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22 hours ago

Cartoon Network

A cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do 😼😂⁣#caturday ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Hi, Cartoon Network, How are you? I'm a brazilian autist fan of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, my question is: if there is possibility of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes returning in CN for a fourth season and series revival after series cancellation? (tradução brasileira: Oi, Cartoon Network, Tudo bem? Eu sou um fã autista brasileiro de OK K.O.! Vamos ser Heróis, minha pergunta é se há possibilidade de OK K.O.! Vamos ser Heróis retornar para CN para um revival da série e uma quarta temporada depois do cancelamento da série?)

Moura Fortes 😲😲🌏🌅💎✨🌀🌠CN 2020

Cant believe CN has sunk so low as to call THIS content...

This is still a thing?

Chowder was funnier

I'm just glad the CEO of CN christina miller step down and is gone for GOOD! i can't be the only one that's glad 😂👏😂


Can we bring back Cow & Chicken, 2 Stupid Dogs, Dexter's Lab. etc ?



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2 days ago

Cartoon Network
The sound of Tulip’s journey is available NOW! ♾🚃 Download and stream the #InfinityTrain Book 1 soundtrack composed by Chrome Canyon and Owen Dennis!Amazon:
Spotify: available on most music platforms!

The sound of Tulip’s journey is available NOW! ♾🚃 Download and stream the #InfinityTrain Book 1 soundtrack composed by Chrome Canyon and Owen Dennis!


Also available on most music platforms!
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I’d love a physical soundtrack, but this is great too

Please put it out on CD. Really want a physical version.

So does this include Word Up by Cameo and Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne?

Happy Christmas

It will be in a few car

It will be a family old family

Is it on Soundcloud too?

Not on Apple Music?? 😓

That’s not teen titans go. Get it out of here

Is it also on CD?

Katy Maurer

Bruno Teodoro

Ben 10

Word up

Word up?!

Allan Emanuel

Pasen karmaland 😤👌😈


the end is the better thing that i"ve seen

Rising care of Ben10

Im finn the dog

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2 days ago

Cartoon Network

Don’t ya just love little siblings?! 😂 Watch more Craig of the Creek shorts here! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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i love it! pizza pan, awesome name for a pizza place, and burger queen is also awesome

That's my favorite minisode ❤

I thought of Peter pan like a Peter Pan pizza place

Pizza Pan.... like Pan Pizza?

Been there



Shaun Mitchell 😂😂😂😂😂

Only if us younger siblings could extort are older brother/sister.

Hopefully with the new president we can get rid of all these tumblr shows

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2 days ago

Cartoon Network

... மேலும்மேலும்

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Super saiyajin god steven? Not clickbait?

I can't wait! Hopefully cheeseburger backpack makes a cameo appearance!

I have a feeling Steven himself is the final villain, and Steven will have to beat his demons once and for all.

I'm so excited my blatter might explode

The most epic tiny jump.

Who gave steven the pink lemonade how he on a sugar rush of smack down.

When you don't want to take the stairs yet can't quite make the second story porch.

Excited but when we getting season 5 on hulu

When is it on in the uk? Xx

What is the healing of the channel and on any sample


He went Super sayan

Steven is angry! Take cover!

Que a nadie quiere

it won't play every where

KaLee Blair

Bruno Teodoro

Let tomorrow be here already 😭!!

I really WANT to see this Movie SO BADLY

Morgan Fernandez

This is too for Latin America ??


Locklen Grimsey

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3 days ago

Cartoon Network

It's International Ninja Day and YOU can play as one in the new Ninjago Path of Spinjitzu game! ⚔️💥

Play on CN Arcade app 👉
... மேலும்மேலும்

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If it was international Ninja day i would really be a New ninja to their Ninjago team.

Antes era de Disney XD

pasen karmaland en cartoon network

Anything for cn

Did that lose your six pack!?

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4 days ago

Cartoon Network

... மேலும்மேலும்

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I'm unfortunately going to miss the premiere. Will the episodes be on Cartoon Network's website after they air, or will it be a while?

Is Future going to be longer episodes, making this two back-to-back episodes, or is this going to be four regular length episodes back-to-back?

I really like this show but I kind of wish they would of left the ending as it was now I feel they're gonna try to top the previous episodes

I'm so sad I'll be working when this premiers luckily I'm recording it

Wow, I didn’t realize this was so soon!

Cartoon makers should also make disabled cartoon characters so our kids grow up to love and understand the disabled🌟❤😉

I have to study for the university Welp, the important first(Steven universe future of course)

¿por qué no les gustan los mexicanismos?

Could someone help me with a time and that for the Canadian Cartoon Network show time? I tried looking on the TV guide but it’s not listed 😞 I’m with the tv company Shaw

-peridot’s voice- Steven universe future

Estoy seguro de que pasará algo malo por Rose/Pink :v

1. Little Home School 2. Guidance 3. Rose Buds 4. Volleyball

When is it available in the UK

I am soooo curious about Pink Pearl. What happened to her and where her head is at... oh I can’t wait.

Went ahead and preordered the series on PSN

Fletcher Pines Shane Tupman OMG it’s so soon. We have been blessed 😭💕


pink diamond is the bad guy

Oh snap! Adam

Jacob sooo bnha and su marathon when you get here

Can’t wait


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6 days ago

Cartoon Network

... மேலும்மேலும்

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Hit me with those Lego discount emails.*crickets*(Actually it was same decent deals they had off and on the past couple months.)

E muito ilario quando eu vi pela primeira fez já parecia muito engraçado

This was me yesterday with my emails 😂😂 it was pretty dang annoying lol.

Que episódio é esse?







His laugh 😂


Jin Woo

Recuerdo ese capitulo😂




Chris Marie Christine

Joao Victor

Dakota Lopez 🤣

Alejandra así tal cual

load of emails on my phone.

Yo en el work Jorge

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7 days ago

Cartoon Network
Up to 60% on select items in the CN shop tomorrow! 🛍️💸  #CyberMonday is our new favorite holiday! Ends 12/3 at 11:59pm PST.

Up to 60% on select items in the CN shop tomorrow! 🛍️💸 #CyberMonday is our new favorite holiday! Ends 12/3 at 11:59pm PST. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Sold out of Bear plushies 😑

Waiting for Infinity Train merch. Maybe a plush of One One or a Funko of Tulip

Needs more SU Blu-ray sets!

the grocery tote...

I wish i could have that t-shirt for my birthday🙁

Well, I'm sure glad I saw this the day AFTER as a sponsored ad...

Lo malo es que estan en EE.UU y yo estoy en México

yes very nice

Do they ship to Europe?

Como consigo la chaqueta de steven universe la película

Kyra Hinners

KaLee Blair

Abby Sea Grass Roberson

Kelli Marie Hahn

Why is there no tote life tote? 🤔

Spinel pillow❤️

Daniel Trevino

Lizzie Penman

Jim West

Lena Alvarez!!!!!!! All the Steven merch!!!

Samantha Oviedo that pillow

Brandi Crandall Moebius pillow for Christmas?

Zaylon Cunningham look at the cases

TV paga cartoon network Netflix

Marc Couchot TOTE

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1 week ago

Cartoon Network

Gus gives 0 hecks 😼🐾🥧💥 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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"My neighbor's cat climbed in the open window and knocked over my Homework."Nobody:Teachers: " I... I actually believe you. You have one week extension."

So calling a Craig of the creek holiday special next month

i forgot my homework at home in the washroom teacher: aww great extension :Lp

This episode was absolutely hilarious. Gus reminds me of Cotton our neighborhood white cat that comes to visit us. Mao 😸


Did they really not think to try and catch it, or shoo away the cat?

That cat is a demon. I'm calling it right now

Meow! meow mao mrow meow. Jajajajaja Abelino jajajaja

Sage Oliver

Paloma M. Guillen

Gabriele Roque

Gus is bad

Jasper Peralta

I like this Channel

Anna Gentz

Angela María Flórez Serrano

Marco Diaz


Bwesit! Hahaha. Hanna Xianelle Belo Sentina Xenia Sentina Maxinne Sentina

Amanda Holloway Sloan Holloway Anthony Holloway

Laura Cadenas

Emma Goffena what😂😂

Bad Kitty!

Jorge Lozada Paula Rivera Yawi Chaves

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1 week ago

Cartoon Network

Across the land, across the sea, together our hearts will always be 💖✨🤗Zatana’s sweet story has us melting!

Watch NEW DC Super Hero Girls Saturday 11/30 at 10am on Cartoon Network and STREAM on the CN App 👉
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Such a cute there relationship!🤗🤗🤗

They actually referenced Zatanna's father, the great magician Zatara? Huh. Didn't realize how much dedication this series showed for the source material

I'Love you so much

This is so cute ❤️

Is that Twilight Sparkle?

She's so cute!

Dylan Pidgeon

My kids have me all toons in ❤

When this aired;

And then suddenly Infinite Crisis boom!


Gustavo Guillen

Cartoon Network has reached an all time low I'm ashamed


Giovanni Zatara. Trained a young Bruce Wayne in how to escape traps and create illusions.

Wow great story.

I saw to much anime to know how this will end.

The funny thing is bizzaro is like ten times better than zatanna at backwards talk magic. Don’t ask me how just read the first issue of bizzaro.

This shouldn’t be on Cartoon Network the artwork is something you see in some circles

Want to see more of DC Super Hero Girls. Enter to the oficial channel for more content of the serie

Zatana is so cute

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1 week ago

Cartoon Network

Friday mood | (• ◡ •) | (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) 🎨: pixlpit/tumblr ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Robin does some amazing art work and animation!

Shake it, dancing bug!

Wow. I really dig this style. More please.

Love it

This picture is amazing, and so true

Cute fin

I wish this was a phone wallpaper

¿por qué no les gustan los mexicanismos? 🙁

I remember this show ❤❤❤


It's so cute



I hate this show

Alix Neale

Ethan Roberson

| (•‿•) | (◕ᴥ◕) |

Samantha Moiles

( ^ _ ^ )

Raúl Rcv

William Fraporti. La chakalita y tú Melissa Pereira


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1 week ago

Cartoon Network

Learn how to map the creek with your favorite explorer, Craig! 🗺🏕

Watch more Craig of the Creek shorts here!
... மேலும்மேலும்

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So glad because there are minisodes from craig of the creek ❤

Such awesome animation ♥️

“Step Into The Unknown” I think they knew Frozen 2 existed

Abby Sea Grass Roberson

افضل قناة لالعاب السيارات 2020

I got rid of cable 2 1/2 yrs ago and don't have the cartoon network.I've selected not to see this ad and yet it still keeps popping up.Please stop


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1 week ago

Cartoon Network
Can you spot all 7 things that are wrong in our turkey dinner drawing? 🦃🍂🍽 #HappyThanksgiving

Can you spot all 7 things that are wrong in our turkey dinner drawing? 🦃🍂🍽 #happythanksgiving ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Amethyst is trying to cut the turkey with a screwdriver, Atticus doesn't have any water, Finn is about to drink out of a vial, there's a spider on BB's cupcake, the picture of Jake is upside down, there's a shoe in the bread basket, and there's only one tie for the curtains

I’m gonna be that guy, and say “nothing” because beautiful.

1 Amethyst has a screw driver 2 There’s a beaker instead of a glass 3 Jakes Photo is upside down 4 There’s bread that’s a shoe 5 There’s a spider on the cupcake 6 There’s only one string holding the curtain but both are back I’m not sure on the 7th one though

An apple in the fruit bowl in front of apple, upside down jake, the screwdriver to cut the turkey, spider topping on beastie's cup cake, a shoe on the bread bowl, the dog king from infinity train has an empty glass, the chemical vile on the table and the curtain is only ties on one side yet both sides are opened

When I was a kid I always loved watching my favorite cartoon characters coming together for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas in these crossover cameos. This really takes me back. Stuff like this makes me happy for kids today 🙂Some things never change

Beth from total drama drama and Charlene from Victor and valentino should be in this pic. Puppycorn should also be here too instead of apple and amethyst. That's what I find wrong with this pic

It looks like Finn the Human is reaching for a shoe in the bread bowl.

1. Beast Boy was invited even though he’s a despicable person 2. Apple is eating his own kind 3. Finn is drinking out of one of Princess Bubblegums beakers 4. Amethyst is carving the turkey with a screwdriver 5. Atticus isn’t boring everyone with “The Ballad of Mustard and Stink-butt” 6. There’s a shoe in the bread basket 7. Clarence, KO, and Mordecai weren’t invited

Chaussure dans le pain, rideaux denoués , tournevis d'amethiste, verre de finn, cadre retourné de jake, araignée sur cupcake, il manque une moustache à gumball

Yes. Andventure Times and Gumball should get back on air, thats whats wrong.

Amethyst would have eaten everything by now...

1. Finn's water glass is a beaker. But he's mathematical, so I'm not sure if that's really wrong per se? 2. Dog King's glass is empty. Again, he could just need a refill. This might not be "wrong"... 3. There's a shoe in the bread bowl. While I'm not disputing a shoe at the table (because there's a number of guests here who would absolutely eat a shoe) this is definitely wrong for being served with the bread. 4. Beast Boy's cupcake has a spider on it. This is definitely wrong because he's canonically vegetarian. 5. Amethyst is holding a screwdriver at the Turkey, which is the wrong tool. But... I again question if she herself, eater of empty cans and fermented garbage, would agree with that. 6. Jake's portrait is seemingly upside down. Thhhooouuugghhh... he has stretchy powers, and we cant see the whole photo - so who's to say that the photo isnt right side up, and he's not stretching in some wacky way? 7. The curtains are only tied up on one side, despite both being held back. Even if the ties are purely decorative, one must have fallen. I'm more confident this is incorrect.All said, I'm really only confident 3/7 of the inconsistencies I found were wrong. Cartoons are fun and wacky and subvert expectation. Have fun and love who you're with, be respectful and dont let dead people peer pressure you to do things you don't want.

Well for one, I see Apple and Onion characters. Those shouldn't be there


1- missing KO 2- missing Rad 3 - missing enid 4- missing any OKKO character 5- You canceled OKKO 6- Too much of TTG 7- Ok ko?!

The thing is I feel like amythest would eat a turkey with a screwdriver if she felt like it. Because that’s just amythest.

Apple is in the photo. Seven mistakes in one.

Que falta pumpkin de SU en el plato xd, a menos que se pudriera entre CYM y SUM :v

No Johnny Bravo, no Dexter, no Robot Jones, no Wirt and Greg, no Lazlo, no Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and no Powerpuff Girls.

Why does Amethyst have a screwdriver in her hand? lol

The only thing wrong is their best friends arent here with them.

the biggest mistake is to release the Steven Universe game as an Apple exclusive

Trust me, there's more than 7 things that are wrong with it

Apple in Bowl of Fruits and at the bottom right FREAKIN APPLE

Only 4 cupcakes? 🤣 what the heck?

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2 weeks ago

Cartoon Network
Write Beast Boy a letter telling him what you love about the holidays and he might read it on TV! 📃✍️🎅🎁 Tune in to Cartoon Network at 6p EVERY DAY in December to see if your letter made it!📪 Send letters to Cartoon Network:
1050 Techwood Drive NW
1000 Bldg Exe 0307a
Atlanta GA, 30318

Write Beast Boy a letter telling him what you love about the holidays and he might read it on TV! 📃✍️🎅🎁 Tune in to Cartoon Network at 6p EVERY DAY in December to see if your letter made it!

📪 Send letters to Cartoon Network:
1050 Techwood Drive NW
1000 Bldg Exe 0307a
Atlanta GA, 30318
... மேலும்மேலும்

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i think this might be one of the best ideas i've seen cartoon network do yet 🙂 i'll be making sure to have my little cousins send in their letters to beast boy

I wish that Beast boy to get married to Raven and Robern could marry Starfire

Bring back the Cohen Era of CN starting after 1996. Those were your PRIME years!!! Johnny bravo, Cow and Chicken, Courage, and most importantly, Ed,Edd,n Eddy

I want a Beast Boy on the shelf! I’ll put him in place of my elf on the shelf!

"All hail the jolly fatman. The kids are so excited to see santa"....😆

What I want to know is how to get that adorable Christmas beast boy

I will write a letter that saids, please beast boy i hope someday , cartoon network let me create an animated series for them, oh and don’t forget Raven is better than Terra

My little sister loves this show! We will definitely writing a letter!

My favorite part of the holidays is watching Christmas specials, films, and animated short subjects

The cartoon network I have (CNHD+) hasn't even showed the new episodes yet😥 Can you please give south Asia an original cartoon network channel.

What I love about the holidays is that I get to give presents 🎁 AND receive them!

Beast boy love Terra the most 🐩🦄

Can I have this instead of that creepy Elf on a shelf?!

Adorable, my wish is to bring back old cartoonetwork

My Christmas wish is for teen titans go to be canceled!

Man I'd love to do that..

I love Holidays because there's no classes😅

Where can we buy a beast boy on the shelf?!?

I buy him some thing special for

I want that plush!!

How do you know if your child's letter has been read? We're not always home at 6pm.

Can my daughter send a letter in Spanish? We are from Chile 😉

Pass. Unless they bring back Slade in a non-comedic episode.

I love Beast Boyy <3

Decearia que los jóvenes titanes en acción go que estuvieran más tiempo por qué soy fan de chico bestya 💚💚💚

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2 weeks ago

Cartoon Network

Let's get to work, Gems! ✨💪💎 Unleash the Light and help the Crystal Gems defend the universe against new Light Prisms!

Download and play Steven Universe: Unleash the Light NOW on #AppleArcade 👉 #ad
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Hopefully it will be released else where and for other than apple devices

I guess Save the Light didn't do that well. That's unfortunate

still waiting for the promised DLC to Save the Light...

A PYROPE!!!! I’ve been waiting AGES TO SEE A PYROPE!!! 😍😍😍😍

Too all asking or saying "What about Save the Light DLC?" It will not happen because it didn't sell well enough. Sorry to say

Fun fact, both of those gems are of the garnet family.

Can we also make this purchase able like Attack the Light?

Pls oh plss, on ps4 or nintendo switch or PC🤤🤤🤤, i'll buy it, i love the first 2 games especially the 2nd one

Ahh spoiler I haven’t found pyrope and demantoid yet😂

I was so hoping it would be for the switch

@ me when the switch version arrives!

Whyyyyy? Why this game is available only on iOS? I want to play it so much, but not on iPhone

This is just like that one episode of black mirror

Yooooo bring this to consoles PLEASE!

But are we ever gonna get Save The Light DLC?

And for some reason not on android

Aw geez, here we go again buying another one lmfaooo

Super paper Steven universe

Is It going to be avaible for Android?

In other news, Christina Miller is stepping down as Cartoon Network President/CEO. Hopefully, some good changes are on the horizon.

i need this on computer

why only on Apple though???


Where spinel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyra Hinners

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2 weeks ago

Cartoon Network

... மேலும்மேலும்

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I miss Gumball...

I can only imagine gum ball making one of those weird heavily detailed faces that the creators give him under that chicken while doing that dance lol

Gumball l love you and miss you even if you are naught

رأس غامبول دجاجة 😂😏😁

Tv paga cartoon network Netflix

Needed more Gumball and Penny episodes

Shreya Sawant

Grace Zellich

Kyra Hinners

Its Friends Reference

jajajja gumball como siempre enamorando a penny

Rabia Aqil

Sâmia Tamires


Mano Hemily ksj <3

Patty da Rosa, saca a referência

Gaby Espinosa best crossover ever

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2 weeks ago

Cartoon Network

Tulip met some pretty interesting characters on the train...♾🚃 Find out the importance of each one by watching Book 1 UNLOCKED in the CN App for the rest of 2019! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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I don’t care Cartoon Network I wanna be alone I don’t wanna be mean or anything but I think I don’t know what your talking about at all fool

Infinity train is a animated science fiction fantasy comedy drama with good story & good animation show.🚈🌌📺

Cartoon network Moura Fortes crossover nexos 😮😮😱😱❤💖👏👏👍2020

And still no sign of the elusive Engineer

mirror tulip 😀

Where is Urdu version cartoon network?

Espero que vuelva a aparecer Atticus, era el mejor personaje jajaja xd

Sad One kinda sounds like Alan Rickman

Tiffany Bucknor

Moura Fortes 😞😞😮😮

level 2635

Ben 10 tv kro

Vii'h Santana ai amor o que eu disse a você que eu ia começar a acompanhar Trem Infinito :3

Tren infinito


And also

So, where is Amelía?

Cartoom pleas

we want anime back in CN

Why not on

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2 weeks ago

Cartoon Network

It wouldn't be a game without stakes...♾🚃⁣ ... மேலும்மேலும்

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This will definitely fill the void that Adventure Time, and Steven Universe will leave behind! I can see this show going for awhile.

Infinity Train is back and MT (Mirror Tulip) is the closest to ever having Tulip return to the show since her story has already finished. Let's hope this doesn't take more than a year later to premiere.

10/10 for Siouxsie! And the trailer looks awesome.

YES!! Book Two is coming! Plus, I hear Siouxsie and the Banshees!

I am so beyond excited. Like words cannot explain my hype for my infinity train.

It's an anthology series. You're gonna get a different set of characters every season.

i wasnt expecting her to come back as a full on companion, rather then a 1-off

Neither have I, it looks like it shows the continued adventures of a previous chapter and this time a centered around a new chracter. Looks like it’s an anthology series of sorts

Oh I was not expecting this to come put for another year or two. The staff and crew really working hard

This was a great angle to cover. The mirror world was so interesting.

I can't wait to see book two of this epic mini series on Cartoon Network because when I saw it, it looks like something from either a comic book or a picture book

Please, Cartoon Network renew OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes for one more season or make a OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Christmas special with Ian Jones-Quartey on development the story!! (tradução brasileira: Por favor, o Cartoon Network renova o OK K.O.! Vamos ser Heróis por mais uma temporada ou faça um Especial de Natal de OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes com Ian Jones-Quartey no desenvolvimento da história!!)

This looks amazing!

I wonder if this show's creator read the "Broken Earth" books?

Will season one be streamable anywhere? I missed some and want to start from the beginning?

two things: I gotta say i kinda like this. second: this dude looks like the low budget of Kevin from steven universe.

Where can i watch the BOOK 1.. I love the theme and story line of this CARTOON.. 😭😢 Please help me...

Lastima que no esta tulip pero lo bueno que está su reflejo (aunque esperaba su cabello corto) pero no importa ya tenemos segunda temporada...Too bad this tulip but the good thing is its reflection (although I expected her short hair) but it does not matter we already have second season ...

I think I might know who the mastermind behind all this is. Has anybody heard anything about an engineer?

At least we get to see MT again.

I'm so excited to see how this plays out

looks epic, can't wait!

Good to see Khaki Bottoms alive.

Без Тюльпана неинтересно👎

Will we get to see Atticus and Amelia again?

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2 weeks ago

Cartoon Network

Tag someone who loves making up songs about their cat 😸🧦🎶⁣

New Apple & Onion TODAY at 9:30a on Cartoon Network and STREAM on the CN App 👉⁣
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Can u talk to Cartoon Network mena and tell them to show the amazing world of gumball?

U better delete this show before I go all wIckEd StYlE on you

This is the best show ever.

I wonder why some people hate this show*Because I hate it too,not because the series It because they look really weird characters*

Jill Rydberg

Cada programa raro que muestra ya no es como.antes solo ponen caricaturas odiosas y ridículas es mi opinión pero al que le gusta le gusta

boooooooooo >:(

Vanessa Richards

No importa tus gustos, todos extrañamos a "un show más".

No comment.

Andrew RedDevils Young

this show is good

This hurt to watch


Bebe🔫🏹🔩🔧🛠⛏es. Tas muerto. Calabera


TV Channel brazilian

Callie Cay Nikki Love Casey Blu Baker


Yoli Navarro Solís Aida Navarro Guadalupe Navarro Treviño 😀

Carolina Massa 🐱🥰

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2 weeks ago

Cartoon Network 👯‍♀️🌷🎟 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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If there's one thing I've learned from Gravity Falls, it's that when an image appears in a staticy flash, it's important.And one more thing. A conductor has been established, but where's the engineer?

I did it. That was awesome! So excited, book 1 was amazing. On of CNs best

finalmente XD estoy seria una especie de pre-cuela antes de la historia de Tulip ? o es continuación?. Y lo mas importante para cuando se estrena XD

Can't wait!!! My son and I loved the first one!!

I'm so happy this got a second season. It's so good! ♥️♥️♥️

Cool! I wonder if it'll star a new character with new adventures.

Anybody realize that the main character is voiced by Ashley Johnson (Ellie from The Last of Us)??

For anyone confused about the puzzle, you want to get the deer to the flower.

So stoked! 😀

season 1 was amazing, so ready for next season 2!

Oh that was good!!!

So each 10 Episodes I assume will be Books. Just like Avatar The Last Airbender.


I’m from Brazil if you freeze the screen for a nanosecond when a kind of morse code appears

Chapter 2 is coming???!!!!

Sacaran 2° temporada de Infinity Train!? Que sigue? 2° parte de Over the Garden Wall?

الرياضيات في كل مكان💔

See you you eye-eye.

They said it won’t be in Cartoon Network.

Santos Fernandez oh my!

Just finished book 1 on hulu about a week ago. Really enjoyed it. I wondered how they would continue considering Tulip got back home. I have two theories:1) They tell a different story about some other character trapped on the train.2) Tulip goes back and rescues other people who are trapped on the train and meets up with One-One and Atticus again.

book 1 corgi book 2 deer book 3?

Where can I stream part 1 of this?



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2 weeks ago

Cartoon Network

Who loves sitting at the kids' table? 🦃🍽 Watch Craig of the Creek Thanksgiving Special at 10a TOMORROW on Cartoon Network and UNLOCKED in the CN App!

Your fav shows are unlocked ALL WEEKEND in the CN APP! 👉
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Looks fun! We don’t get as many Thanksgiving specials as opposed to Christmas specials.

This show is wonderful. Cartoon Network has really hit it perfect with this one for sure. It's super inclusive for all, its entertaining enough I can sit with my daughter and watch, great lessons and I love the art style and animation as well. Cartoon Network is the only kids station that doesnt make its shows all about bratty kids with attitude problems and surely doesnt glorify those behaviors.

SO THANKFUL (not even as a joke) that this has subtitles! It makes me much more likely to stop and watch the whole video AND is so accessible for those who need for a multitude of different reasons!!! ☺️☺️☺️

I felt the entirety of Bernard's reaction in my SOUL.

But watching this video as an adult, I can't help thinking that only kids would really want so bad to sit in the "adults' table" kkkkkkkkk If they only knew how annoying, stressful and really controversial these conversations can go in the blink of an eye... Specially the politics topic (try being the only LGBT person in a huge extremely conservative and hateful family)

I had such a sheltered life, my grandma had me at the kid table till I was 17. Not even joking...

I still sit at the kid's table 😁

I love this it does kind of remind me of KND but still... I rather have KND then this.. lol

Bring back the 90s 😯 i binge disney plus for kim possible its better then any toons around these days

Oh heck yea! I wanna see apples and onion thanksgiving too


Abby Sea Grass Roberson

Benard just went from 🥰 to 😱😭😰🤯 🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♀️

Keone Rivers

Looks like a reference to the loud house

Jasper Peralta

And denied said seat

I honestly feel sorry for Bernard

ChamSsü Kaddøur

I’m top fan now bruh

More Craig please

A-Janay Tubbs ZoraNeale Waters



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2 weeks ago

Cartoon Network

When you need it most, there's a hand to hold...🎵❤️ Craig of the Creek in the style of a 90's sitcom!

Watch more Craig of the Creek shorts here!
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I wish Power Rangers would stop doing the turn-to-the-camera-and-smile thing in the intro, it’s not a 80s or 90s sitcom!

Hoping we get a holiday special next month

did yall see the grandma with the family matters shirt on?! 😂😂

I was like WTH when I saw Granny Jojo and Jessica jump from an explosion 💥

So adorable, can y'all make more full episodes though?

Such a cute cartoon

Haha! Splendid!

I want a crossover of this and young steven universe

Family Matter I love that show

Fatoumata i love this so much!!!

Funny cause the kids who watched this weren’t alive in the 90s


All these art styles look so similar now what happened to originality


tradition of horror inspired Thanksgiving episodes!!!

This needs to be a spin-off

Family Matters reference 🙂

Family Matters.

Heh, like the Family Matters reference within the Family Matters reference.

so family matters lol

Grandma Jojo confirmed Jorge Luis Ocon Also J.P. is always Alexander Haupt

Hannah Taelor Elliott i love this soooo much

Cute 😂

Wow....... I’m like shocked, this is going to be amazing.

Dude have you seen the previews for this Jenevieve Gee

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2 weeks ago

Cartoon Network

Grab your donut holers and corgi memes because Infinity Train Book 1 is FREE to watch all weekend! ♾🚃 Stream on the CN App 👉

Join our live tweet on Twitter to answer fun trivia and share your favorite moments on 11/23 at 12:30p ET! Cartoon Network
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Infinity Train was awesome!!!! Can’t wait for season 2!

Ah. Another American cartoon that gave its character an anime-ish face, knowing its the superior form of media, thus, improving views and forcefully unknowingly changing opinions for its own good. Great business tactic for American cartoons these days. If it worked for Avatar and Boondocks, of course it'd work here.

Please, I beg you. Now the boys of Peru are tired of seeing drawings that do not attract our attention as -mau mau -ok ko -se of victor and valentino -The world of craig -Make series which are also complete do not do it halfway In Peru we now like those old series like -Robotech -The galactic -Digimon tamers -The Red Baron -Etc We want those series to come back, the only geniel series is dragon ball It's time for them to change. To important if they put those series do not modify them like what they did with bakuban, because the first one was not like that, they damaged it by modifying it please ask them here in Peru

Na i have diseny plus now i can wacht real cartoons from the 90s much better 😮

cheese but it was still way better than this new system.

Not every train has a destination, but they all have a station. The question is, what station did this train come from?

Hijito lindo yo te amo mucho y estoy orgull de ti y no entiendo ingles 😀🤣😀😀😀😀🤔😏

What is Gwen Tennyson doing?

Bring Ed Edd & Eddy on Cartoon Network

What is frequency of CN on Dish? What satellite used for CN broadcasting?

Why does that girl look like franky from fosters home for imaginary friends?

I just noticed one one is kinda like joycons on a Nintendo switch

so ? season 2 when ?

Can't in Canada =(


Kirsty Montenegro did you every watch this??


Dimitri Kootenay

Odin Smith

Jessica Wess

Hindi inakala

Hellen Alquichire <3

Ariel, el universo conspira para que sea mi plan de fin de xD

Muchos patos alv

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2 weeks ago

Cartoon Network
Happy #WorldHelloDay! 🌏👋 How do you say “hello” in your language?⁣

Happy #WorldHelloDay! 🌏👋 How do you say “hello” in your language?⁣
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I don't there's a word for "Hello" in my language.

"Solta a braba?" is "Hello, how are you?" in portuguese of Brazil

where um from we say "yasho" to bunch of people.

Hej, cześć in poland :)))

"Eae mano, suave?" This is Hi in Brazillian Portuguese "Te dô um tiro" Hi as people from the Rio say it "Kk, asfixiei aki" Hello as from São Paulo

Hello, where is Finn & Jake? 🤔

Happy# world helloday, Hello" Juthai" its Dimasa

Why out of 5 speakers are two English.. a simple hallo would have been more inclusive lol

Personally i say "Yo" How's it going dude (Bill and ted) (Excellent!)

Who's the friend with the glasses in the picture?

In Denmark we say “hej” 😊

Goodbye! If apple and onion are here, then that's all anyone's gonna hear me say, until that show gets cancelled

console.log("Hello World!")

I'm brazilian, say "Olá".

printf("hello, world\n");

i can't read or pronounce korean..which chloe is

Salve! That's the Latin way to go

Sorry but I banished cable and you don't have your own seperate app so ..

ดีจ้า Dee ja in Thailand if you say sawasdee krab it's too polite

Howdy partner. 🤣

ta̍k-ke-hó (Taiwanese Hokkien)

In Bahia-brazil we say " Eae man"

Sorry. I was told not to talk to strangers.

From UK I love you CN

Not a single one of these cartoons are good.

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3 weeks ago

Cartoon Network

Apple and Onion will make you want to live again with this MUST PLAY music mix 🍎🧅🎵

NEW episodes Saturdays at 9:30am on Cartoon Network and STREAM in the CN App 👉⁣⁣
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Their songs make me feeling happy. *blessed*

Man, Gumball and Darwin are way better at this

This show is excruciatingly painful to both my eyes and ears

This show looks charming.

Wait is Onion voiced by Moss from The IT Crowd?

What food could we make using the both of em

I want summer camp island😭😭

Jorge López

Dylan Lopez

Ben10 ultimate series lo himdi main

Carlos Ward

Jajaja 💜

Minh Nguyệt


What about buff up my head

Dan Buck!!

After seeing this, i have the desire to shoot myself.

Carolina Massa 🥰


No es de ahuevo publicar

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3 weeks ago

Cartoon Network

... மேலும்மேலும்

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My son grew up with Steven. He was born the same year it first aired, and now at six, he still loves the show. He's even acquired a love of geology & gemology thanks to the show. It's a delight to see Steven grow older like my son has. Thank you so much Ms. Sugar for a beautiful and touching show that resonates with so many of us.

Jasper:"You're not my diamond!" My dear jasper.... HE NEVER SAID THAT HE IS YOUR DIAMOND😅 actually it was always the oposite

Oh my stars, I'm so excited to meet the new gems ❤️

Even after losing Garnet to Jasper, confronting the Diamonds, and facing the past in the form of Spinel, Steven and friends have proved time and time again that love conquers all.So how could they possibly be prepared for something that couldn't care less if they were loved or not?

The return of the most ruthless gem Jasper. Should be awesome.

"You are not my diamond!" Oh no, Steven's going to have to fight a spitting image of his mother...

Jasper is so vendictive I knew even after knowing the truth she is still Jasper

Glad to see the team tying up loose ends. Super excited!

I really need Hulu to pick up the fifth season of The Original Series so I can finally finish it

what's this..WHAT'S THIS?!?!? A SEQUEL ::::::OOOO

Immediately after my only exam. Thanks! I now have something to look forward to!

AHHHHHHHH! I'm so excited😍😍😍😍

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

"You're not my diamond" "Godammit, during how many seasons did I say that!?"

oh man :))) i'm so pump!!! Although i have stopped watch it for a short of time

Question: if she is a rose quartz and she was bubbled how she became corrrupted?

Jasper doesn’t even deserve a redemption at this point imo


#CartoonNetwork thanks for make Steven Universe Future My bithday gift

I gotta say it is amazing where they took this show

la pregunta del millón para cuando se estrena la nueva serie? y wow steven super saiyan rose XD

Why cant they just leave poor Steven be??? 😭😭😭😭😭

queremos mas de OK KO nuevos episodios cancelen campamento de bebes

So uhhh. Anybody gonna mention when steven basically goes ssj rosé

.....Is that Topaz Topaz? The Topaz that cant be without Topaz?

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மேலும் பதிவுகள்

Cartoon Network Tamil – வகுப்பறை (@Vaguparai) | Watch Tamil TV Channels Online

(Adithya TV, Captain TV, Chithiram TV, Chutti TV, Discovery Channel Tamil, DD Podhigai, FX16 Tamil, Isaiaruvi, Jaya TV, Kalaignar Seithigal, Kalaignar TV, KTV, Makkal TV, Moon TV, News 7 Tamil, News 18 Tamilnadu, Polimer TV, Puthiya Thalaimurai TV, Puthuyugam TV, Raj TV, Sathiyam TV, Sirippoli, SS Music, Star Vijay TV, Sun Music, Sun News, Sun TV, Thanthi TV, Vasanth TV, Velicham TV, Zee Tamil.)

குறிப்பு : காப்புரிமை சட்டத்திற்கு எதிராக எந்த தகவலும் இங்கு Copy & Paste செய்யவில்லை, மாறாக தகவல்கள் Embed மட்டுமே செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது.

நல்ல தகவல்கள் எல்லோரையும் சென்றடைய வேண்டும் என்ற நோக்கத்திலேயே இங்கு பதியப்படுகிறது. இதில் யாருக்கேனும் ஆட்சேபனை இருந்தால் தெரியப்படுத்தவும். அவற்றை நீக்கிவிடுகிறோம். படைப்புகளின் காப்புரிமை படைப்பாளருக்கே…!

– நன்றி

ஓவ்வொரு பதிவுகளையும் தவறாமல் பெற ‘வகுப்பறை’யின், பக்கங்களை பின்தொடருங்கள்.

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