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8 hours ago


"I'm about to go one-on-one with a bear." 🐻

An all-new #ManVsBear starts NOW on Discovery and Discovery GO.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I don’t get it. Obviously these bears are just controlled and trained. I don’t think it’s cool. They should be living in the wild

I would pull the bear into the pond.

I wish I hadn't canceled my cable subscription dog gone it all

the attempt fits in the category "don't do it without wearing the brown colour pants ! " 😀

Bears belong in the wild not in a tv show i dont like this😥

And I thought naked and afraid was scraping the bottom

For some reason, i don like this show.

Why? Just, why?

Can you guys do a joke episode where they go up against Bear Grylls

Scott Switzer

To be cancelled

Try face to face ✌😂

khoảng 20 tết mình về HN lấy nhé, giờ đang đi công tác

How did the show get through the first week?

Loretta Arreola Cardoso

I got an idea. How about a show where the Fonz jumps over a shark on water skis? And could you go one commercial break without showing that ridiculous and somewhat offensive facebook commercial?

This show is ridiculous. Didn’t discover it learn anything from man versus snake or whatever that was. What a joke discovery


Or let me put it another way. You Discovery Executives commissioning this TRAVESTY because you think it is SO COOL are CUNTS. I would like to see you survive one night in the wild.

“When you are tempted to get discouraged, remind yourself that according to God’s word, your future is getting brighter; you are on your way to a new level of glory. You may think you’ve got a long way to go, but you need to look back at how far you’ve already come. You may not be everything you want to be but at least you can thank God that you’re not what you used to be.” ― Joel Osteen

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12 hours ago


Watch this tire explode at 2:01 🔥🔥🔥

#goldrush continues Friday at 9p on Discovery and Discovery GO.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Jesus Christ. People don’t ever do this. Pay a professional and fix it the right way. Dismount, clean the mounting surfaces, check for fatigue and cracks, remount, replace o-ring and air it up with a proper chuck that keeps you away from the lock rings.

Are you having a laugh. About as explosive as an episode of Neighbours.

I'm surprised they don't use foam filled tires. That wouldn't happen with them

Was there an explosion? I expected bits of tire everywhere.

All of that work just to come back the next morning to the same tire flat again.

click bait, the post is misleading 😂

I've done that many of times, you can burn some hairs if not careful, but it works great

Allow me to enlighten every single one of you.. the explosion happened inside the tire when he ignited the starter fluid, this causing the tire to reseat so he could air it up.

A bonus episode this week 👌Was absolutely loving my surprise bonus episode of gold divers 👌

It didn’t explode. Clickbait

Hope no MSHA guys watch gold rush. lol

Never even tapped the lock ring that oring Is toast

I didn't see a tire explode at 2:01

Amazing job

The whole series in 2 and half mins.. Boring!


I want my two minutes back.

Watch the tire explode a 2:01???? Where? I smell click bait!

Exploding? Inflating is the right term

No explosion

looked more like a fizzle

Travis Morris

Gilligans Island

Jesse Degroot Chad Kuehl Reisenauer we’ve all been there

Eles devem ter comprado a carteira de habilitação pela internet .

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14 hours ago


Tonight, the Browns welcome their wildest animal yet. Can you guess what it is? 🤔

Alaskan Bush People is all-new at 8p on Discovery and Discovery GO.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I absolutely love the family… I’m going to marry Matt… But I hate how the producers continue to create this weird manufactured survival drama

The wife and i love this family...

Ok they have money to buy animal's build barn and all the other stuff but yet they act like they don't have enough food??

With cranes Full food buffet Money No brains Living the dream

Another member of their family

Horrible show

I hate this show. It's as bad as Jersey shore

menuda payasada

It’s a take some of the load off.

who the heck watches this garbage?

Please go back to informative programs not this garbage

The show should be named Alaskan inbred

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16 hours ago

Paws-itively delightful angle of this beary wet bear. 🐻 #ManVsBear starts at 9p on Discovery and Discovery GO.

Paws-itively delightful angle of this beary wet bear. 🐻 #ManvsBear starts at 9p on Discovery and Discovery GO. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Great photo! Is that a Mommy Bear and her cub?

Discovery!🌍Just Simply Beautiful! 🐻🐾👏

Fantastic picture ❤️

Simply beautiful. What a Creator God.

Like a very big Teddy bear.......

What a close up. Beautiful

Superb ....... great photo

Very Nice.


Beautifully captured

Nice shot!

Berry Nice !!😄😄😄

Perfect !

Will not support this program. Justify this all you's not right.

Why aren’t real power lifters or “world strongest man “ contestants on the show ? Kind of silly.

Hello winny😂😂

Beware of bear 😅

I find the show hard to watch..sorry.

Bien Bravo

Why do I feel like I’m gonna die!?!

Really dumb series...just saying


I can bearly contain myself.

So close look.

So nice

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18 hours ago


Bart as a tiny cub is giving us all the feels. 🐻

All-new Man Vs. Bear, tonight at 9p on Discovery.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Yo imagine running into a brown bear in the wild. You’re done. Unless he nuzzles you, but then you die from cuddles.

Bart was THE BEAR! He ruled!

That's not normal.... grizzly bears are killers ,not pets....

I'm sorry but this show is a flop. Cut your losses and make a new bet.

Stupidest show ever!

Jessica Callaway


Renee Gallardo

Stop exploiting these magnificent animals for your pleasure and ratings. This type of programing should not be allowed. What's next man versus Elephants?

Mukesh Kumar Acharya

Nareg Asdourian

🐻 fofo

oh waaaaowww

Show sucks !

Dumb show

Animal ~ BearMale ~ boarFemale ~ sowBaby ~ cubGroup ~ sloth/sleuthVoice (call) ~ roar, growl, snort (adults); moan, whine (cubs)

150lb man or 300lb roid head. neither stand a chance against a kodiak at 1200lb LOL

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1 day ago


Colin O'Brady reveals his unorthodox training regimen designed to prepare him, both physically and mentally, for the worst possible conditions. As the other team members pack in their last rounds of training, the crew is nearly ready to take on the Drake Passage. #theimpossiblerow ... மேலும்மேலும்

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your goal is our GOAL! #TheImpossibleRow

Top fan 😎

Epstein didn't kill himself...

Tyler Tisho

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1 day ago


Colin O'Brady assembles his elite crew in Scotland for the first time to begin preparation for their objective to row across the Drake Passage. After testing the equipment and getting comfortable with their new living quarters, the crew is up for the challenge. #theimpossiblerow ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Congratulations 👍

ขอให้โชคดี ดินแดนนางงามโลก แอฟริกาใต้ พวกผจญภัย Hi

Congratulations 👏

Karina Lounsbery Snow

A born elite of his own right.

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1 day ago


Colin O'Brady opens up about his mission and reveals the devastating accident that set him on his path to defying what the human body is capable of. Our world-class crew is introduced and we learn what led each of them to the challenge of the Drake Passage. #theimpossiblerow ... மேலும்மேலும்

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When you are desperate to be remembered in some way or another.

Gdm 💐🇮🇳

Que coragem em


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2 days ago


Experts believe to have found the location of the fabled Tower of Babel. An ancient building so tall, it touched the heavens. 🏛 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Some people don't believe in the Bible. But it doesn't make any difference. They will believe when they face Judgment.

I admire people who keeps on searching ang digging buried and lost civilization...that proves to present generation that what is written in the bible are all true and not a product of a mans mind

I love how they keep finding things that never existed; tower of babel, noah's ark, ect.

I knew that it was Babylon but I didn't know that's where the tower was. Thanks for sharing. The Bible says it's a fool that doesn't believe in GOD. It's too obvious.

Babilonia is indonesia.

Just because the tower is real (if it is) does not mean that there is or ever was a god.

real as it gets all history is in Bible,development of mankind, civilization, and kingdoms through the centuries bleed onto the pages of Scripture.

U need to know about Tamil temples

In New York?

The man who built it is an ancient bad man known as Namroud a very selfish and narcissus in a way that he challenged the creature , but the replie came from God creature of Heavens and Earth and destroyed

Wow, so tall . It's amazing tower.

Hue Ling let's see how they can find the exact location of Tower Babel

Hey!!! the video ends at the good part.. where is rest of the video ?

Bravo man thanks story


On google maps?

Check Google maps.. lol😂😂😂

its possible but still guessing at a historical core to the biblical myths

“It LOOKED like it touched the heavens” thats what was really said.

Torn apart by war..???? By who...???? There is a name?


The Bible also says that a man was raised from the dead. Twice......😂😂 Maybe we should look elsewhere for historical facts. 😂

When is this episode airing ?

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2 days ago

Baaaaaah-humbug. 🐑

Baaaaaah-humbug. 🐑 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Dây chuyền mẹ thiên nhiên bang tặng “tuyệt đẹp “

Assuming there was a lion! Merry Christmas lion!

"a sheep wearing a snow garland"it's a christmas sheep🤩😍❤️

Stunning picture.. So beautiful

Lovely sheep💕💕💕💕💕

beautiful 😍❤️

Thanks for the beautiful moment whit this cheep is really Adorable


Merry Christmas !!!

so beatiful lovely

So beautiful

Hermosa ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Sí, es muy hermoso

Ái chà chà em bé cừu có lạnh lắm hem


My spirit animal 🤣

Hoja fuera ese oveja para estar nieve en america sur hace 36grado calor🐹🐹❤🐹😂🐹😥😤


Que pose para más estoica 😊

So cute


Thats the cute thing that cheered me up 😀

Dolly, linda....

At least he’s warm 😊

So cute

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2 days ago


Mike's new 'still has some unforeseen problems.🐝💥

Watch an all new episode of Discovery958">#moonshiners tonight at 9p ET on Discovery and on Discovery Go.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Ryan Hughes

Why is this a show? Why?

Wow is so difficult work there

Eric Hoekstra jam jam

HMMMMMM... Seems like something the people on COPS or First 48 should look into 🤔

Love that show .

Tjeerd Visser gas

Wish Daniel would have busted Mike in the mouth


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3 days ago

“Sometimes called the “most beautiful canyon in the world”, this Icelandic icon is definitely worth seeing if you get the chance! I’ve never seen a canyon quite so unique in my life, and much like many locations in Iceland, would imagine it only existing in a mythical world with trolls and dragons.📸 + caption by Ben Strauss

“Sometimes called the “most beautiful canyon in the world”, this Icelandic icon is definitely worth seeing if you get the chance! I’ve never seen a canyon quite so unique in my life, and much like many locations in Iceland, would imagine it only existing in a mythical world with trolls and dragons."

📸 + caption by Ben Strauss
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Such an amazing view !!!

I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Iceland LOL .. but really beautiful though.

Exquisitely flabbergasted magic of nature ...... Enormously beautiful and tempting .......

It is outstanding but this photo is heavily photpshopped. It doesn't look like that in a real life.

Such a wonderful scenery. <3

Thank u for sharing,we get to see the beauty of earth places that some of us wont be able to visit💖💖

No, Surely this has to be Rivendell from Tolkien's fantasy world of LOTR. Beautiful.

Looks magical!

It is really beautiful.

Definitely where Timon and Pumba lived.

Such an amazing view !!!

The IS fantastic and special and magical view there

Want to spend Christmas eve here.

This is one of many reasons I want to go to iceland.

Still Iceland is like a magical place for me.. 💕

Happy or not. This is all one in the same.

Cám ơn Discovery và bạn Ben Strauss đã cho tôi cùng nhiều người khác biết đến hẻm núi đẹp và hùng vĩ này...!

That is the place to visit.

Iceland is magical

Eh da imam,ovako nešto u svom dvorištu.

La tierra de los vikingos hay una parte en la serie de vikingos donde loki llega a Islandia y precisamente siente una espiritualidad que le hace quedarse y fundar una ciudad precisamente esa belleza es la que lo atrapa

Iceland is magical

A lot of editing in this picture.

हम एक बहोत सुन्दर सफ़र पर हैं क्यौं कि नजारा बेहद दिलचस्प है बहोत बहोत बधाई हो

Wow~Wyvern valley !

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3 days ago


The invasion has begun. 🐍

Watch the season premiere of GUARDIANS OF THE GLADES Tuesday, Jan. 7 only on Discovery and Discovery Go.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Love this show

Mike Baronski. Could’ve had our own show 🙄


True beauty

Discovery sunday👍🏻👍👍

When does it hit us in the UK?

cant wait

Adam Ekers


Rick Cramer



Snake skin boots, jackets and other forms of apparel from a growing source of income.

The show is the greatest I love the show and I love that guy who goes after the snakes kill the snakes I hate snakes

But thank you

Invasion Has Ended


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4 days ago


Ready to take it to the next level?🔥

Naked and Afraid: ALONE premieres Sunday Jan 5 at 10P >>
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I’d be FAR LESS grossed out if they wore some clothes

Take the cameras and people protecting them and see what happens!


U have to be strong mentally to do that good luck



I miss when discovery hadn't started making reality shows and destroyed the world.

Spanish artist Alejandro Sanz on Global

Most stupidest tv show ever

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4 days ago

“Dancing snowflakes like dancing thoughts.”  ❄️📸+ caption by Tony Rammath

“Dancing snowflakes like dancing thoughts.” ❄️

📸+ caption by Tony Rammath
... மேலும்மேலும்

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There are still some towns that look like this (at least in the older core). I enjoyed Bernkastel, on the Moselle, but there are other choices too.

For my birthday this year, I chose to fund raise and donate to NSW Rural Fire Services. This fund raise ends one day after my birthday 28 Dec. it could be your home they are protecting. I invite you to take part in this

Lovely looking place...would love to see it in person!

Wow!! Beautiful! It's Like Walking in The Winter Wonderland

Lovely scene!!

Beautiful ❤️

What a beautiful place to be. ❤

Lovely view


Wow nice shot, looks like out of a movie

Stunning, Beautiful👌


Looks so dreamy 😍😍

Beautiful place 😍😍


Wow! A picturesque city indeed

Thanks for sharing. I like snowflakes. They are beautiful.



Such an alluring place 😮

Awesome View


Beautiful picture

So.. beautiful..

Awesome pic

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4 days ago


Candy cane season is finally here. 🎄 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Bent AFTER packaging....that explains so much.

Nice to know how they make it.. Although I'm not into candy thing

I bet it smells delicious there😋

I'm not allowed to eat these. My boss said it was inappropriate.



Kelly Moore

deadly for dogs...beware!!!!


Kaylee Gustin

Kurt Millikin

Coraline Huls😁


Tom GiesigeTom look familiar?


Love it..

we did not think so


Mou Das


Growing up, every Christmas my brother and I would each get a candy cane that was about 10" long, and about an inch thick. Each night, we worked on those canes for about an hour.

Nice but teeth don’t agree 😩

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5 days ago


Does Bear have the strength of a GRIZZLY? 💪

Watch Man vs. Bear now >>
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Come on: "does bear HAVE the strength of a grizzly?"

To help you recover from whatever the hell that was, here's an adorable kitten. Enjoy.

I think this is TERRIBLE! Not much better than the circus or animal shows with whips & etc. I would like to see this canceled quickly!!! It's just wrong.

He gets paid to do the advertisements!!! Good Lord ya hateful people!!! Its just good clean 🎢 fun!

Discovery Channel this is what you choose to promote? Unbelievable! Media has run out of ideas for entertainment. Wild animals in this nature should not be used for entertainment. Repulsive is a minute expression for this debauchery.

Oh brother! 🤦🏻‍♀️ i seriously doubt that!!!

Matt an bear 🐻 that's a good Mach but I don't think 🐻 will try that

Don try this at jungle 😋

My God go away... this show is a trainwreck.

My how the mighty have fallen.....what garbage is this?!?!

This guy has issues ,way out in left field !

NOW !!!! I HAVE LOST ALL INTEREST IN IT. go back to being brown town clown !!!!

what a strange show mostly staged/?

This is terrible!

He would give the bear indigestion

Looks terrible

Didn't know there were hillbillies in Alaska

All he's gonna be is a Bear snack.

what was that?

Discovery is competing Marvel and DC now.

Cole Abiah Wadsworth III I can totally see you on this show!

brazza tv

Ummm.....when? Never said....

Не балуйтесь

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5 days ago

“Peekaboo! A lioness climbing a tree in the heart of Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda.”📸 + caption by Pie Aerts

“Peekaboo! A lioness climbing a tree in the heart of Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda.”

📸 + caption by Pie Aerts
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Peek a boo...and I love cats......Of ALL sizes!

Beautiful feline. How can something so dangerous have such a lovely face. Unbelievable isn’t it.

Beautiful picture wonderful animal. ❤❤

Gorgeous photo!

Absolutely beautiful photo

So beautiful❤️

Gorgeous lioness 🧡


Visit bwindi impenetrable national park to see the silverbacks for more amusements .

Beautiful ❤️

Mother Nature at her best.

Beautiful picture

Beautiful 👍

great photo...


She’s absolutely gorgeous

What an awesome shot ... wow

loving your calm look 😍😍




Beautiful ❤




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6 days ago


Honey Bump might be the smallest bear on the mountain, but she's definitely the fastest! 💨

Stream the series premiere of #ManvsBear now on Discovery Go:
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Are the humans actually expected to win an actual competition of speed or strength against a bear? A handicapped one of comparisons maybe, but a direct head to head will be won by the bear every time.

Discovery Channel channel this is what you choose to promote? Unbelievable! Media has run out of ideas for entertainment. Wild animals in this nature should not be used for entertainment. Repulsive is a minute expression for this debauchery.

Loved the bear's. Hated the commenters

This show is disgusting.

The best cure for constipation! 😀

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I love to have a man that gonna make me as his wife

When someone gets maimed can they sue the producers?

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6 days ago


So much gold, so little time. 🕘

Gold Rush continues TONIGHT at 9p on Discovery and Discovery GO.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Big Red up & running!

rick owes better than half a million..hope he gets great gold soon..if big red cant do it sumthin is wrong

So over-dramatic all these discovery series😂🤦🏻‍♂️

Has anyone ever found out why these water permits can’t be renewed???

Lol lol lol


'Reality' show. Discovery is now 👎


Decreasing gold price is much better

What happened to slucifer?

I sure hope Rick starts getting some good clean outs I'm pulling for him

Gina Minichiello omfggggg looooook..... Allllllll in the dirt and rocks!!!!

Cant wait 😍


Booooooring !

narrator "this season on gold rush watch as Parker Schnabel, despite being on this show for years, still act like the same little twatwaffel he was on the very first episode"

Nothing said about the irresponsible way these guys are harming the environment

You guys should bring todd back. The epic fails are hilarious She got REALLY SCARED! CHECK THAT OUT,FUNNY VIDEO!

Y como puden dar y seguir transmitiento esta basura de programa , de personas que dañan el medio ambiente .

Kevin ain't ever going to get his own plant running. With having to be the sole mechanic for the beets crew. And rick goes and gets a bigger plant, that moves 3x the dirt of the little 1 he rented, and only gets 20 more ounces then he was getting, with the much smaller plant. Dude isnt gonna make 1,000 ounces.

Gina Minichiello i can picture me n u doing this and making millions upon millions. If i won the lottery id mine/ dig gold on land and in the shallow waters. Its my LEGIT dream.

No thanks ,am allergic to gold

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6 days ago


See how Colin O'Brady is training for a record setting challenge in the latest episode of #TheImpossibleRow now on Discovery GO >> ... மேலும்மேலும்

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I can dig this. I think I know why this is huge. But I am wondering what everyone else thinks about this.

Is gone

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6 days ago


A penguin’s waddle may seem silly, but it’s actually more efficient than the way humans walk. Who’s laughing now?

Read more here -->
... மேலும்மேலும்

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I don't know if it is more efficient or not. We all walked like that while stationed in Iceland, in the the winter. The only way to stay upright on the ice...except for Bunny Cora Dreibelbis. We didn't have any penguins in Iceland, just Puffins.

Listen when I can have a belly that I can slide around on instead of walk is when I'll care if penguins are more efficient

Wait. Humans "conserve 65 percent of our energy while walking, while penguins have an energy recovery rate of 80 percent." Why use the word "conserve" when referring to the human walk and then "recovery" when referring to the penguin walk? Those terms refer to separate and distinct actions.

No it's not more efficient than humans. Can a Penguin walk 20 miles?

The older I get, the more my walk resembles a waddle!

Considering their severe environment, it makes sense they wold adapt to be efficient, even in walking.

This is why pregnant women waddle like penguins too—to conserve what little energy we have while making a tiny human! 😏💪🏼🐧

I wonder how much money this little gem of information cost....

Por ahí vi a Jandro a sus 5 años, era el pingüino melolengo que se tropezó 🤣🤪

When you've burned enough calories from walking then its time to walk like penguins to cool down.

God doesn't make mistakes: He knows why he made each and every species the way He did. Is cute. I want one. Ha, Who's narrating? Let me guess: Morgan Freeman "March Of The Penguins" or Lovelace "Happy Feet"

Maybe I was born to swim better than walk ?

Love those penguin . Watching the way penguin walk remind me . That how I walk .I walking liker penguin 🤣🤣🤣

Ok. Whatever. But guess which one of us ain't gettin' eaten by a sea lion.

Yeah walk like that and you won’t get a date 😂🤪

Let's dance! Do the Penguin with me!

That walk looks like the guys with their pants down to their knees looking like they have a loaded diaper

I see alot of Wal- Martians walk this way.

Cám ơn discovery ! Những sinh vật tuyệt vời được thiên nhiên ban tặng..!

How much waddling would a waddler do if a waddler... nevermind😁

My walk is getting there. ☺️😀

It's how they moved the Easter island Maui

Reminds me of Charlie Chaplin.

But we have a brain and build shelters... lol they are cute and amazing animals!!!

That’s how I walk after a large meal

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6 days ago

Winter squad. 🐧 🐧 🐧

Winter squad. 🐧 🐧 🐧 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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So cute 🥺! Such a Magnificent creature 😯🐧

"Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave." 🐧🐧🐧

I like so much the penguins they are so beautiful and Adorable


Lovely team😍😍😍😍

Lovely "Do Re Mi" 😍😍😍

Ohhhhh, cute😍

So adorable baby penguins...😊😊😊😊

Prachtig. 🐧🐧

So beautiful

So cute 😘😘😘

So cute. like that animal not on the planet . 😍

little one has a nice stomach 😛

Very cute 😍😍😍

Cuteness overload! ❤

I'm the one from front to right.

Me and my winter coat...nice pic

Love them 🙂


Kowalski, where is Private? He is still in the egg Skipper.

The tall one is Kowalski😁😉

Ooo amazing...

But it's almost summer in Antarctica

Happy feet?

sea food E vitamini Omega3+

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6 days ago


The ancient Egyptian capital was erased from history and buried for 3 millennia. 🌞 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Make your channel available to Oculus Quest, make your CIGs full immersion experience and thousands of Parents will subscribe. Schools and Libraries that are or soon will be offering VR experiences. This could engage children in amazing learning experiences.

I’ve been there once,and l hope to have a chance to visit again.


Just bring in a bunch of vacuums

so proud to be Egyptian

Sounds familiar.

Amar in Sanskrit means it that can never die...

how and where to see this exploration

Akenaton introdujo el monoteísmo en egipto y por eso trataron de borrar cualquier huella de lo que akenaton había hecho y por ello volvieron al politeísmo

Akhetaten 🌟





Great exploration!

Ahkenaten didn't keep with the old Gods introduced a new one. Funny that a culture so intent on leaving proof of their existence by building massive temples, ect. had little regard for those they didn't agree with or wanted to be seen as the most powerful by erasing from history those before them.

Good education

Bad slaves suffer death or alive

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the big lie: evolution. according to "science" the oldest cities in the world are jericho and damascus, both are in the bible (genesis). the oldest ruins in the world are in iraq (because of the oldest civilization in the world in mesopotamia). near iraq is the birthplace of adam, near euphrates river. it is a big coincidence that man capable of building cities began in places according to the bible. darwin said survival of the fittest, Jesus said to love your enemy and your neighbor. darwin is the opposite of Jesus. darwin is the beast, the liar, the deceiver, darwin is not science, he is not education, he is not the truth. read the apocalypse cap 13, the first beast. buddy, you believe people who are paid to prove evolution and they can't. an ordinary man doesn't see anything, he believes in evolution like a religion. the fossils are dating with earth layers, and the earth layers are dating with fossils. it's a loop. carbon dating or other dating are not accurate. they bring those numbers to fit evolution. there is no proof about evolution. if you want to prove evolution, make life in the laboratory, or find alien life, these are the only chances you have. bacteria that "evolve" because it becomes immune, it's the same process like vaccines for men. the man becomes immune to the virus, and the man never "evolved". the organism can defend itself in certain circumstances. why humans have so many races? why are dogs big, small, in any color? is not the wolf their common ancestor? who gives you the right to be unfaithful, and who makes me be a believer? simple, you can't obey God because you are satan. who is that "hero" that invented christianity not for himself but for other people in the future? the bones which are found are, or humans, or apes and they are so old and dusty, you can't see anything. neanderthals. i will worship the evolution if i see a skull with a thicker arch of the eyes, and canine teeth like humans because a thick arch of the eyes is not specific to humans and canine teeth of humans are different from canine teeth of apes. the skulls of neanderthals, which were found, have or thicker arch of the eyes or canine teeth like humans, never in combination. the "monkey-man" bones are or chimpanzees or gorillas, and guess what? they live only in africa. that's the reason "evolution" began in africa because only there are these monkeys. man has the power to change animals and plants. we domesticated them. in the wilderness, all is different. yes, in the past on earth were all kinds of beings, but now we enjoy oil. everything has a utility for men. buddy from when the men are "awake", nothing has changed. that is the big evolution once at millions of years a nose gets flatten? what is the purpose of that? listen to the law of God, and you will have anything you need. buddy, you want to escape from the law of God, you can't. there are abnormal interests to maintain this charade.

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6 days ago


The people of Constantinople perfected the design and construction of cisterns. 🏛💧 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Wow that is so beautiful and perfect design.

Even more awesome in person. A great wonder. So interesting when I read about it in a novel and then actually got to see it. I like the picture I took of you standing by the columns down there.

WoW. So beautiful.

I love this spot, always wanted to go there

wow very beautiful

Very very beautiful

Very beautiful

Very beautiful

Ah, those memories Sharon Hart

Carole Karam

Its amazing.... Its a sure "bucket list" trip!💙💙


Carlos bring back Constantinople

Jennifer Minton Romick


Tyler Smith

James Ryan Durano Regatuna

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Restoration for the sake of bygone era...👍🌱

Good posts

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7 days ago


... மேலும்மேலும்

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Alex, I'll take, "The dumbest thing anyone has ever done," for $1,000.

Bears aren’t toys or cute pets. Stop promoting this kind of thing, wild animals should be left wild.

I’d like to see Man-bear vs Bear-man. 😎

That was great! I was so bummed I missed it when it was on. You all made my day playing it. If I was taller then. 4 11 and more muscle that would be great to do.

In reality those contestants would have been eaten by the bears. This kind of thing only promotes the stupidity of people with wild animals. They think that bears are cute and cuddly and that wolves are just big dogs. News flash neither is true!! Dont further this unrealistic view!!

Cám ơn discovery !

The real thing doesn't turn out so well for the man. But that's in real life. Not Hollyweirds version.

קקות תוסיפו כבר סרטים חדשים מידי שישי ב10 בערב הייתם שמים סרטים חדשים מה קרה עם זה .. עוברים לyes יא מעצבנים... קקות

New form of Bear Grylls? 😁

I thought this said man vs. bean. As in Mr. Bean.

Sounds like a good time 😉

Kabib nurmagromedof???

Last time i saw a man fighting a bear it went horribly wrong

Turned it off...

Hello bear grylls


I don’t think this is gonna end well

leave bear alone 😀


episode is 10 seconds, bear wins. no more episodes, seasons, show is over

I hope the bears win. Shame on you for exploiting these majestic animals for ratings

Steven Zrihen man bear pig

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மேலும் பதிவுகள்

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