheVoice! Tune in at 8:30 PM and catch Ehan Bhat and I, only on StarPlus #99SongsJio Studios Official  JioCinema IDeal Entertainment

It's the semi-finale of #TheVoice! Tune in at 8:30 PM and catch Ehan Bhat and I, only on StarPlus #99Songs

Jio Studios Official JioCinema IDeal Entertainment
... மேலும்மேலும்

Comment on Facebook

Very beautiful sir

Very nice sir

Very nice Sir

Hi sir. , Very precious to me..

Very nice sir

God bless you sir

❤❤very nice pic

Great fan of a.r.rehman👍

you should have stayed dilip kumar

Warm wishes....

Rehan bhai I am your great fan

Too much excited #AR_Rahman sir ♥️♥️♥️♥️

#Ma_Shaa_Allah Congratulations Bhaiya ... Please share the link its possible!

All the best

Wowooo A. R. RAHMAN Wish you the best off luck

Thanks A. R Rahman taking charge - to give 🎶 music next generation ! We can dream for 🎶 musical 🌎 World -- also Kid's play music Instruments - they're good with Math & it's a therapy for ❤ heart & good for Brain memory ! India & Bangladesh should be taken steps immediately to make 🎶 music Subjects through Elementary Class. ! & make it available those are talented but can't afford to take private lessons ! Also it will be convenient for Students -- Where everyday they will have music class ! I'm going to post about this soon ! All my honor goes to your 🎶 music talent ! that's -- Only thing ! We can give to you Musician ---" Uporoala's Dan -- Apko Geet & Jindhegi ---Maino to Doea korte hey --- Aup zeo hajar Shal -- Amen ! 🎶 🎻 🎸

Very nice A R Rahman ji

God at work 🙇‍♀️ Can’t wait to hear it:)

God is always protect you sir...#im happy to see your successful post everytime...❤

Charan Sparsh Sir.. Need ur blessings

Sir ji mere likhe gane k bare me bhi kuchh msg. dete to hame aur bhi achchha lagta 9552571570

We respect to you sir

Your big fan sir ..

Is there any music for Hong Kong movie's

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2 months ago

A.R. Rahman
Introducing the talented Ehan Bhat who marks his debut as the lead of #99Songs. I hope you will shower him with as much love as I have received from you.
Releasing worldwide in Hindi, Telugu & Tamil on 21st June 2019. 🌹🔥YM Movies Jio Studios JioCinema Ideal Entertainment

Introducing the talented Ehan Bhat who marks his debut as the lead of #99Songs. I hope you will shower him with as much love as I have received from you.
Releasing worldwide in Hindi, Telugu & Tamil on 21st June 2019. 🌹🔥

YM Movies Jio Studios JioCinema Ideal Entertainment
... மேலும்மேலும்

Comment on Facebook

Rahmanji --- We respect you Legend music sounds similar to yours, so pleasing and heart touching

Wishing our dearest sir and the Whole team of 99 songs A very all the best.. Can't wait for its soundtrack thalaivaaa 😍😍

Is he a singer or actor ?he is bestowed with good looks !!All the very best !👍🏻👍🏻

Fair skin, pretty face. Thanks Bollywood and AR Rahman for continuing the prejudice.

ददँ दिल मे कोई अब न होगा चोट पहले से खाये हुये हैं ! गैरो से कोई शिकवा नही है अपनो के हम सता़े हुए हैं ! फूल तोडे सभी ने चमन से उस चमन को था मैने सींचा ! कॉंटों का दोष कोई नही है फूल कॉंटों मे आए बुए हैं ! लोगों ने बीज नफरत का बोया प्यार से मैने उसको सँंवारा ! बेवफाई नही हमने सीखीधोखे के हम सताए हुए हैं ! मंजिले गर मिलेगी न हमको ये जमाना भी हमपर हँंसेगा ! हमसफर न मिले रास्ते मे क्यों कि कॉंटे बिछाये हुए हैं ! रहमान जी ए गाना मेरा लिखा है

Ar rehman sr im pakistsn muje allha ne wo awaz di ha jo mohmmad rafi ko di thi plese cont me 03476286643

Asay bche peshawar ma kidnap hojate hain phir lash mlti ha

இதுவரை உங்கள் இசையில் அதிகமாக பாடியது மார்வாடிகளும்,மலையாளியும்,தான் இனியாவது கொஞ்சம் தமிழர்களுக்கு வாய்ப்பு கொடுங்கள்...இந்த கமெனட்டை வாசித்துவிட்டு நிறைய நடுநிலை நக்கிகள் இசைக்கு மொழி இல்லைன்னு ரீப்ளே பண்ணுவானுங்க.

வாழ்த்துக்கள்! வாழ்கவளமுடன்! இறை அருளால் நலமோடும் வளமோடும் நீண்ட ஆயூளுடன வாழ்க வாழ்க பல்லாண்டு!! தமிழ்மணிகிருட்டிணன் சென்னை−83

He looks like salman khan´s son haha

He looks like Salman Khan... I doubt his real father is Salman only 😁😁😁😁... Aaj the best for ur debut👍👍👍👍

When are you releasing the music ! Expecting asap!

He can easily pass off as an actor too for his great looks.

He look like young salman khan when he came in industry.

Congratulations...... When will release the tracks..? Iam waiting .....eagerly....😻😻

who's son is ehaan bhat?Any relative of Mahesh Bhatt

On Screen Spiritual Magnetism Guy!

Just love the way you support new talents. Big Fan 💡

Congrats & All The Very Best to All Team💐💐

Underweight version of younger salman khan 🤔

Anyways all the best ehaan

All the best wishes for the entire team.

He is Kashmiri i guess...i can understand your sympathy towards him

That is not possible to shower same amount of love to him which we have given to you. You are a living legend and love for you is on another level.

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