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2 days ago

Disney XD

Better hold your breath, because tomorrow's season finale of Milo Murphy's Law is literally out of this world! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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And Disney XD seem to be under the impression that the star vs the forces of evil SERIES FINALE is nothing compared to this

*Insert shooting star music*

just would like to know when spider man is coming back

Cadê canal HD na oi tv

I love this show I"m chaging up right now.

Zack, Melissa, Cavendish, Dakota, Doof, Perry, that weird platypus Cavendish thing, I implore you all. SAVE MY SON BEFORE HE BLOWS UP!

Actually, keep breathing out. It will keep your lungs from bursting like balloons

*inhales breath to hold*

Too bad that Doofenshmirtz didn’t bring the Re-Breathin-Naitor.

3 days ago

Disney XD

A new world of adventure awaits in Amphibia! The frog-tastic new series premieres Monday, June 17th on Disney Channel! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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I want to see the show

What about the owl house?

When will the next Pokémon the series sun and moon ultra legends air? Because it’s not this week or next week at least not according to my Satellite guide?

Can't wait

Atiya Batts

This looks cute.

Angel Wings



5 days ago

Disney XD

Raise your pen if you want to learn to draw classic-style Rocket Raccoon from "Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!" #EarthsMightiestShow shows you how: bit.ly/2vXGbzT ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Johnatan Pacheco Islas OwO

7 days ago

Disney XD
Happy Mothers Day to all the moms around the world (and on the moon, and in Mewni)!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms around the world (and on the moon, and in Mewni)! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Happy mothers day except for MOON.

So many awesome moms in Star vs! I love them all

More credits to Della for not giving up to finally see her childrens😍😍😍

Moon had a terrible Mother’s Day because she betrayed mewni, star and eclipsa and is responsible for globgor and a lot of stars friends dying. Moon sucks!

Sus series no tienen sentido

Valeria Resquin

Happy Mother's Day

Dibs for Della Duck

Este canal me está aburriendo ante era el mejor daban ki budoski Bajoterra y Kik vs kat

All these moms are awesome

7 days ago

Disney XD

HOW. WILL. IT. END??? ... மேலும்மேலும்

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It shouldn't end. Not like this. I don't care what's been happening, I don't care what they're leading up to. Star deserves better. She deserves to face something truly sinister, something that no other threat she's ever faced before can amount to. Unfortunately, at this rate, it doesn't appear this will happen. Unless a miracle can unfold, fellow fans will never know what true evil is. Daron Nefcy, if you can hear me, reach out. Find me, and ask me what evil really looks like. I can guarantee that if you do, the world will be so much happier. Because that's what fans want. To see a world of light, beauty and love to be overtaken by darkness, fear, and evil. To see a hero rise up against a force so much greater than themselves. To know what it truly means to stare fear in the face. So please, respond. The universe will thank you

I predict that when star destroys magic all of the dimensions in the show will be cleaved into one big, single universe. Also I don’t believe that star and Marco will be separated forever, glossaryck didn’t say Marco would return to earth and stars tapestry, like all the other tapestry is inaccurate.


We are in the endgame now guys

I'd ask but you already spoiled it and DuckTales on most of your social media feeds.

Theory Jannah Banana still has that evil baby unicorn in her hat. Maybe with that Marco (who has seen how a wand got its magic in season 2) finds it and makes a wand to go to star in the end. But only at the end cuz these type of shows love to leave us in total and utter devastation. Star could very well destroy the magic dimension but so long as there is one unicorn left there should be enough juice to at least make a doorway from earth to mewni or something. Perhaps through the old man painting on the walls of both stars rooms in each dimension.

Star and Marco forever

I have a theory, remember Star has no choice but to destroy Magic right? Well what if she does end up in earth with Marco, so Glossaryck just didn’t mention to her about it Bc he doesn’t want to tell more about the future. Bc of those you saw Star’s cheek marks are “gone”. It could be lighting or animation’s mistakes it happens sometimes.

Huhuhu Star Butterfly & Marco Diaz

"No magic, no Marco"?! 😔 I need them to be together

I can't breathe 😭

I really want Star and Marco to end up together 🤞

Hopefully not in a cliffhanger.. ‘Take note ReBoot.’

This kills me.

I'm not ready for this show to end... 😭

Wedding and Kids

I need the song hahaha 🤣

the last episode is going to be super emotional I can feel it

What do you mean star and marco make their decision and it changes their life forever ??? No, i don't want bad ending, please no

Plz let it be 1 hour this was apart of my life

G bye star butterfly

The infinity check marks belong to who?

If it’s on the app now is it unlocked?

I feel not right about Marco..... Little more than worry.

1 week ago

Disney XD

Why do those aliens keep coming after Milo?!? 👽 ... மேலும்மேலும்

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disney xd is for little kids..

Maybe the Murphy Wave spreads out from Earth & causes effects on the aliens homeworld?

Therapist: Cavendish Platypus doesn't exist, he can't hurt you Cavendish Platypus:Seriously, that thing is haunting.

Donald Strohman

Oh, great! Those aliens are back! AND SO'S PERRY! GO, AGENT P!

Because of his Murphy law may be


🤔 ❓Maybe he holds the key to take over the world?

Sylvia Harris “Here we go again”

1 week ago

Disney XD

Quill's claymation look from Sunday's Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Misson Breakout! is out of this world! Get an early look in this new episode of #EarthsMightiestShow: bit.ly/2PV2teE ... மேலும்மேலும்

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Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes will always be the best of them all.

Owen Nell


What is this

Why are there three people angry at this?

2 weeks ago

Disney XD
May The 4th Be With You! Which Star Wars character would you celebrate Star Wars Day with?
A. Sabine B. Ahsoka C. Hera D. Ezra

May The 4th Be With You! Which Star Wars character would you celebrate Star Wars Day with?
A. Sabine B. Ahsoka C. Hera D. Ezra
... மேலும்மேலும்

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Zak Storm Is Coming Soon

Why wouldn't it be Ahsoka.

I would choose all of them

Ahsoka that's all I want. She's that woman you always want at your side.

B!!! B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B!!!

Ezra and Ahsoka

Personally... Ahsoka

Ezra if we knew where he was 😂

Ahsoka all the way

Ahsoka hands down

All of them

Hera all day

Ahsoka all day

Disney Nickelodeon Cartoon Network

I miss this show great story lines and Characters

Sabine and Ahsoka. A Mandolorian and a Jedi!

All of them

All of them

All of them

Happy Star Wars Day!

If I have to pick just one,... Hera! Chopper would have to be there, though. Just us three friends. Flying around the galaxy with the Ghost.

All of them


all please make a finding Ezra show.


2 weeks ago

Disney XD

When "Earth's Mightiest Show" meets Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!", you know it's GOTTA be about all the awesome Animation styles in this weekend's brand-new episodes! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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You fooled me. When I saw the title I thought this was going to be Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes season 3. Man I miss that show 😔

Rocket looks like nightmare fuel

Where is Thor? He is the newest member of the Guardians!

I'll pass

The changing art style for each member is gonna be amusing, especially Gamora looking like she came out the Tangled animated series

Crispin Tan


Cheryl Thomas

The animation style in guardians is much better than that marvel's spider man cartoon their faces look like babies in that cartoon!!!!😡

3 weeks ago

Disney XD

Hop into adventure with Amphibia, premiering this Summer on Disney Channel! ... மேலும்மேலும்

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I'm so excited for this show!

this looks so good!

I love it. It's remind me of Gravity Falls. Thank you.

Disney, you have my attention! This looks great! My one question is if there will be a ‘villain’ to this show?

Estoy emocionada por ver otra serie que sera cancelada a la segunda temporada, como las otras series, mejor vendela a otro canal en realidad sos malvado para manejar series Disney XD

This looks legitimately fun and entertaining.

Song started out so good then the chorus hit and eessh. Also am I missing something alot of people saying this looks good. With shows like star and cocktails this is mediocre at best but to each their own.

Will new shows on the cable channels be available on Plus app at launch?

Looks great, but where’s the original song composed by Brad Breek you showed last year?

Wonder if the other two friends will show up in this world or if they got sent somewhere else?

I will watch it and the Theme Song sounded kinda cute !

Dragon Tales BUT with Frogs 🐸

This reminds me of Gummi Bears + Kulipari but Please no more Cal Arts .... I just want some nice detailed animation

Best isekai.

La canción está shida

Ahora te dejas vender por Disney Channel, no me importa tus series las de ahora igual seran canceladas siendo populares

just another Isekai Anime

But why is this theme song actually catchy as hell-

What kind of Isekai anime is this??? :v

Looks like a cool show

Michael Vu

can't wait for this summer when is it.

Is this an attempt to replace Star? Is this why they wanted to end it?

What’s this

Ending with Star vs. Forces of Evil, now follows Amphibia. But I prefer wait to finish my career.

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