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11 hours ago


Honey Bump might be the smallest bear on the mountain, but she's definitely the fastest! 💨

Stream the series premiere of #ManvsBear now on Discovery Go:
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Are the humans actually expected to win an actual competition of speed or strength against a bear? A handicapped one of comparisons maybe, but a direct head to head will be won by the bear every time.

Loved the bear's. Hated the commenters

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12 hours ago


So much gold, so little time. 🕘

Gold Rush continues TONIGHT at 9p on Discovery and Discovery GO.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Big Red up & running!

rick owes better than half a million..hope he gets great gold soon..if big red cant do it sumthin is wrong

Has anyone ever found out why these water permits can’t be renewed???

I sure hope Rick starts getting some good clean outs I'm pulling for him

'Reality' show. Discovery is now 👎

What happened to slucifer?

Decreasing gold price is much better


Cant wait 😍

Booooooring !

Kevin ain't ever going to get his own plant running. With having to be the sole mechanic for the beets crew. And rick goes and gets a bigger plant, that moves 3x the dirt of the little 1 he rented, and only gets 20 more ounces then he was getting, with the much smaller plant. Dude isnt gonna make 1,000 ounces.

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12 hours ago


See how Colin O'Brady is training for a record setting challenge in the latest episode of #TheImpossibleRow now on Discovery GO >> ... மேலும்மேலும்

15 hours ago


A penguin’s waddle may seem silly, but it’s actually more efficient than the way humans walk. Who’s laughing now?

Read more here -->
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I always say to my self, walk straight like pinguins, And that works, I feel much better and more energy in all my strength, Absolutely, Try out it out, It’s amazing 😉,

I love penguins

i always tell my bf that he walks like a pinguin xD he’s adorable

Considering their severe environment, it makes sense they wold adapt to be efficient, even in walking.

This is why pregnant women waddle like penguins too—to conserve what little energy we have while making a tiny human! 😏💪🏼🐧

How adorable! 😍😍 🐧

Cám ơn discovery ! Những sinh vật tuyệt vời được thiên nhiên ban tặng..!

When you've burned enough calories from walking then its time to walk like penguins to cool down.

God doesn't make mistakes: He knows why he made each and every species the way He did. Is cute. I want one. Ha, Who's narrating? Let me guess: Morgan Freeman "March Of The Penguins" or Lovelace "Happy Feet"

Son preciosos parecen que están listos para ir al desfile, transmiten mucha ternura 🐧🐧❤️👌🤗💖

Maybe I was born to swim better than walk ?

How wonderful😍

Yeah walk like that and you won’t get a date 😂🤪

Brilliant....but I suppose that, if my knees were 3 inches away from my hips and attached of 2/3 the way down my spine, I would start walking like this too... Thanks food network for this awesome Toyota inspired discovery clip..

Joseph Paine see? Theres a method to my waddling. Lol #preggoprobs

They're more efficient then me in general.


Well considering they have short legs that would would make them eficant.

I don't know how this made it to food network, but o.k.!

Ryan Auslander

Nature weeds out errors over time - and those that migrate long distances on land either do it well, or die. They do not need speed on land, so all is done to make the best walking, without losing the swimming abilities. Now if polar bears were in the Antarctic, they would need a very different walk, or have to stay by the ocean.

Douglas Wolf

Nathan Raccasi

Mathieu Leenders

Fran Cottingham

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16 hours ago

Winter squad. 🐧 🐧 🐧

Winter squad. 🐧 🐧 🐧 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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So cute 🥺! Such a Magnificent creature 😯🐧

"Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave." 🐧🐧🐧

I like so much the penguins they are so beautiful and Adorable

Lovely "Do Re Mi" 😍😍😍

Lovely team😍😍😍😍

Ohhhhh, cute😍

Prachtig. 🐧🐧

So beautiful

So cute 😘😘😘

Very cute 😍😍😍

I'm the one from front to right.

Cuteness overload! ❤

little one has a nice stomach 😛

Me and my winter coat...nice pic

Love them 🙂


Kowalski, where is Private? He is still in the egg Skipper.

Straight out of happy feet

The tall one is Kowalski😁😉

Ooo amazing...

But it's almost summer in Antarctica

Happy Feet

Happy feet?


sea food E vitamini Omega3+

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17 hours ago


The ancient Egyptian capital was erased from history and buried for 3 millennia. 🌞 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Make your channel available to Oculus Quest, make your CIGs full immersion experience and thousands of Parents will subscribe. Schools and Libraries that are or soon will be offering VR experiences. This could engage children in amazing learning experiences.

I’ve been there once,and l hope to have a chance to visit again.

Just bring in a bunch of vacuums

so proud to be Egyptian

Amar in Sanskrit means it that can never die...

Akenaton introdujo el monoteísmo en egipto y por eso trataron de borrar cualquier huella de lo que akenaton había hecho y por ello volvieron al politeísmo


Akhetaten 🌟


Ahkenaten didn't keep with the old Gods introduced a new one. Funny that a culture so intent on leaving proof of their existence by building massive temples, ect. had little regard for those they didn't agree with or wanted to be seen as the most powerful by erasing from history those before them.

Bad slaves suffer death or alive

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1 day ago


The people of Constantinople perfected the design and construction of cisterns. 🏛💧 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Wow that is so beautiful and perfect design.

WoW. So beautiful.

I love this spot, always wanted to go there

wow very beautiful

Very beautiful

Very very beautiful

Very beautiful

Ah, those memories Sharon Hart

Carole Karam

Its amazing.... Its a sure "bucket list" trip!💙💙


Carlos bring back Constantinople


Jennifer Minton Romick

Tyler Smith

James Ryan Durano Regatuna

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Restoration for the sake of bygone era...👍🌱

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2 days ago


... மேலும்மேலும்

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Bears aren’t toys or cute pets. Stop promoting this kind of thing, wild animals should be left wild.

Alex, I'll take, "The dumbest thing anyone has ever done," for $1,000.

I’d like to see Man-bear vs Bear-man. 😎

In reality those contestants would have been eaten by the bears. This kind of thing only promotes the stupidity of people with wild animals. They think that bears are cute and cuddly and that wolves are just big dogs. News flash neither is true!! Dont further this unrealistic view!!

That was great! I was so bummed I missed it when it was on. You all made my day playing it. If I was taller then. 4 11 and more muscle that would be great to do.

Cám ơn discovery !

The real thing doesn't turn out so well for the man. But that's in real life. Not Hollyweirds version.

I thought this said man vs. bean. As in Mr. Bean.

קקות תוסיפו כבר סרטים חדשים מידי שישי ב10 בערב הייתם שמים סרטים חדשים מה קרה עם זה .. עוברים לyes יא מעצבנים... קקות

New form of Bear Grylls? 😁

Sounds like a good time 😉

Kabib nurmagromedof???

Last time i saw a man fighting a bear it went horribly wrong

Turned it off...


I don’t think this is gonna end well

leave bear alone 😀


I hope the bears win. Shame on you for exploiting these majestic animals for ratings

Steven Zrihen man bear pig

episode is 10 seconds, bear wins. no more episodes, seasons, show is over

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2 days ago


The belt feeder speed is at an all-time high, but can Parker's crew keep up?

Gold Rush is all-new Friday at 9p on Discovery and Discovery GO
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Oh, the almighty TAKT time argument between an “engineer” vs “boots on the ground operators”..... And the 5S principles..... One of which is Sustainability......

Finalmente alguém que tenta acertar o circuito de alimentação . quando eles acertar a quantidade de água , e o movimento do rejeito a produção deve aumentar . Parker deve perder muito ouro por que não tem sistema de recuperação . Alem do mais ele só tem uma calha , e faz uma limpeza errada e demorada . Eles estão constantemente cometendo Erros de amadores .e isso custa tempo e dinheiro .

If loader don't overheat ,operators will haha.

What happened to slucifer?

Você já é um superfã Bom trabalho! Seu selo de superfã já está sendo exibido publicamente. Os superfãs são atualizados semanalmente, por isso continue online nesta Página para manter seu selo .Chamam isso de rede social . Mão de obra barata , trabalho de graça , e no final do mês não tem 1 centavo na conta . Ainda tenho que aturar as crítica pelos comentários .

Pink hat 💩

What seen it on the loader

Gold Rush Waaaaa

Kyra.... is that you? 😃

Jacklyn JoAnn Smith

আমারে দিবো নি??

well she will be lookin for a job

Where's your hard hat Parker?And am I the only one who noticed the looks from both of them. Seems they've been fraternising...

It's always the ppl who doesn't do the job make the changes. They wouldn't know what it's like until they actually do the job themselves.

Really heavy job

Moral and employee's frustration/exhaustion will combust soon enough!

Party tìll ya puke !

I can jig to this. I think I know why this is significant. But I am curious about what everybody seems to think about this.

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2 days ago

“Incredible structures of nature in Switzerland.”📸  + caption by Marcel Siebert

“Incredible structures of nature in Switzerland.”

📸 + caption by Marcel Siebert
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Makes my geological interest peak, wondering processes took place to make those particular formations, what type of rock, age, tectonics....on & on. lol.. Nevertheless, beautiful. <3

Amazing wonderland 🤩

Amazing. Beautiful shot.. 😀😀

Hermosa! Gracias por seguir publicando tantas maravillas que existen y que conocemos a través de ustedes. Un gran abrazo para todos.

So magical !! Out of this world!

Wow!!😮 We live on amazing planet !!

My beautiful Switzerland. 🤩😍

Nepal is even more beautiful. Doubt it ? Visit Nepal on 2020

Wow ! it's a Amazing beauty...

Is it real.. 😯Seems part of Frozen 2.just..amazing..wonderland eyes don't seem to be working right....

رائع ..سبحان الله

Wow is so beautiful and perfect designer

switzerland is so beautiful


Natural engineering ... out of the world..🌱




“Incredible structures of Lightroom"

Oh boy!



The one on the left looks like angry zombie rock formation

Wow...perfect designer 😍😍😍

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2 days ago


It's a big day in the reptile community, a believed-extinct caiman has been found! Read more here: ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Hope this show is better than the first episode of bush people. The whole episode all they did was fight about putting the windmill together. And I love the show watched every episode seems like their running out of stuff to film.

This is an awesome discovery

His enthusiasm is infectious 😄

And now it is officially extinct after human found his hiding place 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

How would you feel like if someone first choked you and lifted you up by the neck.

Hope to see similar in coming future..

WoW. So cute 😋😋😋

Fantastic news

Man found us hope we'll not going to extinct from this planet anymore..🐊

Yes brutal behaviour.

It was thought to be extinct lemme choke this one I found

Why does he flop the animal every time he emphasizes?

So more choking an he will be extinct

Interesting episode

Oh!!!! Esto es muy sorprendente 😲😲


Dania Iglesias pretty cool!


Muiy Karuna

Ojalá que sigan apareciendo. 😁

Why 😡

Parece cocodrilo


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2 days ago


It’s about to get 🐻-y real. Watch the series premiere of Man vs. Bear TONIGHT at 9p on Discovery. Stream it live on the Discovery GO app. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Are ya sure its tonight???? Not even registering on my guide

Just turned it on but why is one of the challenges (Brute Force) so lopsided? Bear is 1450lbs pushing a 2000lb barrel where as human is doing 5x their weight.....Hmmmm.....oddly uneven I believe.

The only thing about this show with that would satisfy me is if all 21 people were killed. These days are tame and has been held in captivity sadly. I am disappointed that you would associate yourself with such extreme animal abuse but then again you have done so in the past so why am I shocked? I guess I was hoping better of this channel I will not be watching again. Shame cancel this show

Big No on this show for so many reasons...🤦🏼‍♀️ What happened to raising wild?!

This show is a Joke

Need one show against the world's strongest men!

I was hoping they’d bring back the 2 Bears 🐻 🐻 in Project Grizzly! Bob and Screech! Now THAT show is Believable, and edge of your seat! These Bears tonight are Beautiful animals, but we’re just not liking this type of “competition” which is really no competition! Sorry .....

This show is absolutely ridiculous will not watch again fail discovery🤔

It would be a Christmas miracle if this show is canceled, has to be the worst show created.....ever

So far, I'm not impressed. For example, the "Brute Force". The bear had to push about 500 lbs. more than it weighted. But the people...5 do the math. And Apex Predator...5 lbs for 170 on person is A LOT. It's not even a snack to the bear. And the Human Prey?? Seriously??

Discovery Channel must be out of ideas for new shows because these shows just get more ridiculous as each ones produced.

man versus domicile bear, what a circus act...i cannot get my time back from this show, glad i recorded it so i can stop watching now

I am disgusted by this show! I cannot believe we use animals for entertainment purposes in 2019! This is ignorant and appalling!!! Making bears perform stunts is absolutely sickening! Shame on you Dicovery Channel. You should be an advocate for animals. I will not be watching anything from this channel any time soon! Not to mention that it sends the message to people that bears are safe, approachable and trainable! So absurd!!!!

This show sucks, I wont watch another episode..

This is old old old bart died in 2000 come on

Ok ten minuets in and this is the stupidest show yet. Hope you didn't tape too many in advance.

how dumb. the challenges are completely uneven.

Whoever thought this show up should be removed from any decision making process for the rest of their life.

The worst show Discovery has put on tv. How ridiculous ! 😂😂😂

Not watching it

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4° Angel.

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3 days ago


Bear witness to history. The ultimate showdown of Man vs. Bear starts TONIGHT at 9p on Discovery. Stream it live on the Discovery GO app. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Whoever thought that this would make a good show should be fired. I don't appreciate the exploitation of these beautiful bears. They should get rid of this nonsense.

And what if the bear attacks them? They gona kill the bear?

Can’t find it anywhere on discovery tonight.

This ultimate showdown must be organized in a festival " WrestleMania".😆

This is a disaster waiting to happen...

Don’t do this.

Its tooo fn funny. 😂😂😂

Espectacular 🐻

Bear>human Deal with it lol

Emanuel Pasca

Mrinal Rao

What Kate Diamond watch this




That doesn't seem like a smart idea...

Really desperate and running out of ideas for shows arent we Discovery?

I can get with this. I see why this is huge. But I am curious about what everyone else thinks about this.

Is this going to be another "Michael Phelps" "racing" the "shark"

something tells me the bear will allways win.. >>> 🐻<<<<

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3 days ago


🐾 Time to get grizzly! 🐾
Don’t miss the series premiere of Man vs. Bear TONIGHT at 9p on Discovery. Stream it live on the Discovery GO app.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I was all excited. Huge disappointment! 🙁

Love my bears! Except when they destroy my beer box and bbq pits outside.

Love it!

So beautiful ❤💜

Wonderful video the smart arias

Jennifer Kirschbaum hell yeah, that bear is gonna eat him for breakfast i hope

Hélène Mlln

Donny Enos

Tadeu Eduardo... Olha aí o programa que te falei... Man X Bear! 🐻🐻 #discoverychannel

Shambrey Jackson Rosengrants Lisa Nidey Noe

Hermosooss 🐻

My money is on the Bear


We have officially gotten too bored. Lol what is this? Bear fight club? Come on guys.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4° Angel.

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3 days ago

It’s about to get 🐻-y real. The ultimate showdown of Man vs. Bear starts TONIGHT at 9p on Discovery. Stream it live on the Discovery GO app.

It’s about to get 🐻-y real. The ultimate showdown of Man vs. Bear starts TONIGHT at 9p on Discovery. Stream it live on the Discovery GO app. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Ahhhh, bears! So cute, lovely creatures... God bless them! 🐻😍❤️🙏🙏

Discovery!🌍 Oh My! Bears Are Such Beautiful Animals! 🐻🐾👏💯

Bears be blessed with the strength of Samson a judge. Be blessed with the speed and agility of Elijah a savior. Be blessed with the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus-The Master The Physician and The Teacher and preacher forever. Amen.

Amazing bear.

With claws like that, I put money on the bear!

Didn't care for the show. Was not amused. Bears are beautiful tho

I will not watch a program aimed to abuse, neglect and mistreat wildlife.


Magnificent creature ♥

Amazing bear.....


Little teddy bear 🧸😂

Hey who are you oh ok I'm ready for you to take my picture now

Lovely 😊

Haha. I dunno but love the picture.😊👍

Poor bear 🐻😔🥺

Bears, they are fine, it’s the people trying against them!!!

Why can't they just leave the bears alone??

I love bear so much.💗💗💗


Yes I will be watching


Sad I was hoping for something more and Better


¡que hermoso!

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3 days ago


It's vodka or bust for Mike and his new partner.💥🥃

Missed an episode of #moonshiners? Catch-up now on Discovery Go:
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Used to like ole Mike after the way he treated Daniel i have zero interest anymore 👌

I don’t think I will be making a vodka martini with this batch🍸

How can this show not be scripted? Does law enforcement not watch television?

I need some right now!

Love it


I have cold water in my kitchen

Really interesting

Mike did Daniel Dirty karma coming your way buddy

Come to Bosnia and ask for šljivovica.

Show de bola

Brian Lake

Amy Burr Parenteau Rachel Lynn Parenteau

Yay 😛

Christian Dominguez


Ali Al Abadi Khalid Al-khashtee



I wonder if moonshine is strong enough to make someone blind..

Not a Mike fan.

1st off, the FDA Garden Hose for water is making me wonder if they just get any corn they get their hands on... GMO Pig Feed? So. No thanks on the Shine Boys. And for those of you who think Cops are supposed to babysit you... A license is easily purchased as well as I think Kentucky allows for personal consumption. Just because you buy yours at the market and like tax, does not mean you gotta call the ATF not cops BTW about a shiner. One of the Deputies in my town and few C.O's make small engine fuel.... Nose, your side of the fence, mmmK

Im betting somebody pays the police dept off. No way can they spill that much info, and not get caught. Like for instance, Mark and Digger's building , in town, and making shine out of it and not a cop insight.

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4 days ago

This holiday season Discovery is working with No Kid Hungry to #TurnUpFightHunger and provide 10 MILLION meals for kids living with hunger in the U.S. When kids get the meals they need, they’re able to focus on achieving their dreams rather than where their next meal is coming from. Visit to donate today and connect kids with the meals they need to succeed. #10MillionPossibilities

This holiday season Discovery is working with No Kid Hungry to #TurnUpFightHunger and provide 10 MILLION meals for kids living with hunger in the U.S. When kids get the meals they need, they’re able to focus on achieving their dreams rather than where their next meal is coming from. Visit to donate today and connect kids with the meals they need to succeed. #10MillionPossibilities ... மேலும்மேலும்

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التردد كاااام؟


ITACA, Nuovo Stato.....

94. 23. 72. 119/video


Cercasi collaboratori candidati sponsor ecc

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Stop providing for illegal aliens, their healthcare, education, sustenance, housing and other needs and US children can have those funds made available for them.

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4 days ago

Winter sunrise at Ogoy Rock on Lake Baikal, Russia.

Winter sunrise at Ogoy Rock on Lake Baikal, Russia. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Amazing ♥️♥️

I heard about this lake!!! It supposedly has under water tunnels and deep abysses. This is a beautiful photograph!❄️💙

It would be amazing if we could travel and appreciate the wonders of the world more freely.

so beautyful lake bikle.THE GREAT.

Beautiful, should crop in simba being being held by rafiki on the tip of the rock lol

Beautiful 👍👍👍


Amazing Kamchatka ,pristine purity.

Gorgeous 💖💖

Beautiful photograph like a thunderstorm


That's a beautiful creation folks!

So love and creative shot refreshes our sensations

Beautiful pictures and so lovely 💓😀💓

Absolutely Stunning!

So beautiful

Beautiful shot... 😍

Amazing shot !! 👍👍


Really i like the is so beautiful

That's an awesome picture.

Beautiful 😍💜


I actually thought I saw a bird of prey diving into the water then, till realising its just a rock


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4 days ago


A top-secret mission, an unbreakable code, and a murder… Here’s what you didn’t know about the historic Lewis and Clarke expedition. 🔎🗺 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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We enjoyed the program and the ideas it brought forth.

In other words I can make it say what I want it to say.

Ю Кан рън бът ю кант. Томороу анодхър сиркел море

12 minutes of commercials REALLY !

So, who’s blood was on Meriwether Lewis’ apron???

A code cannot be unbreakable... if it was even allies would be incapable of reading your message. There must be a key/cypher for every code. The true knack is keeping that cypher from your enemies.

"Simulates the neuro network of the brain"????

Money. She returned to the platform because money.

Simulates the neuro network of the brain"?

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5 days ago

“Rolling on the snow laughing. 🤣📸 + caption by Soosseli Wildlife Photography

“Rolling on the snow laughing." 🤣

📸 + caption by Soosseli Wildlife Photography
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Put a warm smile on my face. What lovely creatures

So cute looking, lovely photography.

Roly-poly ! Seals are really cute creatures..🤩

Awwww! So cute, sweet and irresistible! 😍❤️😍

Looks like my Frenchie minus the bat ears 😂

Beautiful this.❤💖

What a great photo! Just makes you happy looking at it!

That's one happy seal!

Nature is awesome..

This is what I am going to look like, lying in the yard, after having eaten my way thru the Holidays...

I should've been born as a panda or a seal that remains this happy. Oof .-.

Yes i found it FOUND it!! Last patch of snow!

So cute !!!❤❤❤

This New Englander is like this from now until mid March, then plz no more snow.

Hermoso ejemplar y mucho más feliz que muchos humanos

Beautiful ❤

Lovely ❤️


Risada gostosa, muito fofo!😍😄

So cute.

Lovely 😊

So cute!!!🙂

So cute♡♡♡♡

He looks so beautiful in white, without plastic wastes <3

Que bonito!! , pronto será solo un recuerdo... 🙁

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5 days ago


Mark Rober and MrBeast host a global event for change! 🌳

Don’t miss the #TeamTrees watch-and-plant event Tuesday, Dec 3 at 11p only on Discovery and on Discovery Go.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Thank you so much

Me encanta por todos sus comentarios que son muy interesantes

Me encanta la página por toda la información que brindan asia la naturaleza

Listo ⛳⛳🏆🥇




I wish I could take part

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5 days ago


It’s about to get 🐻-y real. Watch the series premiere of Man vs. Bear on Wednesday, December 4 at 9p on Discovery. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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I hope the bear wins!!!!

Timothy Treadwell. Just sayin'.

Artur Himich what we just discussed 🙂


hahahja 😂😂😂😂

I don’t know how I feel about this . Why are we making a game show with live bears in it? This is feeling like animal cruelty or exploitation to me

when discovery writer is brainstorming with the bosses and "Man Vs Bear Grylls" doesnt catch on.. did i say Grylls ? 😆☺️

The Bear vs is So so. Tiger vs Mr Usain Bolt is very exited ! 😆


Go bear go! Go bear go! Shouldn't this show be on the 'food' channel?

Somebody is working up an appetite


My money is on the bear.

Wow power man.


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6 days ago

Sleigh. 🎄🦌📸 by Mads Nordsveen

Sleigh. 🎄🦌

📸 by Mads Nordsveen
... மேலும்மேலும்

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One of God’s unique rare Pet and so gorgeous. ♥️

Oh How Adorable, Just Absolutely Adorable! ❤🥰

What a gorgeous animal. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Beautiful, cute too.

So cute and beautiful☺🥰🤗

Very beautiful is amazing!! ❤️😘

Soooo beautiful ❤🥰😍😍

Beautiful!! As white as snow. God's creation. 😍

Very cute and beautiful

Beautiful! God does great things everyday. This is but one example.

So beautiful ❤️


It's beautiful.. By the way is it family of moose?

😭 so gorgeous 💕

So CUTE❤️🥰

So beautiful and Adorable

the picture say the man must no crudelty for Animals but only love for Animals not eat and kill they

Oh my gosh... so cute


Love this.. So pure❤️

So adorable!!

beautiful 😍❤️

Another version of Frosty the Reindeer.

Beautiful 😍

I've tried to limit plastic wastes as much as possible, wish them still have enough snow to live

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Discovery Channel Tamil – வகுப்பறை (@Vaguparai) | Watch Tamil TV Channels Online

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நல்ல தகவல்கள் எல்லோரையும் சென்றடைய வேண்டும் என்ற நோக்கத்திலேயே இங்கு பதியப்படுகிறது. இதில் யாருக்கேனும் ஆட்சேபனை இருந்தால் தெரியப்படுத்தவும். அவற்றை நீக்கிவிடுகிறோம். படைப்புகளின் காப்புரிமை படைப்பாளருக்கே…!

– நன்றி

ஓவ்வொரு பதிவுகளையும் தவறாமல் பெற ‘வகுப்பறை’யின், பக்கங்களை பின்தொடருங்கள்.

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