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6 hours ago


Has a sea lion ever kissed you? 😘 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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ilove you discovery ilove sea lion i love it hahaha

April Biddle

Léonie Séguin

Good morning..

I really liked this video,very cool and informative.❤️✌✌

Super video! Super humans who devote their lives for the welfare of animals ! Three cheers for them .


Very good

Stop playing with them ..You fxxking people can do any thing to train them.

9 hours ago


"If this case could be closed or solved in some way, that would be huge."

Join Expedition Unknown in the search for a missing WWII hero, Wednesday at 8p on Discovery.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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yeah, sure


What's the name of this woman

Season Finale......☹️

Bring back Mountain Monsters!!!!!!

12 hours ago


What are you hoping to do more of this summer? ... மேலும்மேலும்

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The GF and I just bought a 6 man tent and queen mattress, hoping to do some camping lol

Not dying from my allergies

I wish I could go camping. My favorite thing to do!

Camping? In the heat of India? Yeah...

Swimming(preferably with those dolphins🐬🐬)

That camping place looks like heaven ❤

5 stars hotel.

Camping. Mountains. Bonfires

Summer?!? Its winter....

I don't even have money to stay at home :'(

Only Camping. 👍Because I don't know swimming 😋

Watch mountain Monsters

I wish I could go camping , I HATE living in the desert 🙁 I can go swimming , Pools everywhere not as fun as camping

Don't see the "nothing" option..

Lottery winning.

Priority is camping...along that i will do summing as well....looking forward for happy summers...👍

Get to my lakeside cabin! After a trip to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, US for grandsons wedding!

Swimming deep in the books studying

Where's the "sleeping" option.

I glamp at nice resorts with pools, lazy rivers and spas

Here is fall

When u can't swim and don't like camping because of mosquitos xd But summer is great 👌🏽

Next summer, definitely Both!!

Sailing has it both

Homing and ACing

12 hours ago


Sig Hansen's been fishing his whole life, and he's never seen a winter start like this before.

Deadliest Catch starts tonight at 9p.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Adventure series

Wow, I Love This! ( From Afar) So Beautiful

The deadliest catch Awesome series by discovery channel

Where is that? What winter is he talking about? Is summer in here

Justice Treger

Dayana Rodrigues

Alor pourquoi

อะไรอะไร ทำไมไม่คุยเรื่องปู😁ปูจ๋าชิ

Please never use that cover of Bon Jovi again that you used the other week, I wanted to stab my ears with an ice pic.

because Winter Has Come 😂😂😂

Kellen Murfield

Well edited beautifully shot adventurous video 👍👍🇮🇳


Aditya bhaiya wassup?

Great show but did we finally stop the question and answer section last week? We want to see more Deadliest Catch, not the guys interviewing each other. That's why you have The Bait.

Jesus this show is still on? What a snoozefest.

Too bad they don't make more then 20-30 k a piece depending on there haul minis fuel food etc and how many on the crew . No healthcare no 401 k I'll stick to my 48 he a week job with full benefits n 401 k match

17 hours ago

“Do you see the the word C-A-T on this tiger’s forehead? His name is “Munna” and he is around 17-years-old, a rare age for a male tiger in the wild.📸 + caption by Sarosh Lodhi for #TigerTuesday 🐅

“Do you see the the word C-A-T on this tiger’s forehead? His name is “Munna” and he is around 17-years-old, a rare age for a male tiger in the wild."

📸 + caption by Sarosh Lodhi for #TigerTuesday 🐅
... மேலும்மேலும்

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He is beautiful <3

Such a beautiful magestic looking tiger with lovely stripes. 😍

He is absolutely beautiful 😻😻😻😻

Yes, I do, beautiful, majestic cat!

😍wow superb click📸 🐅..❤

Yes I see the word " cat ". He is beautiful 🧡

So beautiful❤❤❤

Hes beautiful...❤❤

Gorgeous 💜 !

Gods creatures are beautiful!!!

Nature at it’s most beautiful.

This is just amazing ....

Munna is CAT not Tiger... I see that 😀 😀 :3

Happy sweet seventeen C-A-Tiger


Yes. Is it natural or written on him?

Beautiful Creature 😍😍

ilove you discovery thanks share video God bless you

Feline, (family Felidae), any of 37 cat species that among others include the cheetah, puma, jaguar, leopard, lion, lynx, tiger, and domestic cat. ... Tiger, (Panthera tigris), largest member of the cat family (Felidae), rivaled only by the lion (Panthera leo) in strength and ferocity..... He knows that he belongs to a cat family..👍

wao....very nice royal Bangla Tiger.

wow realy beautiful

Brilliant photograph well done !!!!

Lol "CAT", that sure made my day.

1 day ago


Holy sunfish. 🐟😲 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Austin McArdle

Sharman Mann

Marcos Diaz Oriol

Steve Robison


Leung Hau Tung

سبحان الله

Mola mola

Oh my God

Paulo Hümmelgen Bárbara Spiassi até que ele não é lerdo

The heaviest bone fish..



I got to pet one that was sunbathing off the Delaware coast, such a cool looking fish

Those are always an amazing sight.

Whoa Its a Sunfish They get that Big Wow

Joe Hale

Creepy fish

Nicole Aranda

JH Lim

That's alot of meat! Looks delish!!

This happen when the only idea is to make money without thinking in the consequences!!plastic everywhere, polluting our planet we are all responsables and still not stop there we dumping more and more and more !!

Ivan Facundo es el pez que te digo!!

Is some of this from Japan after the tsunami a few years ago? Yes...don’t use plastic as much as you can. Reusable!!

1 day ago


Are you ready to see Heavy D jump the BroDozer over a FLYING airplane... on LIVE TV?

Watch the Diesel Brothers all season long as he and Diesel Dave figure out how to make this happen without the legos.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Mae Esteban Ruiz legal usted no es ese mop !?

Yes, m ready..🍟

Another show NOT called "Dual Survival"!

"Don't forget your windage and elevation!" - John Wayne

Stupid people will watch this or care about it.


Yes, m ready..🍟

ll more see alaska bush people

Discovery Chanell is down here.


stupid diesel brother's, they are just killing the planet with tons of smoke. and dicovery give hem a program!!well done!!

2 days ago


Winter is here. ❄️🦀

Snow crab season starts Tuesday at 9p on Deadliest Catch.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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AurOora Mac-Gregor

When something goes very wrong, You will say oh crab(s )LOL

Winter is coming!

Sam Jackson hurry hurry

Grandes heróis são estes pescadores !

Rao Nohail Iftikhar


Joannie Fournel

Lo sigo amo el mar y cuánto más bravo más me gusta .... pescar embarcada uau me encanta

This season has been a bit dull.

Winter it’s here 🦇🥶

Looking good for good vacations

When on dutch television ?


Boa tarde!Resolvi enviar essa mensagem para empresa pois acredito que a mesma tenha interesse. Fiz essa dedução pelos programas TV que empresa DESENVOLVE ou reproduz.Ha 3 anos começou ser usado no futebol mundial arbitro de video(VAR)Porem VAR é uma farsa,equipamento não consegue mensurar aquilo que é "vendido" para todo futebol mundial.Em 2019 esse equipamento começou ser usado no campeonato brasileiro futebol da serie A,primeira divisão.objetivo de desmascarar FiFa,CBF Conmemboll ,federações demais. VAR (arbitro de video) é uma farsa,um sambarilove travestido de justiça.Por que VAR é uma farsa?Anexo Regra do futebol : "(o momento do primeiro ponto de contatocom a bola, ao ser tocada ou jogada, é que deve ser considerado)" isso posto eis a pergunta: Qual tempo de contato do pé do jogado com a bola? Para marcar impedimento é preciso o milésimo exato,o 1º ponto de contato.Lembrando que impulso(tempo de contato) é sempre variável no passe.Hawk-eye empresa VAR ,Brasil e Fifa consegue mensurar 20 mil frames por segundos,porem frame do passe sem sensor na bola,na chuteira no uniforme e no jogador é impossível de ser mensurar através do VAR.Imagens disponibilizadas é somente uma dedução do editor de imagens de quando aconteceu o 1º ponto de contato, portanto justiça esta longe desta abordagem. Ex; Se bola encostar na ponta do cadarço chuteira ou ponta cabelo jogador esse deve ser considerado 1º ponto de contato. VAR é uma farsa,um sambarilove e precisa ser desmascarado. Quando mais próximo maior erro do VAR no impedimento e quem apoia é cúmplice de um crime de propaganda enganosaAcredito que empresa possa demostrar essa afirmação descrita acima e livrar esporte mais praticado do planeta desta maldição.

Save crabs eat samosaas

Hard winter

name of the show?

2 days ago

“A Gentoo Penguin chick in Antarctica leaves the security of its parents and their nest for the first time to explore its surroundings.”📸 + caption by John Bozinov

“A Gentoo Penguin chick in Antarctica leaves the security of its parents and their nest for the first time to explore its surroundings.”

📸 + caption by John Bozinov
... மேலும்மேலும்

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😘Awww so cute baby Penguin🐧....lovely expressions, like so innocent baby😍 ❤LOVE for cute Penguin🐧...

beauty at best

Its a big world out there.

So beautiful and precious ❤

cool nature rocks

Wow!!!!!! Beutifull DISCOVERY i like 🤓👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

And while exploring discovered the camera ! 🙂

Are you food .. me hungry !!! So cute .. be safe little one !

Does anyone else see the face in the mountain?

Little tyke! ❤ So cute!

Watch out for those Wood Pickers LOL there mean ,!

Hi cute little one...😊

Is sooo adorable and furry and fluffy 😍😍

Whw what a nice pengouning i like it?

Looks very sad.

Mama's baby :* at World's expedition 😀

cool nature rocks

Msy it be safe and survive. 🤲

Annemieke van der Donck time for this cute pinguïn to explore the world around him 😍

So that's where Gentoo Linux comes from

PHẬT THƯỜNG TRỤ . KINH ĐẠI BÁT NIẾT BÀN . Vua quan bốn bộ chúng của như lai , tỳ kheo , tỳ kheo ni , ưu bà tắc , ưu bà di . Vua hoa kỳ zenny cater , Vua trung quốc zenny cater , Vua ý zenny cater ,... Chuyển luân thánh vương zenny cater . Hoàng hậu hoàng phi vương phi . Quan hộ pháp , đại tướng hộ pháp , hộ pháp , họ zenny . Ông bà cha mẹ người trời quỷ thần và tất cả chúng sinh .

Seta para ellos un desierto vivir sin hielo ?

Suddenly a wild fish panda appeared

Govind Shukla have a good day everything will fall into place 😁😁😁💐

2 days ago


Just put one flipper in front of the other. 🐢 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Why do they have to travel so far from the water

Toni Flounders

Andrea Lloyd

Shama Kalpesh Rishikesh

Deborah Ramirez

That's awesome

Seems like they are too small. But how cute and wonderful

I am so glad people are working to help turtles to survive.

Aren’t they just wonderful creatures?! 🤗🙏♥️


And stay away from...well you'll know it when you see it. 😔

Would love to see this once!!!

Cute little buggers. Why almost extinct? Human intervention should only happen to correct a human caused event. Did we cause this near extinction? Fix that and stop playing God.




Fel Marie. Turtles!


3 days ago


Hard to avoid the jungle flies when you look like a giant chicken nugget.

Tonight at 8p on Naked and Afraid.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Mud people Mud, rub it all over you flies and mosquitos will leave you alone. Even the Natuves know that.

It’s the sugar in your body they love

... 1979: there will be flying cars in 2019 2019: let's get naked in the jungle and have some fun!

Here's a tip: Cake yourself in mud to help prevent bug bites and sunburn. It can also help with camoflauge if there are less than friendly animals around.

Baffles me that rarely are shoes fashioned, yet most complain about their feet hurting.Also, I don't understand the point of this show, why in the world would anyone sign up for this in 2019?

Discovery channel is going to be the next Cartoon Network...We loved the older one

Im an avid outdoors dude, a survivalist. I am a big fan of survival shows. But I can't wrap my head around the naked part...WHY? At least a pair of underwear... C'mon man!.

Put some mud on..

This is so crazy, and pointless, why are they doing that? We are în the year 2019.....

Wow bot fly larvae will be there

I too, sometimes feel like a giant chicken nugget.

what is that peach doing out there. the wild is eating him alive lol 😂

If he finds and rub some herb like citronela or alecrim, then the mosquito would avoid his body.

How many bot fly larvae are those bites?

It would be time to quit haha. Those bites are going to leave marks

Dude needs a layer of mud.

Rub a thin layer of mud on ya

...those aren't tsetse flies, are they?

A giant chicken nugget 🤣🤣🤣

What does he want to living in a jungle..for some days.?

I don’t understand this program. Why would you do that to yourself

The person that is really afraid is the person blurring out their junk for 45 minutes

Is it really worth it?😱😱😱😱👿👿👿👿

That’s crazy. It’s going to leave on mark on his legs for life. Hope he go see a doctor after the show.

This pointless garbage is why I don’t watch tv. Though cancelling big brother and Jeremy Kyle I have faith we’re on the right track again.

3 days ago


It's not easy being a mother of dragons. #Dracarys 🐉 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Zoë Nasri Wist je dit????

Nature is amazing

পুরা টা দেখবি। গুইসাপের জীবন কি সুখের -_- Fahema Sraboni

Souis Lterling Ixta Flores

Cy-jay Somers ah nu snap ik het dragons kunnen zichzelf zwanger maken

but daenerys had three Dragons and she didn't eat them 😂

I want the baby even though Komodo dragons are NOT pets

Au fost si dragonii de Komodo pe arca lui Noe,evident,nu?!

Aleksandra to jest prawdziwa Danka 😁

That’s why I’m scared of lizards 🦎 coz looking same in shape 😧

Este fue el que me despertó =O JC Man

Cristina Matla lo que te decia, ellos tambien tienen partenogenesis

That's right girl you don't need no man 👏

Lindos !

Martha Vázquez Cortés son mios


Pettersson Göran drakar finns 😉


3 days ago

The rightful King in the North 🐺 #GameofThrones📸 + caption by Chris Montano Jr.

The rightful King in the North 🐺 #GameofThrones

📸 + caption by Chris Montano Jr.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Awesome..😮😍 soo beautiful

Awesome beautiful Wolf ❤️

Wow! so beautiful.

So beautiful, love wolves! 🐺 ❤️

Just beautiful!! 😲

wow awesome shot!



beautiful creature!

Sooo beautiful!!! 😍😍😍

Just beautiful

Beautiful wolf

Beautiful !


Wow best fur for blizzard conditions.

😍 Beautiful 😍 I L❤ve Wolves 🐺

Amazing creature!


Gorgeous animals!

What a beautiful wolf. I wish I could hug it.

ilove you discovery i like this haha thanks

Yes, it would be perfect if ghost sits on the iron throne, rather than anyone else.

The picture is great and all but screw GoT


a direwolf 😍

3 days ago


A dictator's hillside hovel, a rusting industrial relic, towers on the brink of disaster... ... மேலும்மேலும்

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I recognized the dry docks on Mare Island in one of the video snippets. I was assigned to the station that covered the former naval base for several years as a City of Vallejo firefighter. I would be interested in knowing when that episode airs...

Muy interesante

There is also a photografic book with the most beautiful abandoned places in the world. Love it.

Any chance for an episode about #Chernobyl? 🤔

Wow, Mysterious Wonders Of The world! Thank You For Sharing!

When do these episodes come on?

What's the timing of the show in India?

My God that show body camera footage is one of the most powerful shows I've ever seen.The segment about the mentally ill man that wounded multiple officers and killed officer Zach was just heartbreaking.My total and complete thanks and prayers to all the First Responders who put their lives on the line. That segment will be with me the rest of my life so so sad

3 days ago


🌴4️⃣ 0️⃣ DAYS🌴

NO 👔
NO 🍔
NO 📶

Naked and Afraid XL Premieres Sunday June 2 at 8p on Discovery and Discovery GO.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Gabriela Cordeiro Cláudia Albuquerque Gonçalves

I want to take a part...

The worst show on television.

Jim Mullen

The big discovery drama in this episode .

Boring boring boring boring

Adios discovery !

Man I love this show

When will it be on Hulu!?

The worst show on television.


I like the challenge and sure to survive but the naked part with a woman is un realistic.

XL= Xtra Lunitic

What a waste of air time!

Nichole Gerard

I just go outside my place in Clearwater Florida and see all the homeless living like that.



Tucker Usher

don't get it....


4 days ago

With over ten million visitors a year, the Louvre Museum is the most commonly visited museum in the world. Whats the name of your favorite museum? #InternationalMuseumDay

With over ten million visitors a year, the Louvre Museum is the most commonly visited museum in the world. What's the name of your favorite museum? #InternationalMuseumDay ... மேலும்மேலும்

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But it is beautiful thank you for sharing

The Acrópole museum in Athens Greece .

Loved the lourve!! Palace of Versailles was also breathtaking

Math Museum in NYC

Smithsonian in DC

National Palace Museum, Taiwan, ROC

The Gus Grissom Memorial in Mitchell, IN on the grounds of Spring Mill State Park. And the Louisville Science Center. Do I have to pick one?

The Field Museum, Chicago.

Wow that's impressive I would love to visit that museum for sure!!!

The Harley-Davidson Museum.

New Whitney museum NYC

Did they use this in a movie

Follow me on tiktok at @liquid_mirror

El Museo Nacional de Antropología e Historia Cd, de Mex.

Panorama Mesdag in den Haag

El museo de louvre impresionante

Museu de Foz Côa, Portugal

Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Lisboa

The Royal Ontario Museum or the ROM as we call it. It is in Toronto Canada.

Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

Boston’s Museum of Science

Natural History Museum, London

Love the Musee d'Orsay & the Uffizi. And the Louvre of course.

Clydruf museum, aldo kemfa, ginesoc

Pergamon Museum in Berlin

4 days ago

What are your #weekend plans?📸 of #Hallstatt by Marcel Siebert

What are your #weekend plans?

📸 of #Hallstatt by Marcel Siebert
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Wow awesome picture it’s a beautiful place!

Nice place, beautiful houses.

Dream place ! My place looks like this minus so many houses and the lake ! I am blessed!


A wonderful place to visit

Beautiful place

wow, beautiful place.

Beautiful place but wouldn't want to stay there in case cyclone Idai pass through.

Very beautiful

A wonderful place, must visit

I could defiantly use a week here.

Serving ice cream and playing bingo at our independent living center. So exciting. 😒

Love to stay here for sometime in this place.Simply Wow

Hallstatt sounds like German, the view looks like China but it's actually in Australia. Amazing!

This reminds me of Berk from How to Train Your Dragon. I want to live here now, but only if there are dragons around. 😆

Wish I was there again!

This is Hallstatt, Austria. 🤔🤔

Tina Walsh when we going? I need to go back, I, eh, left my tooth brush there, yeah, that was it, need to go get it!

My weekend plans?? Packing my stuff and moving here permanently.

Where is this at ? Nice

Staying out of the rain.👀

I need some where in west Europe Recommendations please

There should be fast rain and holding a hot cup of coffee,bdw which place it is

Love Hallstatt on foggy days

It's Austria's one of the oldest and most picturesque village..👍👍🇮🇳

4 days ago


The whale shark has a huge mouth. 😲 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Gorgeous whale shark !! 🙂

Wow! That is So Amazing!

I was almost swallowed whole by one in the Philippines. To bad I can’t post the pic of it charging at me with its mouth wide open.

46 feet ...... Thats ginormous 😳😳😳😳

Great thanks for the infos. Always appreciated

The Whale Shark is Amazing.

Joyce van Doorn

Chansey KhawTan Shi YingRuenHoey LowChiauYin LowElshedai Meshach David

The whale shark has a huge mouth. 😲that's great, the dentist will love it...😃😃😃

Dream job with dream channel 😍

Just swam with them they are so awesome nothing can explain it

When is shark week?

Swam with them 😊

Could be a whale shark? What else looks like that? 🤨

Amazing creature

Mouth is so big that it can engulf man too besides big marine creatures..🐋

Not mamal, and not carnivor. It is just a fish, mimicking shark...

When’s the new season of “Extinct or Alive” come on?

Some would argue "there's no such thing as fish."

Vivian Santos imagina c ta nadando do nd esse bixo aparece

Whale sharks are beautiful 😍

Ed ang laki ng bibig haha

Swam with these off the coast of Africa. Cool experience.

Gentle Giants

Hêwir Elî ❤️💛💙

4 days ago


Very cool... I'm so excited... A little nervous... Me too... Ok awesome... So great...😅

All new Naked and Afraid this SUNDAY at 8p on Discovery.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Two seconds upon entering the woods, my eczema would flare up and I call it quits. I'd have welts and itching before I met my "partner" in this adventure. LOL

Bear Grylls would say it's important to wear pants and long-sleeved shirts to protect your body from the environment. What's the point of this?

I just don't see the point in being totally naked...

I don’t understand the point of this program

Please stop this show

Put your clothes on. No one wants to see that.

Adan and Eve's real life virtual

Oh plz put your clothes back on

And it has an audience?

No int nice to meet you, don't hug me

Ok guys, they're naked because it makes the challenge incredibly harder. I thought the show looked dumb at first, but then I actually watched it and it's very interesting.

I've been playing game in my neighborhood for years.. except there was Molly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

What is the purpose of being naked 🙄🙄

I have no desire to be naked in the woods

Worst show ever in discovery channel stop this for watching interesting things on this channel

This bizarre show must have enough voyeurs, I mean, viewers to sustain it. I'm not one.

My feet would not survive along with my fear of snakes crawling up on me at night. 😫

Not my cup of tea...don’t like waking barefoot...wouldn’t sit my nakedness on the dirt...don’t like being cold, hot, or itchy. LOL 😆

The anxiety I have about walking barefoot in the grass, dirt, mud etc 🤮. I cannot standdddd it.

Ive seen documentaries show preserved bodies thousands if not tens of thousands of years old and even they wear some sort of primitive wear.Also why have a show with naked in it and all is censored

Wow televison has gone to the dogs

Have you wondered if these people just have exhibition fetish?

My husband favorite show 😀🤣🤣🤣

Love the show. I wanted to go in and did the test and came out with 100% never got an answer. Guess if you know too much you don't get on the show. 😞

I've spent the most of my TVtimes watching DiscoveryChannel only..since childhood. But due to this show I have changed my mind. A total gross!

5 days ago


One final gold weigh will determine if Parker strikes it big in Kuta Village.

The season final of Gold Rush: Parker's Trail starts tonight at 9p on Discovery and Discovery GO.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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This was an absolutely fascinating series. It was rich with history and geography. Thank you, Parker and crew.

I would lke to wrk wit parker. If dicovery gve to me chance Gold Rush one chance plzzzzx

Mountains off

I hope plss don't follow destroying our planet we need ours beutifull planet

My dad was in the same area he had 2 cantteen cups full. He also was a air mechanic Wish i could go i have pictures and a map to where he was and where he found the gold next to a waterfall

Wydobbywanie kruszcu złota jest ciekawe i pracochłonne. ale ciekawe

Adam Driver doppelgänger

Me don't like only is destroying the forest and river only to make the muvie so sad

Zunder, we should really watch this. Star Wars: Gold Rush :p


I’d put a few more commercials in

Is all 😄is all sh

I do not like Mr. Parker,he is very hungry for gold..

As long as you can tell the difference you will beok

basically a couple of shots how they jump and get their feet up gonna meet up with bear grylls

I was just wondering if the ham commercial was on purpose following the announcement of a pig sacrifice on the show?

How touching this episode was.God bless these people also Parker and his crew for literally bringing a future to these people

Going places, killing the nature on his interest!.


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5 days ago

Were giving away these #ProjectCat Fort Knocks Sunglasses in honor of #EndangeredSpeciesDay!
Comment below with your favorite tiger emoji (🐅 or 🐯) and #ProjectCatSweepstakes to enter.
The wild tiger population has decreased by almost 96% — from around 100,000 tigers a century ago, approximately 3,900 tigers remain in the wild today. $5 from every pair sold will be donated to #ProjectCAT to support a global effort to double the number of wild tigers by 2022.
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We're giving away these #ProjectCat Fort Knocks Sunglasses in honor of #EndangeredSpeciesDay!

Comment below with your favorite tiger emoji (🐅 or 🐯) and #ProjectCatSweepstakes to enter.

The wild tiger population has decreased by almost 96% — from around 100,000 tigers a century ago, approximately 3,900 tigers remain in the wild today. $5 from every pair sold will be donated to #ProjectCAT to support a global effort to double the number of wild tigers by 2022.

Details here>
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#ProjectCatSweepstakes saving the majestic tigers is a must for we are slowly losing them..

Save the tigers beautiful animals

🐅🐅 🐯🐅🐅 #projectcatsweepstakes save the tigers ,save the planetI hope we see a the tiger numbers increase... huge love towards tiger 🐯

#ProjectCatSweepstakes We need to keep these beauties safe! 🐯

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Endangered species can all be restored almost instantly.... drastically decrease human populations.

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My favorite animal is cat family so i love them 🐅 🐯 #ProjectCatSweepstakes

Cool glasses for a great cause! #ProjectCatSweepstakes

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🐅#ProjectCatSweepstakes go tigers

Our favorite college is Clemson University. Their mascot is a 🐅! Go Tigers! 🐅 🐯 🐅 🐯

🐯 Tyger Tyger burning bright in the forests of the night #ProjectCatSweeptakes

🐯 #ProjectCatSweepstakes So sad....

#projectcatssweepstakes save the tigers!

5 days ago

The wild tiger population has decreased by almost 96% — from around 100,000 tigers a century ago, approximately 3,900 tigers remain in the wild today. #EndangeredSpeciesDayDiscovery and World Wildlife Fund are supporting a global effort to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022.
Help save the tigers now. Text TIGER to 707070 to donate to Discovery’s #ProjectCAT and learn more at

The wild tiger population has decreased by almost 96% — from around 100,000 tigers a century ago, approximately 3,900 tigers remain in the wild today. #EndangeredSpeciesDay

Discovery and World Wildlife Fund are supporting a global effort to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022.

Help save the tigers now. Text TIGER to 707070 to donate to Discovery’s #ProjectCAT and learn more at
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Looks very cute protect them! Awesome ❤️

So beautiful and Sweet ❤💕

So beautiful 😍

So beautiful😎😎

Gabriel Kirchheim o humano vai matar até os tigres em menos de 10 anos lol

I donate to these beautiful creatures ❤️

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Decreasing humans by almost 96%, planet Earth will be safe for animals.

Let's all try our best efforts to save them from extinction..🐅 and their natural habitat too..

I still remember the day i did a presentation at elementary school about the Siberian Tiger. I see since then this species have decreased so much.... sad to read this🙈

3,900 in the wild but 20,000 in captivity in the US.

We deserve it if these beauties decided to push us all off the Flat Earth table. <sarc>

Stop trophy hunting

Looks very cute wodiful picture

Royal Bengle Tiger.. love it❤

Beautiful Creatures

As much as tigers are dangerous, in the same proportion cubs are cute🐆🐯

They better do something.

Muy pronto estaré así con mis cachorritos

Cats small or big are amazing❤

Скоро само на снимки или богатите ще си го отглеждат

Only 100,000 centuries ago???

La maldad del ser humano que no respeta nisiquiera el entorno en donde vive, ni da valor alguno a las cosas que le ofrece la naturaleza

Definitivamente los humanos no somos de este mundo!!

5 days ago


Fridays are all about self-care. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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I love this birbo

So cute so relax

so precious

How cute 😍😍😍

Lucky bird - someone cares enough to do this for it.

So cute 😊😊😊

Mario de Jager ik wil ook een vogeltje aaien met een wattenstaafje

Heather M. Roman mira que cute!!! Un pichón que le gusta el masaje ja ja ja ja ja

I really enjoyed that

Sean we had canaries. Sooo messy. They throw seed shells. Loved listening to their songs. Pros and cons

So smol.😍 The smallest of happy boys. ❤️

What a massage experience for him!

I am sure that my bird also will like this..

Is this a Oriental white eye?

Thank you for not posting "naked and afraid" again..

I used to keep one of this bird and it enjoyed tickling

Very cute. 😍 Now if only those cotton swabs weren't plastic... 😉


So y'all really need to show 12 commercials on every show I spend most of my time watch commercials

That's really cute. He really seems to enjoy it.

i can watch this all day long 😻

Looks like real angry bird..😂😂

Which bird is it?? it's so cuteee

Well he enjoyed that !

Mantrana Gola just look at the bird for 1min it will give you a good feel

5 days ago


The reason this spider is sparkly is going to freak you out a little... ... மேலும்மேலும்

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But... what if the spider just had some glitter stuck to it?

One insect that I really really love is spiders there are so many species love them. But not the brown recluse or the black widow

Awesome. I love spiders. They help keep bugs out of my house 👍

Love wolf spiders so much. They are great mamas.

Heehee I thought it was babies. That’s awesome!!

I knew that was the reason! Love spiders!

Glitter and a two favorite things...😍😍😍

I didn't watch the vid, but I'll guess female wolf spider with babies on it's back. The eyes reflecting.

Baby spider eyes reflecting like a cats. Saved you 6 minutes.

Cute... Just keep a distance from me, and we'll all be safe. I think what bothers me is 1. I don't want to hurt it; 2. I don't want it to hurt me. That's it... Can find cuteness in most creatures.

Hundreds of tiny baby spider eyeballs looking up at the light 🤮

we used go "spider hunting" at night as a kid by holding a flash light next to our head and seeing their eyes sparkle.

I couldn't get through the entire video without getting the creepy crawlies. The word spider even gives me the shivers. 🙈

Gonna be a purdy squash mark, that's for sure!!!!!!

Nice big spiders = not many little spiders .

I pretty much knew what that was even before watching the video it’s baby spiders on her back then I got to the end of the video and was like why did I just waste my time watching this LOL

AWSOME spiders in all its Nature <3

Oh shoot the elusive disco ball spider, must catch for my animal crossing collection.

Ok that was not the answer I expected, but cooler than what I thought. Which was the spider had glitter on it😂

We all knew the answer... now let's get the boot and squish that thing from hell! Lol

Even without clicking on the vid i know its just the reflection of baby spider eyes.

Stripper spider full of glitter?

As soon as I saw it, I thought eyeshine.

It's a shiny better capture it

Spiders are one of the best solutions for pest and so as house centipedes

5 days ago


Math ain't easy... and neither is jumping a monster truck over an airplane.

Are you ready for the Diesel Brothers Live Jump on Memorial Day?
... மேலும்மேலும்

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saw grave digger do my guess 70 feet..if ya can get enough torque to launch hard ..youll make it

That's no airplane. ...smh

really important work.................


itsa crazy

it's more like a plane flying under a jumping monster truck, the pilot is a crazier one ;p

Travis Pastrana back flipped a motorcycle over a air plane, just hammer down and don't turn. You'll be fine

Math is easy only if you put your mind to it, don’t scare people about maths

That is a disgusting climate killing waste of a vehicle... But Then who in America cares about the rest of the world og the future of their children...

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