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Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Andi Mack star Peyton Elizabeth Lee says she's proud of her Chinese heritage and “excited” to bring representation to popular Disney characters. gma.abc/2WBc7Wy ... மேலும்மேலும்

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happy birthday #save andi Mack.

Happy birthday

My daughter was sad and under the impression Andi Mack is no longer new on Disney. Anyone have insight on this? Thanks.

First of all, we need about 5 more seasons of Andi Mack. It shouldn’t be ending after just season 3😫😭

WOW I’m so proud Edith Jou Chloë Chow

But can you speak Chinese?

Don't act like you care about her story & heritage when you canceled her show that showed so many important stories from different backgrounds & situations. You can't cancel representation one minute & try to praise it the next things don't work that way.

2 days ago

Disney Channel

Don’t miss the biggest event of the summer - Disney’s Aladdin in theaters Friday! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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I am so excited to go to see the movie with my friends ❤️😘❤️💙 I love a princess movie 😍

Jeremy Antoni

Biggest event of the summer? Well we gave Disney a huge ego by watching their movies so nuch

I would love to see this movie!

I’m goin’!

I’m goin’!

Justine Brownfield

Alyssa Muniz

Aaron Aker

Paulina Krawczyk

I mean lion king is coming out in the summer too , I love aaladin but I know people love Lion King more

I'm totally taking my Mom to it Friday.

Samantha Huot i wish i had enough $$ to fly down to you for a day to watch Aladin w u.


Chadia can’t wait!!!

Hossam Kamal😍😍 I can't wait

Sheridan Shepherd CANT WAIT TO SEE IT!!!

Hope this movie is not disappointment

Awarau Snowden pls take me

6 days ago

Disney Channel

Shining, shimmering, splendid ✨ Listen to Zayn + Zhavia’s new version of “A Whole New World” from Disney's Aladdin.

See the film in theaters May 24.
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Stefania Morawiec-Rudzińska

Vanee Otero

Kayla Alspach

Raymond eto yung soundtrip natin kahapon hahaha

Warrick Green

Eliza Alderman

Alddain video song Love jasmine Princess Love my favorite Disney one Fan movie DVD 💿❤❤❤❤❤🎵🏰🐯

Meh I think the original by celine Dion was better plus the original sound track too but to each their own lol

That's good!! Can't wait to watch the movie, but I don't have money lol. Can I have some money please? Namalimos ang loko! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

Olivia Rye du må fandme være happy

Ana Elisa Martínez sigo esperando el video🙁🙁

Woah she looks like a late 90s Christina Aguilera

well and disney just announced and now we have to see if it's a disney + or theatricl release but there bringing back another of there beloved characters and popular tv series, chip and dale's rescue rangers a live-action cgi film

Yazmin Rodriguez

Rebecca Howard

She sounds good, not feelin the dude though

Dylan John Westphall

Sazan Abdulla 😮 <3

Agnès Lydia Esther ✨

Jenna McDaddie

Excited i am so very excited in i cannot wait i am so very excited in i can't wait

1 week ago

Disney Channel
If youre a Disney expert, you wont want to miss out on this weeks QUIZney in DisneyNOW!Answer Disney trivia for your chance to win cash prizes: http://di.sn/6001E5aCR

If you're a Disney expert, you won't want to miss out on this week's QUIZney in DisneyNOW!

Answer Disney trivia for your chance to win cash prizes: di.sn/6001E5aCR
... மேலும்மேலும்

1 week ago

Disney Channel
Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Love love love from the Philippines. Happy mother's day!!! ❤️❤️

Happy mother's day so love her shows

Happy Mother’s Day enjoy your Mother’s day

Happy mother's day

You three are so awesome together! Happy Mother’s Day Raven

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother's day

Mummy Raven is the best

Happy Mother’s Day,can’t wait for season three of raven’s home 😉❤️🎉

Happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day Raven Baxter 👩‍👧‍👦

Happy birthday

Happy mother's day when is season 3.

Happy Mother's Day ❤

Disney Mother ? 🤣

Janice. Burke.

Happy mothers day Ray and Rachel of course

Happy Mother Day To the Disney Channel Mom

Raven 💜

Sofia Abou-Nasr Kennedy Happy Mother's Day!

Same to you

Yes did you start taping episodes for season three

Happy Mother's Day 👩🏾

Happy Mother's Day 👩🏾

Feliz día de la madre de Raven baxter

2 weeks ago

Disney Channel

Is Uma bringing evil to Auradon? ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Katie Lammers

Alejandro Rico mira!!

Elana Calicchia Liz Calicchia


Uma Welling omg

J’ai le plaisir de t’annoncer que je regarderai mdr Kimberley Mathieu

Est - ce pair on qu’à ariel sera de la partie dans Descendentes 3

Uma c'est china

Hannah Tussey Brooklen Akers

Fiammetta Bosso

Brit Nicole Erin Lincoln

Who's the father of Uma? 😂😂😂😂

Amairani Juarez maigaa!! Se oye mejor su voz en Inglés que el doblaje

My favorite VK of all-time!!

Hanne Depouvre 😱

When will Decendants 3 come out

Like mother like daughter

Uma is literally my favorite character 💞💕💕💕💕

Who is Auradon? It's a place, watch the movies.

Hades is the main villian

Who is Auradon?

Who is Auradon????

Revelation Talon Lauren Hannah Patricia White

Can't waiiiiiit

😱 can’t wait to see 📺 Descendants 3 soon .

2 weeks ago

Disney Channel
JUST ADDED: All episodes of JESSIE and Hannah Montana are now streaming in DisneyNOW: di.sn/6005EpVZv

JUST ADDED: All episodes of JESSIE and Hannah Montana are now streaming in DisneyNOW: di.sn/6005EpVZv ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Hannah Montana was a semi big part of my teen years. Particularly in middle school. I was a 13 year old 6th grader when it all started. Last summer I watched the final season on DisneyNOW after nearly a decade of ignoring how awesome and bittersweet of a farewell it was for us 90’s babies/2000’s kids. Around 2010, I was mainly busy with high school I forgot to watch on Sunday nights. But i feel more happy now to have this wonderful show as part of my boyhood thanks to Miley making peace with it and dying her hair Hannah style.

I love. Disney tv show All just added all Episodes. Of Jessie Hannah Montana are Now. Straming Disney Now all season episodes of jesssie Hannah Montana 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐄🐄🐄🐂🐂🐓🐓🐍🐍🦖🦖🐵🐵🙈

Cool I Mean just that!!!

An episode of DuckTales did I hear what I think I heard? How? What? Well well well.

I think Disney Channel should add Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life season, especially that show has been seen on Freeform there network owned.

Can we get every episode of Lizzie McGwire and Phil of the future and let’s throw In Even Stevens please

Where's Phil of the future and lizzie mcguire

Can you bring back the animated Kim Possible episodes? I was trying to finish season 4

What about even sevens ,Phil of the future, Lizzie McGuire,Corey in the house,dog with a blog and Zack and Cody life on dec and Zack and Cody

it would be awesome if we could get season 1 of tangled on there!! what better way to get new viewers than to allow people to start the show from the beginning? #airmoretangled #tangleddeservesbetter

Cool, add zack and Cody on Netflix again

Pleas put these shows on Netflix I miss them so much

Can we have Hannah Montana on Netflix ???

Disney Channel when I go to the DisneyNow app it says there is only one episode of Hannah Montana available. Where are the rest of them?

Surprisingly Disney Channel still airs JESSIE on the network and it has more reruns than other shows (which are still airing new episodes)! Probably thanks to BUNK’d still being around

Put the old shows back on disney. Channels. Nickelodeon channel has nick at nite where they show the older shows. Maybe Disney could try it.. but older shows on after 9pm. 😃

Jessie still on Disney channel Hannah not

I wish this app was free to use

I want Lilo and stitch the show

Put shake it up, Kim possible, and all of the Disney shows back on their including boys meets world, girl meets world, and Mickey Mouse club Britney Spears , Annette funicello

Thankyou!!! Jessie is my sons favorite show, and you had taken it off DisneyNow. Thankyou for putting it back on there 😊

Jessie is still on every day though.

Yay now wish i had a way to watch them lol love HM <3

Add Phil of the Future and Even Stevens too

Whaat say whaat wahoo Yahoo woot woot dude nice

2 weeks ago

Disney Channel

Celebrating You, Celebrating Me, Celebrating Us. Happy Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Que lindo video

Did bunk' get renewed for a third season

You shouldn’t have cancelled Andi Mack. It was the best show y’all made in a while.


Is that the girl from the Kim Possible movie?the one in the middle?

Ummmmm where are the new Andi Mack episodes?? That’s literally the only reason why I still watch Disney Channel😭

OHHH I am for this 👏 Jennifer Hubbard

Why is there 4 girls and 1 guy? I mean.... just have all girls.

Because this is promoting Asian Pacifics then shouldn't Peyton Elizabeth Lee be the one dancing ?

2 weeks ago

Disney Channel
Disney Trivia + Amazing Hosts + $100 Cash Prizes = DisneyQUIZney!Play every day this week in DisneyNOW: http://di.sn/6001E5aCR

Disney Trivia + Amazing Hosts + $100 Cash Prizes = DisneyQUIZney!

Play every day this week in DisneyNOW: di.sn/6001E5aCR
... மேலும்மேலும்

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So excited to be hosting!!!!

Coop and cami

I keep forgeting about this hoply i can do it tommarow


Descendants 3


me encanta coop y cami




2 weeks ago

Disney Channel

Parents! Want a chance to throw a SUPER DUPER Avengers-themed Birthday Party? Enter at superduperbirthday.com for a chance to win one of five prizes! Each prize includes a $500 Party City gift card and a Disney Prize Pack to help make your child’s next birthday one they will never forget! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Must be 18+ or age of majority, whichever is older, and parent/grandparent of child 18 or younger and reside in 50 U.S. or D.C. Ends 11:59pm PT on 7/31/19. Entry/Odds of Winning/Rules: superduperbirthday.com. Void where prohibited. #ad ... மேலும்மேலும்

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I have entered for four of the grandkids. They love the avengers. It would be awesome to have a themed birthday party for them.

This would be so awesome for my daughter which we never had the funds for a birthday and this July is her 5th birthday and I won’t mind celebrating it later

What a fantastic giveaway!🎉 Would love to win for my littles! We order our birthday decorations from Party City every year!

Entered! Hope to win for my sweet loving kiddos!🤞😊🥰

My grandson that I raise will be 4 end of July so this would be so perfect to help me throw him a proper birthday party for once since my money stays so tight.Thank for the opportunity.😊

Entered for my grandson. This would be so awesome for his birthday. Suggestion - you might want to ask about grandparents. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

Awesome giveaway thanks for the chance.

Entered. My boys would love to have a themed birthday party.!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity 🙌🏽👌🏽🙏🏼

Entered ... Would love to win for my son!!

My son would love love love this. Thanks so much for the chance and good luck everyone!

Awesome!! Thanks for this opportunity!!

You need to add more children in the how many kids you have section I've got 5 and it stops at 4... My son wants and avengers party. It would be perfect

Entered. My boy's would LOVE this 🙂

Two birthdays after the drawing this would be amazing and very helpful

Party city just announced they are closing stores.

Entered ty. This would be awesome since we haven't been able to afford to give our babies any birthday parties sadly. Thanks for the chance

Entered. Would love to win

Hope to WIN for My 10yr Olds Birthday 🎂 August 8th

I entered for my my brother he is 15 but this would be the best 16th birthday party ever for when it is his birthday !!!

I would love to win this to make my children's birthdays extra special

This would be awsome for my son.he love the avengers and cant wait for his birthday

My daughters would love this. Especially the two that are autistic on the spectrum they love to dress up 😇💝

OMG YAAAAA!AAASSSSS!!!🦸‍♀️ #pickmepleasepleaseplease 🙋‍♀️For my daughters 3rd birthday in September we want to do an Avengers Party!!!!!!!!!🦹‍♀️ Her favorite is Spiderman!🕷🕸😍 Just saw End Game too!!! AMAZING MOVIE! Thank You Party City!!!!!!!!🎁🎈🎉

This would be great to win!

2 weeks ago

Disney Channel
Ba-la-la-woo-oo! DuckTales & Big Hero 6 are brand new and back-to-back every day for the next two weeks!

Ba-la-la-woo-oo! DuckTales & Big Hero 6 are brand new and back-to-back every day for the next two weeks! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Corby...Why not add a crown to your head and post a picture of yourself in the lead role....we know you aren't too shy.

Cinthya I thought it was a crossover and I nearly choked 🤣

now the ultmiate geek out would to be have jim cummings and rob paulsen do voices in episodes, as in golden spear if you squinted your eyes you saw a very familar voice that if you've watched cartoons since the late 80's he's probably been part of your life, as rob paulsen voiced one of the characters on the moon in the golden spear

Two equally awesome shows

Can't wait

Men canta patos aventuras

Disney, no se que porros te fumas pero pasalos


I like it

Tristian Jackson

Lasse Andersen de kommer tilbage


Now I want a crossover

Wait...why's uncle wearing Bay Max's suit😂

Is this a Crossover?

can't wait for both where's resistance season 2 trailer?.

If they made a crossover it would look just ridiculous

3 weeks ago

Disney Channel
Happy Birthday to Navia Robinson from Ravens Home!

Happy Birthday to Navia Robinson from Raven's Home! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Happy birthday Navia Robinson Looking Amazing and and amazing outfit

Happy birthday Navia Robinson i love you

Happy Birthday! I always Love u! 😘🎂😍🍦😜🎁😇🎉🥰🧁😉🍩🤩❤️🥳

Happy Birthday, Best wishes on your special day enjoy!

Happy Birthday Navis Robinson

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you...

Happy Birthday Navia Robinson 🎊🎉🎈🎂

Happy Birthday 🥳 🎂 Best wishes 2 u & Keep up the great work on the set of Ravens Home

Happy birthday, Navia Robinson aka Nia Baxter-Carter!

Happy birthday 🎁!!!

Happy birthday

Happy birthday navia Robinson wishing many more years to come🎉🍰💜🔐

Happy Birthday!! Wish you the best on your birthday🎂Have a wonderful day 🎉🎈

Happy Birthday Navia. It's my birthday also.

Happy birthday navia Robinson

Happy Birthday Navia Robinson

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Darling.Long life and prosperity.Keep Up The Good Work sweetheart!!!

Happy Birthday Navia Robinson.

happy birthday

Happy Birthday Navia Robinson!

Happy Birthday 😎🎉😘🎉

Happy Birthday Navia Robinson

- Happy Birthday, Navia! 🥳🥳

Happy birthday navia

3 weeks ago

Disney Channel

JONAS premiered 10 years ago today! Did you watch on May 2nd, 2009?

Celebrate with the full series in DisneyNOW and watch the first episode FREE on YouTube: di.sn/6187Eg5wV
... மேலும்மேலும்

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10 years later her wings are too funny for me 😂😂😂😂😂 Loved JONAS sooo happy the band is back

wow ten years of jonas man time flies really fast and i love that song so much

I loved watching this show! My now 14 YO son used to love watching with his mama.. and 10 years later his little brothers and little sisters watch the show on dvd ❤️🙌🏼 #jonasbrothers #jonas #lovethem

Omg I Loved the Jonas Brothers show I love this song so much

Love the Jonas brothers show it was my favorite love 💞 you guys❤🤗👍

I loved this show. Nick was so cute. He was my fave😍❤️

Here I was thinking pizza girl was the best song, totally forgetting about this beauty

Give love a try has always been one of my favorites. This show was bad, but so lovely at the same time. The brothers said so themselves lol, but 10 years ago. It seriously can not already been 10 years since this show came out. My goodness. I was 14

Yes! I loved all the songs! They're still amazing today!

This show was ICONIC. Still remember my sister and I getting ready to watch it all the time with our snacks 😂 so happy theyre back together ❤️

Oh my dear God I still remember this episode like it was yesterday 🤧🤧 Jonas brothers show was my favorite😍🤧🤧love you guys ♥️

Heck yes! And if you’re wondering, YES I do have the show on DVD so I can relive all the cringy glory 😂

Heck yeah, I did! I was 13, just shy of 14. Also loved that this was Bridgit Mendler's introduction to Disney Channel.

Omg! Just got our tickets to the 2nd show in Toronto! Saw them 10 years ago with my daughter who was 7 then.... not sure who is going to be more excited.... keeping it a surprise for her grad present on Friday!

I'd love to see some episodes of the original JONAS 🙁

I'd like to see what Big Rob is up to

This is one of my favorites <3

I remember the day it came out!!! 😭

My daugther was 4 and absolutley loved these guys and so did I. 10 years later she's a teenager and so excited they are back together and guess what so am I!😁

Giovanna Tafarello não consegui achar seu comentário pra responder ele. Massss aaaaaaaaa simmm!! Que saudade!!!! You're like a dream a dream came true! 🥰

I can still hear the Disney channel voice “JONAS. Premieres Saturday, May 2nd on Disney Channel” as I squeeeeeealed 😭😍😭😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Her with the wings was too funny! I used to watch this! It wasn’t bad at all lol Gotta love this song too!

Nick Jonas giving us Ed Sheeran vibes before Ed Sheeran was a thing.

I loved this show, still do and I could never find it anywhere.

Who else remembers when this show was supposed to be them as spies? XD

3 weeks ago

Disney Channel
Heres an exclusive look at this weeks amazing QUIZney hosts and episodes!Tap here to play in DisneyNOW: http://di.sn/6001E5aCR

Here's an exclusive look at this week's amazing QUIZney hosts and episodes!

Tap here to play in DisneyNOW: di.sn/6001E5aCR
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Fatema Kanan

Why dose jessie and bunked play so darn much at night so over played ..need more of a variety...or would be awesome to bring back the throwback Thursday late nights when thats so raven lizzie McGuire and wizards of Waverly place etc would play.

Renew bunk 'd

Renew Andi Mack please


hola alison men canta ser tu fans


I like to show

I’ll Always Knows When Summer Begins On June on the 21 Announcing Probably Descendants 3

3 weeks ago

Disney Channel

QUIZney is back with more trivia, more hosts, and more chances to win cash prizes!

Play weekdays at 7pm EDT/4pm PDT in the DisneyNOW app: di.sn/6001E5aCR
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Autumn Dudley Bible

Matt Rosenblatt Brianna Bier Kelsey Malloy Ashlyn Lillibridge Shannon Leigh

What yay i am really excited in i can't wait

Gonna Try to Win #QUIZney Tonight!! There are some Disney DVDs I Wanted.

Jenise Soules

DQ without hesitation

#airmoretangled #spreadthewordtangled #tangleddeservesbetter

This is exactly why I was concerned

Ohhh I thought I read Quizzaz haha I got excited because everyone used that in middle school

what time does come on central tonight?? Trinitee Stokes

Jennifer Quintal we back on

3 weeks ago

Disney Channel

... மேலும்மேலும்

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Me gustaría actuar en Disney channel

Disney quiero desir a bruno Disney panel niua

Adoro disnney channel😻😻😻😻😻😻👯👯👯

Y soy Luna no está en el grupo



Deberia llamarse disney girl

O meu canal favorito é cartoon network e disney channel

Sofia the first

when is disney going to show new episodes of ducktales, rapunzel's tangled adventures and also big hero 6 overdrive

One Direction Japan

Happy Birthday

James Von Hagen


Frozen: Fire & Ice was coming soon on disney channel next year.

😎.. 😎..

Disney Channel meu canal favorito

Please bring Elana of Avalor back to Disney channel not just on Disney Jr.

Renew Andi Mack for season four

3 weeks ago

Disney Channel

We're going behind the scenes with Kylie Cantrall for her new video "That's What I'm Talkin' Bout"! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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yep...thatz wat im talkin bout....gr8 job


Carol Rosas qm é essa criança de 8 anos e pq eu n conheço ela se eu sou mt fã da disney sério to me sentindo velha

Hola como estas personas

is there at least one person from Disney who doesn't sing



We'll take Sky Katz instead, thanks.

Congrats Kylie!!

Do u want free stuff from amazon? Shipped directly to u for absolutely nothing? Download verydice from ur playstore and enter 258435 and start earning free stuff!!! Almost everything u find on amazon is on there and there's NO card info needed!!! ♡USA ONLY♡

4 weeks ago

Disney Channel

ICYMI, here's Kylie Cantrall's video for "That's What I'm Talkin' Bout"! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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She reminds me of Mya 🤣

Awesome video

How old is she?

Is that the girl from Ravens Home

I heard that Brenda Song from the Suite Life on Deck is there, she’s coming back to Disney Channel and gonna be on an all new show


Matisse Havea 😻😻

where is the Disney channel fan fest how come it's not comeing up.

4 weeks ago

Disney Channel

... மேலும்மேலும்

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Noche de besos

I can't believe Disney is canceling andi mack.

can't wait for fan fest today but not ready to say goodbye to andi Mack.

I am so excited 💜

Love the new cover


I heard that Brenda Song from the Suite Life on Deck is there, she’s coming back to Disney Channel and gonna be on an all new show

4 weeks ago

Disney Channel

... மேலும்மேலும்

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Ola Disney soy mega fan de miraculous las aventuras de ladibug los amo Bruno y Justi

Like doreamon please New movies for doreamon Sunday Special thanks again more watch Disney channel

Love you Disney channel 💕💖💞 Jade

You Know What They Need To Step Up Their Game Because Nickelodeon Are Better Programers They I’ll Mean Disney Channel Needs Came Up With New Idea If They Don’t It’s Already To Late And Make It Better One Give You’re Fans What They Wants To You’re Viewers I’ll Mean These People’s Wants You To Another Announcements To Make


4 weeks ago

Disney Channel

Hop down memory lane with Brenda Song’s suite Wand IDs, including her new one for Amphibia, premiering this Summer! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Love Brenda song beautiful as always

That’s wonderful everyone’s gonna love it

She did more then Phil of the future, suite life on deck and now the new show. She also did Suite life of zack and cody and she had her own movie too Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior. Brenda song has done a lot for disney channel and to continue doing it even now as an adult it pretty amazing.

I love brenda song.

She never ages!!! Shes so beautiful!!!

This show better be good. Because my girl Brenda deserves a good show!

She's always been beautiful but she definitely doesn't look like London Tipton anymore!

I love how she says “It’s good to be back” at the end

It's good to have you back!

BRENDA SOOOOONG!!!! ❤ still a legend!

She’s currently dating Macaulay Culkin

The Disney channel I remember! I hope the Disney Netflix has the Disney channel classics plus the movies that never made it to DVD like Johnny tsunami, double team, the thirteenth year and so fourth!!

She and Ashley T are both still looking as good as ever

Brenda song is one of my favorite Disney actresses.

hardly even recognize her but man did she get good looking

I'm remember disney channel tv show long time

😱😃😍Omgosh yayyy Brenda Song❤❤❤ I missed her❤ & she is still so pretty

What's the new show called?

Welcome back to Disney Brenda song we missed u on Disney channel

Branda song from Disney Wendy Wu:Homecoming warriors!

I love it when old stars come home❤️❤️

You always find your way back home ❤️


The glory days of Disney Channel.

I dont even know what amphibia is but i'll watch if brenda songs in it.

4 weeks ago

Disney Channel

Raven-Symoné & Issac Ryan Brown want to know who YOUR fave Avenger is! And don’t miss Marvel Studios #AvengersEndgame in theaters TOMORROW! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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My favorite avengers are Iron Man and Spider-Man.

My favorite avenger is Captain America

My favorite Avenger is Spider-Man

My favorite Avenger is Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff 😊

Finally watch the first episode of the new series of Raven it’s so good keep it up

Captain Marvel !!❤

Black Panther

Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man and Captain Marvel

My favorite Avenger is Black Panther

Tom Holland Spider-Man

Thor,Captain marvel,Supergirl,Aquaman,

When is this show coming back?

Black Widow Captain America Thor

Dr. Strange Antman Iron Man

when are they going to come out with a new season of Ravens Home?

His name was Frank Castle...but you may call him "The Punisher".

Scarlet Witch Hawkeye Bruce Banner

Seeing it Sat

Bucky Barnes😍😍😍

Always has been Iron Man

Definitely Thor😂💕 #ChrisHemsworth #Thor #Thorsday

Saw it tonight

Iron man spider man captain America Thor hulk and Star lord

Thor!! And ant man! And well I must say I do love Loki! Sorry not sorry

captain marvel and captain America

1 month ago

Disney Channel

Here's the lyric video for Kylie Cantrall's song "That's What I'm Talkin' Bout"! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Takirah nic Crawford

It's a good song I like it

Los amo justi y Bruno cuando se estrena Bia estoy ansiosa

Happy 24th Birthday to Thomas Doherty/Harry Hook in Disney Descendants 2 and Descendientes 3

1 month ago

Disney Channel

Is Hades bringing evil to Auradon? ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Brittany Cavazos

Julie Singer Randi Riggleman

Rachel Rossi

Karissa Celena

Natasha Stark

Taylor Ramsey

Chelsea Brooke Frazier Gwen Hall

So we know who is mals dad

Mélodie Hécate d'Arendelle


I can’t wait to see Disney’s Descendants 3 this summer

I can see here face

Mikki Allen



Lol 😆 love hades,can’t wait to see this 👍😉🎉❤️

Enzo Moura kkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Je n'aime pas


hades...has returned

EEEEEP!! I cant wait!!! 😀

Will Uma turn good?

is That Hades From Hercules

Gisell Rincón León 🙊

1 month ago

Disney Channel

Marvel Studios #AvengersEndgame will be here in a snap! And Raven-Symoné & Issac Ryan Brown can't wait to see it in theaters April 26th! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Jennifer Nguyen

Joshua Rowarth

mejustan tu sijos

Mais outra Matheus

Jake Math 🤣🤣🤣

Hi there raven

This is false advertising they saw it already at the El Capitan Premiere get out

Jonathan da Silva

😂 I can’t wait

I like these two

When does the New episode Ravens Home start

I love you

Why was andi mack cancelled? it is ridiculous that this channel can't seem to sustain a series beyond 3 years... or at least see the characters get to graduation in high school or something... or maybe put a caveat that the series will be for only a limited time.. you do know this kind of thing damages children right?

Cassandra Kirchner to soon

1 month ago

Disney Channel

See Disneynature Penguins in theaters today! 🐧 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Ritthy Chau lets go watch

Fabulous ! ❤️

Gibt es keien neuen Folge von Violetta?

Hannah Montana por favor

Margie Musselman Wickline

Who cares renew Andi Mack

Happy 69th Birthday to Kenny Ortega, director of Disney Descendants 1, 2 and Descendientes 3

1 month ago

Disney Channel

Tomorrow, Disneynature Penguins slides to theaters! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Logan Brinson

Carina Flynn Porr

Now I want a "And Tango makes three" movie

Now I want a "And Tango makes three" movie

Shashank Gupta

looks so cute

GO steve...GO STEVE

Kyle Reichert let's go

I really want to go watch this cute movie sometime after it's released into theaters.

Lëyna Sadouki 😭

Claire Kane

Tina M Sutherland



Tyler Hollon

Stacey VanWinkle

Kara-Jianna Undag

Gianluca Pistolesi

pingwin jest w sumie trochę ładne ale muzyka jest do kitu on jest bardzo jest fajny ma dużo serduszek dużo ma minek dużo ma jest bardzo popularny ale muzyka dowcipy do kitu

Oswin Urias

Marie Kassis

Camellia Sinesis miraaaa

London Ann Arbuckle

Kelly Hodder it’s Steve! Let’s go watch Steve!!❤️🐧❤️🐧

Earth day is my birthday!

1 month ago

Disney Channel

ICYMI, here's the lyric video for Ruby Rose Turner's song "The Mirror"! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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I ♥️ Ruby Rose Turner! And this song is awesome! 👍🏻🎶

Hey, Disney Channel, that could be the perfect title song for Disney’s #MLPPowerPoniesAdventures

This song got me like....

Wow so.cute

Hannah Montana por favor

Once ravens home, star vs the forces of evil, and tangled ends. Disney Channel is dead to me


You are perfect just the way you are. I think you look beautiful. Just stay the way you are.

When is Chelsea coming back to Raven's Home??? Not a Sebastian fan.

Would You Wrather lives!!!

1 month ago

Disney Channel

"Avengers: Endgame" is the perfect title...or is it? Raven-Symoné & Issac Ryan Brown from Raven's Home have some suggestions! Write yours in the comments below, and be sure to see Avengers: Endgame in theaters April 26. ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Avengers: The Final Chapter

Phillip Marcus Myles Morrell

We need season 3

Avengers Avenge the Fallen

Zion Bennett

Did they ever renew Ravens home for season 3?

Avengers last deathAvengers last match


Avengers Annihilation

What movie 🎥 is raven home doing

Avengers Lose Again.

Avengers save the world

Avengers Ultimatum

Avengers Day of Heroes.

Avengers cancel ravens home

You know I don’t care if Raven is not a teenager anymore. Because she and Issac make a good father son team! Hurry up Season 3

When are we getting new episodes of Raven's Home? When is Chelsea coming back? Not a Sebastian fan.

2 months ago

Disney Channel

The trailer for Descendants 3 has arrived! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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we'll have to watch

Ursula’s daughter started this again .

Come birthday now

Since their ratings drop to 78 percent, Does this mean that kids these days watch Disney Channel on Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube Tv, or just watch Netflix? How will Disney+ and Disney Channel get along?


After Effects 101: the Movie

So exiting! i watched Descendants 1 and 2 and some people said that Mal`s dad will be there.

Wow really frightful amazing I love it well good luck best one I knew it descendants 3 is coming

I’m going to be king Ben from descendants 2 for Halloween this year

‘This seriously looks like the best Disney movie in a long time look at all this action

🔥🔥🔥🔥Kenny Ortega never fails to impress!!!

I want High School Musical 4😢😢

Uma swallowed them all as far as clothing is concerned, she is definitely the best dressed, best made up and best groomed.

Marci!!! We should have a movie night when this happens! 😂

I really like the first one. It was a cute movie. This one seems a little too dark.


Uma's hair is more green now... Looks most beautiful than the all other girls... UMA BEST OUTFIT! <3

Well I’m excited 😊😊😊😊😊😊

Remember when Disney Channel used to be good?

Looks intense

Ask Theodora for help... I heard Wicked Witch and Hades blended in well...

They surely do drag things out these days 🙄

I’m gonna binge watch them with Kareena this weekend

The first Disney musical since HSM to have three movies lol

Kristy Cheyenne Jackson is hades in this! How crazy! American horror story to Disney 🙂 (I actually love these movies #noshame)

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